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One of the reason why I am reviewing this product is because it is a cost efficient product with yet, high quality product for all users. Sony A7 is the cheapest and light weight mirrorless camera; Sony launched many ‘A’ series such as A7, A7S, A7R, A7 ii, A7S ii, a7Rii etc. among many of these series of a7. There are many pros about this product so let’s get down to it. 

Sony Mirrorless Camera A7 ㅣ is it worth it?  Photo 2

Sony A7 device itself is more like electronic device rather than just camera, which is it takes 2seconds to turn on the camera, while other DSLR camera can directly shoot without any booting time.

One thing I like about Sony A7 is Price, although it has been while that A7 placed in the market, many Camera lover still purchase A7 even in 2018; because of the affordable price. Nowadays on 2018 Sony A7 III has been released with the price range $2300~$2800. However if you are not expert and thinking of purchase low price range with high quality camera I strongly suggest to buy Sony A7. You can purchase Brand New Sony A7 with affordable price $700.


Sony Mirrorless Camera A7 ㅣ is it worth it?  Photo 3

Sony A7 has Full Frame Exmor CMOS Image sensor, since the image sensor is big, the picture density and image come out very nicely even in low light condition. Compare with APS-C type sensor Sony A7 35mm Full Frame Sensor is 2.33times bigger; this is main component of Sony A7 and where provide A7 to capture high quality image

Also Sony A7 has 2430 Mega-Pixel which provide extremely high resolution image, and Large scale Dynamic range expression provides surprisingly high sensitivity, top sensitivity, extreme dynamic range, unsurpassed detail and low noise.

Sony Mirrorless Camera A7 ㅣ is it worth it?  Photo 4

Sony A7 contains Quick and Accurate intelligence AF and Subject detection AF algorism to help you to focus image quicker. In addition, BIONZ Xtm processing engine is helping A7 truer color rendering, better noise reduction and faster burst mode shooting.

They also apply new technology, which is “detail reproduction technology” to improve and extend the borderline error problem; also apply “Diffraction-reducing technology” to inhibit light diffraction of image blurry issue and high f number (reducing image resolution) problems.

Unlike a traditional optical viewfinder(OVF), Which distorts bokeh through the focusing screen, Sony’s electronic viewfinder (EVF) presents the image directly form the sensor, so you see exactly what the finished image will be. 

DRO Mode

Especially used on hard light condition, DRO currently tracks and analyze the image and stabilized and extend the dynamic range, and adds detail on highlight and shadow to express natural color changes. For example when the object is getting direct sunlight and aren’t be able to detect the face or abject DRO automatically restore hidden image from the shadow to naturally makes bright image. DRO is used in particularly on Burst shot you can apply DRO up to 5 different levels to take image come out naturally.

Sony Mirrorless Camera A7 ㅣ is it worth it?  Photo 5

3 Auto Focus Function

-      Eye Auto Focus – for perfect portraiture, this function creates sharp focus on faces even when partially focus on faces even when partially turned away from the camera with a shallow depth of field, Thanks to enhanced eye detection that can prioritize a single pupil.

Sony Mirrorless Camera A7 ㅣ is it worth it?  Photo 6

-      Lock-on Auto Focus – Easily keep moving subjects in focus with this updated technology, which adjusts target frame size based on subject chracteristics and make use of a wide AF area to ensure usage of the optimal focus point.

-      Auto Focus Setting options – With the flexible spot AF area setting, you can select different size autofocus are to match your subject.

Sony Mirrorless Camera A7 ㅣ is it worth it?  Photo 7

ISO Sensitivity

Movies : ISO 200-25600 equvalent, Auto (ISO 200-6400 equivalent)

Still images : ISO 100-25600 (ISO numbers up from ISO 50 can be set as expanded ISO range)

Sony Mirrorless Camera A7 ㅣ is it worth it?  Photo 8

by setting up ISO rate you can take clear photo even in low light conditon. 

Design and Build Quality

Cutting edge design, with photo Diode surface extension to increase the light interception.

Sony Mirrorless Camera A7 ㅣ is it worth it?  Photo 9

-      Multi-interface shoe : an industry-standard mount plus smart data transfer fives extensive data features with Sony add-ons, as well as third party compatibility.

-      Mode Dial : you can select Manual, Auto, video shooting move panorama and many other functions by rotating it

-      Front Dial : For photographers who prefer setting exposure with the forefinger, this dial is placed for convenient operation

-      Exposure dial : Quickly adjust to ambient lighting

Sony Mirrorless Camera A7 ㅣ is it worth it?  Photo 10

-      Anti-dust system and coating : anti-static coasting prevents dust sticking to the sensor when you change lenses

-      Dust and moisture resistance : A7 built with two weather-safe features; sealing around buttons and dials and an interlocked double layer construction of body panels.

Sony Mirrorless Camera A7 ㅣ is it worth it?  Photo 11

-      Tiltable LCD Screen : LCD 2.95size screen with 1.2million dots of resolution is highly flexible screen that can tilt the LCD to be able to use in various of situation.

-      Customizable Buttons : you can customize your own button to set your own functions for easy use by one click.

-      Quick Navi Pro : can rapidly confirm settings and make adjustments as desired without searching though sub menus

-      XGA OLED Tru-Finder : incase for broken LCD distry you can set up the setting through Tru-Finder and shoot great photo from see through

-      Rear Dial : Adjustment in a single motion, easily controlled by Thumb

Sony Mirrorless Camera A7 ㅣ is it worth it?  Photo 12

-      Movie Button : by pressing it you can started to record video

-      NFC connectivity : Transfer photos to smartphones, tablets and any other devices by single touch

-      SD memory card slot : can access SD card to extend your memory to take more photos

Overall, although this device released on 2014, design and build quality is still impressive compared to 2018 model A7 III, and Camera is compact with contains several functions.


Sony Mirrorless Camera A7 ㅣ is it worth it?  Photo 13

2018 model A7 III has price range over $2000, while A7 is $700 it’s very cost efficient and very good for the people who wants to learn in-depth about camera. It is true newest model has better functions and better stabilization than A7, however if you are not expert and just looking for family or memory purpose good quality camera that you just wanted to keep it. I strongly suggest you to purchase this Product. Although I am also not an expert on shooting cameras and do not know many other functions and when to apply different modes in every situation, I sometimes shoot photos like a professional photographer. I do love using this camera and I do not regret on purchasing this product at all. Compact, light and handful Sony mirrorless Camera is good enough to keep your memory in high quality for your lifetime for sure.


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