Should you take the bus during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Apr 16

A great question for all the active population that still needs to go to work during the coronavirus outbreak, is if someone should take the bus to commute. Would this be acceptable in terms of hygiene and contamination? Do you think there is a better alternative than sticking in the bus with dozens of other people?

For all those who are still employed and have to commute to work, there are some simple rules to follow when entering the bus. However, the best practice of all would be to stay safe at home, especially when you have some symptoms like coughing, fever, and headache. The majority of people are healthy, and when you need to take the bus it would be wiser to take all the precautions measures you can, to keep you and your family free from contamination with the deadly coronavirus.

Does the bus environment increase the risk to get infected?

The bus environment forces dozens of people to stay in close contact one to the other. Not to mention, the decreased frequency of the bus circulation due to the coronavirus outbreak, have left only a few buses to make the commute possible for thousands of employees who need to go to work daily.

Getting into the bus, you enter a place where many people stand still and touch the handles to keep their balance as the bus moves. This can bring others to close proximity to you and there is a high chance of getting contaminated by their body fluids and exhaling. 

Not to mention, that the seats or the station alarm buttons can all be contaminated with the coronavirus, so it would be better to touch only the absolutely necessary parts of the bus when you commute.

What should you do if you must take the bus to go to work?

However, there are people who need to take the bus to go to work, since its the only available transportation mean in their neighborhood. If you belong to this part of the population then you better take some action and protect yourself.

First, wear the facial mask as soon as you get into the bus. You don't need to be with close proximity to other passengers and for that reason try to find the spot where you could be alone. If this is not possible simply open a window and stand upon it to breathe the outside air.

Finally, don't touch anything and wear gloves anytime you enter and exit the bus. Remember to change your gloves frequently.


Coronavirus outbreak is a serious condition that affects most parts of the world. In big cities, things are even more pressing since social distancing cannot be easily enforced. If you are still obliged to go to work and bus is your only option, you better take all the precaution measures and minimize the time spent on the bus.

In case you see that the bus is packed, it would be wiser to wait for the next one, rather than getting stacked with other people inside.

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