Samsung Revealed Galaxy Z Flip, a Foldable Smartphone That Looks Like Motorola Razr

Feb 12

Samsung released Galaxy Fold just a year ago, however it is already displaying a brand new Samsung flip phone with a folding screen, a new Galaxy Z Flip

Galaxy Z Flip features a clamshell design like the Motorola Razr, which was announced several days before Samsung Unboxing Event on Feb. 6. Same as the Razr, the design of the new Samsung Galaxy Flip 'appears like a contemporary take on the traditional phone from 2000s.

The Galaxy Z Flip, new Samsung flip phone, will be launched on February 14, the price is expected to be $1,380, which makes it slightly more affordable compared to Galaxy S20 Ultra with the price tag of $1,400.

The unveil event also comes after Samsung’s teaser commercial during Oscars.

The Galaxy Z Flip features a clamshell design, a 1.06-inch small second screen on the back for notifications, camera located on the right and a 6.7-inch inside screen on the front. 

Samsung claims, that Z Flip comes with ultra-thin folding glass, which is a great improvement compared to plastic screen of Galaxy Fold from the last year. Besides, the new Samsung flip phone comes with a bezel-free screen and a hole-punch cutout for camera, same as other flagship Samsung Galaxy smartphones, opposed to Galaxy Fold.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip also boasts of a new hinge structure, which makes Samsung flip phone dust-proof, that will hopefully make the phone more durable and prevent any quality issues, as observed in the Galaxy Fold. The company claims that the new Galaxy Z Flip is strong enough to resist folding more than 200 000 times. 

Just like in Galaxy Fold, in Z Flip Samsung also revised the software to adapt it to the phone’s flexible design. Samsung has introduced a new mode, Flex Mode, allowing you to split APP in the middle of the screen above and below the folding line. Besides, the company revealed how the new Samsung flip phone might look, opening a YouTube video in the upper part of the screen and typing a comment in the lower part.

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is launched when folding smartphone market is saturated, with brands like TCL and Motorola entering the competition. It is also an important launch for Samsung company, following the announcement of Galaxy Fold, that had a delayed launch due to the smartphone's screen malfunction. Galaxy Z Flip is Samsung's chance to show that it has powers to overcome the shortcomings of the Galaxy Fold and become an innovator in smartphones of the next generation.





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