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Apr 20



Today it's more important than ever before to have an electronic smart lock on your doorstep. It would be more efficient for you and your visitors, especially when you are a busy businessman leaving away from your house for an extended time every day. How else would it be possible for the maid, the gardener and the housekeeper to access your premises and perform all the maintenance they need to do? The S1 smart lock remains one of the best solutions for regulated entrance to your house by authorized people, all of that under your immediate surveillance using your smartphone!

Brand overview

The S1 brand is an innovative firm that makes its presence to the entrepreneurial world, through the Indiegogo kickstarting site. It has been offering a solid lock that adjusts to any kind of pre-existing lock on your safety doors. The lock has an electronic part that allows only authorized people to enter, using a special code that you can renew whenever you feel like to. The communication of the lock is also established through the Wi-Fi network of your home. There is a special application that you can have on your smartphone to completely control the opening and closing of the lock.


S1 lock means security and design together. The lock comes up to your existing door and can be opened through direct smartphone approach, code and number typing as well as manually when you have your security key with you in case of system malfunction. It operates with 3 triple-A batteries to ensure proper function for over a year. You can rest reassured that the lock cannot be breached and in any case of unauthorized attempts to open the door, an alarm arrives at your smartphone to further investigate the issue.

Benefits / Reasons to choose

You have many reasons to choose the S1 Lock for your front door. First, it is stylish and hardly noticeable from people that are passing by your house. Then it is reliable and has a 128-bit bank-like security code to ensure that no hacker can breach the passwords you have already set for it to open. You can also have several authorization codes for different people that come to your premises. So you will always know who is in and for how long.

Pros & Cons

As with any other product, there are drawbacks and benefits in using the S1 lock:


  • Minimal design makes your door look fabulous

  • Cannot be compromised with any external violence

  • Battery life is the longest one we have seen in such locks

  • Perfect communication with other smartphones and Wi-Fi routers

  • The application can be easily downloaded from the internet and connect your mobile devices to the lock

  • Presence of an actual manual key to ensuring you will never get locked out of your house in case of malfunction

  • Internal physical lock to ensure that nobody will enter when you are in the house


  • It costs a lot more than the competitor's locks

  • May have some connectivity issues with older routers

  • The extreme cold could influence its function in a bad way


The lock starts from the initial price of $199.99 which is considered to be low in terms of services and innovation that it gives to the owners. However, if you order it through the Indiegogo crowdfunding offers you can buy it for a reduced price, especially if you are an early-bird bidder. Prices always have to do with quality and this is a universal rule!

The super early bird for the regular version allows you to buy it for $99 representing a generous 34% off the regular price.

You may also include in the deal the front panel and the lock body for only $15 each. It's a great deal that no one can miss!

How to install

You don't have to be a master craftsman to install this lock. You simply need to unbox it, place the three triple-A alkaline batteries inside and simply unscrew the cover of your previous lock and install the new one, using the covered screws from the box. The program and wi-fi receiver are automatically on and you can find them using your smartphone to direct their connection to your home network. After all, this is completed, you are ready to program the lock from your smartphone and become a successful homeowner with the most intense security measures.

Who can use

Everyone can use this lock. People that are always on the go and stay home only for a nap, are those who will have more benefits from this kind of automatic and remote adjusted lock. If you are one of them, or simply like to have new gadgets to enhance your safety, go and order one right away.

How to order

You may order the S1 lock directly from the company site, or take a dip into the crowdfunding community and place a bid at the Indiegogo reputable website. In both situations, you are going to be served quickly and safely.

Customer support

The S1 Lock team is ready to answer all your inquiries. There is a special hotline to handle all questions and they are always coming back to you even if you try to contact them through their Facebook page. It seems like they are professional even though they are new in the field.

Others to know

The S1 lock is waterproof and can handle lots of pressure from potential burglars. Make sure you always keep a low profile and change the passwords on a regular basis, just to ensure that nobody can easily hack into your lock and break into your house.


These are some of the questions we found online for S1 lock:

Can S1 Lock be adjusted to my old door?

Yes, S1 Lock may hook up to any possible door you may have and supports all the various lock types.

What happens when there is a power outage?

The S1 Lock keeps on working since its main power source is battery



For many reasons, S1 Lock is the future in the door locks. You are going to be able to check when people enter your premises and you will never feel like you forgot the password and you need to call the locksmith! 

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