TCL Xess Android Tablets Sale, Price & Reviews

Apr 23


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This is a tablet that is kitchen focused with strong voice actions and commands. This family-oriented device comes with big screen great for watching movies, playing games, and looking up recipes in the kitchen.



The key feature on this tablet include the following

  • Type of device- tablet PC

  • Products Brand Name -TCL

  • Product Model-Xess

  • Price – it costs approximately 806 US dollars.

  • CPU- It has an Octa-core 1.5 GHz ARM Cortex- A53 64-bit CPU

  • Chipset- TCL-Xess uses Media Tek MT8783T with a 64-bit processor

  • RAM-it has 2GB LPDDR3/ROM-32GB. The tablet can support external storage of up to 64GB.

  • Sensors- the device has sensors for gravity and light

  • Tablet’s Display – it has a display size measuring 17.3" which is FHD IPS

  • Display resolution- the tablet’s screen gives a resolution of 1080x1920 (FHD)

  • The tablets Operating system- the device has android v 5.1 lollipop O/S

Camera and features.

Cam - TCL-Xess has a single one front camera of 5 Megapixel.

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The Device measures- 41.65cm×26.65cm×2.49cm


Color- its color is white.

Battery-TCL uses Lithium-ion Battery of 3.83.7vwith 9600mAh.It has an AC Adapter of 100-240V/19V 3A.

Other features- the tablet has a 3watt JBL dual speaker and with a Mag touch port of (19V, 3A).

How to install Applications on TCL-Xess

Given that the TCL_XESS tablet has an android operating system, download the applications you require from google play store. In cases where the applications one needs are not available on google play then you may download them elsewhere by first enabling the device as follows; Open the tablet’s settings then proceed to system and select "security". 

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Proceed and tick on "unknown sources". You will receive some message alerting you that installing apps from unknown sources might harm the tablet. If you are sure you are okay with that then click "ok", it will be ticked and so you may continue and download applications from various sources e.g amazon.

Using TCL-Xess

The home display panel of this tablet is divided into the following parts; the left side, the center, and the right-side panels. The screen panel on the left-side displays date, the weather, and also a multi-purpose pane. The multi-purpose pane changes between the settings, the camera, the cooking timer, and the calendar. 

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The panel in the middle has widgets for kitchen stories and also displays a variety of pictures for different recipes. When you select any of the pictures, you are taken to some video and procedure of preparing the meal. The right pane on the right is majorly used by children. It contains nickelodeon and noggin and these allow users to access videos upon subscribing. 

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The apps do not take the whole space instead they are located in the widget, therefore, it allows the users to watch movies or make orders while tracking their cooking processes. The tablet has an arrow beneath the left side which leads your applications that you will find on the tablet.

Pros and cons

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The merits for TCL-XESS include the following;

1. It is great in size, bright with better viewing angles. The tablet has a big screen size i.e. 17.3- inch suitable to offer the viewers the best. The display is such bright and it gives very clear objects viewed at any angle.

2. USB and microSD support. The device can be expanded memory up to 64GB.

3. Powerful speakers. The tablet has a dual speaker set up that offers a great sound that one may need in a home.

4. The android software is customized

The android software is customized and has been also integrated with a multi-panel view and recipe.


1. Not water-resistant; The tab not being water-resistant yet is not waterproof has disadvantaged its acceptability on the market where other competing devices are waterproof. We expect the presence of water all over kitchens.

2. Expensive; given that TCL-Xess is just a mid-range device, its price of $806 is seen to be on the highest and not worthy. One would, therefore, prefer going for its competitors e.g the Nvidia Shield ki priced at $200 and which still gives entertainment in the kitchen.

3. Sluggish; the device is generally very slow in functioning. You suffer lots of waits as you access widgets and icons. It is not meant for playing high-end games.

4. The device has a limited gesture control functionality is limited.

TCL –Xess FAQs

1.How to select the most suitable tablet

Five aspects may be considered before one selects the most ideal tablet pc. The aspects include;

a. Display

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The display quality of your tablet affects how you use the tablet. Prefer a device whose screen PPI is not low. A screen with higher PPI is clearer than one with low PPI.

b. Processors

One is advised to consider selecting a device with modern processors because they meet people’s daily use needs.

C. Battery

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To reduce the frequency of charging, it is advisable to choose a device with a battery that has a higher capacity.

d. Specifications to ignore

Some specs do not matter much on the function ability of a tablet. Some of them include sensors such as gravity sensors, light, and distance sensors. Also, GPS performance on tablets is not much well so one may ignore it.

E. Other factors

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Apart from the above-listed factors, one may also consider choosing a device based on the following factors; general look, speakers, the fabrics used, and also the brand. For appearance, go with the one you like. Dual speakers normally are louder than single ones. For material, plastic materials are lighter and cheaper as opposed to metallic tablets.

2. How to change between windows and android on a dual OS tablet.

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The majority of tablets with dual operating systems have an android logo displayed on the mission board which is positioned beneath the windows interface. If you use android, then switch to windows by selecting the logo. Navigate downwards the display from the top-right, then you will notice a change to the windows icon, click on it to change the operating system.

3. Why is it that the tablet does not respond after a keyboard is connected to it.

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The first one has to sure that the keyboard works with the tablet. Plugin the cable in the docking port properly. Reboot the tablet after reconnecting to the device.

4. Do you need an activation code?

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No, you don’t need a code. Nowadays every system is active. The device could be directly used when it is connected to Wi-Fi.

5. Why do tablets often shut down by themselves

One is advised to scan the device using antivirus software and then after removing the virus, restart it again.

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The TCL-Xess tablet is appropriately optimized for use in the kitchen only that the price is too high yet it offers is not enough.

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