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Apr 17

Gaming is a lot of fun for both children and adults. Hundreds of games exist today and hundreds more are being developed every day. This has brought the demand for gaming equipment including gaming controllers, display screens and headsets. A good headset will give you a good gaming experience that will leave you craving for more.



There are so many headset options in the market. Some are expensive while others are cheap. Others are heavy, uncomfortable plus they lack good sound features. You must consider one that optimizes quality and price. Choosing the best headset that meets your needs can be a tough decision. Today’s article reviews the Runmus Gaming headset.

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The Runmus gaming headset is a high-quality gaming headset that simulates the surround sound to give the user a memorable gaming experience. It supports multiple gaming environments e.g. X-box One, Nintendo Switch, and PS-4. Its ergonomic design includes breathable ear pads that give you extra comfort. It also makes use of high-quality materials to make the ear parts comfortable.

Features of Runmus Gaming Headset

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• 50 mm neodymium DRIVER

• 3.5MM Audio jack, 4 pin

• Microphone: Yes

• Microphone Sensitivity: 38db

• LED Light indicator when plugged in

• LED voltage: DC 5V

• Frequency range- 20Hz-20Khz

• Sensitivity: 105

• Power cable: 7.22ft

• Hardware platform: Game Boy

• Color: Black-Red

• Weight: 12 ounces


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The device setup is simple. Just plug the 3.5mm audio jack directly into your game X-Box controller, pc or PS4 and you’re good to go. The device has cool LED lights that indicate it is plugged in. However, these LED lights will only work when the USB end is inserted.


The microphone houses a noise-cancellation feature. This feature eliminates and filters out ambient noise around you. It then records your voice clearly so that fellow gamers can hear you clearly. Noise cancellation comes in handy, especially in multi-player games. It enables you to hear each other well.

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The microphone also has a switch to turn it on and off. Runmus has also included an instructions book in the package. You can use the provided instruction book in case you don’t understand how it’s operated.

Connectivity & Compatibility

The Runmus gaming headset only supports wired connections. This gives you some freedom of movement. Just make sure you don’t walk beyond the cable length (2.2 meters) or else the audio jack will disconnect from the controller.

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Rumus gaming headset can connect to multiple gaming platforms perfectly. However, for the X-Box controller 1537, you must acquire an adapter for you to use the headset.

Warranty & Support

Warranty is supported by some dealers e.g. Amazon in case your product is damaged on arrival or does not function as expected. Some of the damages happen during packaging and transport. Others occur as the product is being manufactured. These damages are inevitable in all products so, don't be discouraged if yours comes with damages.

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Amazon offers a full refund if you report this within 30 days after arrival. But first, they must test the product. In case they find out you have given false information, they will impose a fee. So, it is advisable to be sure about the status before reporting.

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For more warranty terms and conditions, please visit your nearest supplier.


• High sound quality- The speakers produce a high-quality sound that works well on deep lows. This engages the user by providing a real-like gaming environment. An explosion in the game will sound like an explosion in real life.

• The device has a durable cable keeps it in service for a long time.

• Comfortable- the ear pads are made of soft material that keeps your ears comfortable. You can now enjoy hours of gaming without hurting them.

• High quality- The overall quality of the headset is remarkable. The parts are of high quality and good strength. The ergonomic design of the headset uses premium materials to add extra comfort and brings a better user experience.

• Noise cancellation- The noise cancellation feature works very well. It gives you the focus you need to beat your opponents without distraction. This noise cancellation feature is available for both the speaker and the microphone. To demonstrate how it works;

The noise cancellation feature prevents unwanted noises from interfering with the sound of the game. A person may have to come close to you so that you can notice their presence! This noise cancellation keeps your mind so concentrated on the game that you forget about your real-life surroundings.

• Great performance- The product features work as they are supposed to; no issues. Most customers have recorded that the device works as it should. The headset also works well with multiple gaming platforms without problems.

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Runmus gaming headset is a product worth its price. It has received good customer reviews and ratings on retailer websites such as Amazon. This makes it one of the most preferred and most popular headsets in the market.

The value of gaming headsets

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Traditionally, earphones worked well but as games advanced there came a need for better sound devices. Headsets were employed to give gamers a good environment. They make it more realistic. They provide a good sound environment for gamers to enjoy.

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Playing games such as Call of Duty is engaging if the player is virtually brought into the game. That is the importance of gaming headsets. They give you a great sound experience that keeps you in the game free from distractions.


Gaming is not just about moving images. It’s also about the sound. Sound brings you into the game. It adds to the quality of the gaming environment. Having a good gaming environment makes the game very interesting. The quality of the game depends on the quality of the equipment. The better the equipment, the better the game. It is therefore very important to acquire good quality gaming headphones if you want a good gaming environment.

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Runmus is a high-quality gaming headset supplier. They focus on creating a comfortable sound environment to give you the best gaming experience. Their headsets are based on many years of research.

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The Runmus gaming headset is a worthy headset for the ideal gamer. Give it a try and for sure it will not disappoint you.

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