Rules for Diabetes Patients: COVID-19 Update

Apr 13, 2020

Spreading of the Infection

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Coronavirus is basically a disease related to respiratory that gets contaminated through air-droplets coming out from the mouth of an infected person while talking, sneezing, and coughing. The worst part about this COVID-19 is that it can survive for a few days to even a few hours in any environment or surface that can affect humans by touching it. To kill this virus the only solution that has been effective is alcohol-based chemicals such as sanitizer.

How severe COVID-19 could infect humans

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There are about 98% of people in this world who survived COVID-19 after getting infected by it as it is a mild disease. The majority of the people are showing symptoms are minimal just like the common flu and get recovered quickly at their homes. While there are a few severe cases that have been critical.

However, Coronavirus can cause serious issues such as pneumonia or as we all witness in China and Italy - death. The diabetic patients are categorized at high risk that can be caused severely infected by COVID-19, thus it is important to understand Coronavirus with Diabetes.

Possible Symptoms

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The symptoms of coronavirus with diabetes can have cough, fever, trouble breathing, muscle aches, and feels tired all the time. The problem with breathing occurs only when the effect of the infection reaches the lungs and then turn into pneumonia.

After getting coronavirus, it takes a few days to show any symptoms in the person while in most cases it may occur within three to seven days. Maximum it has taken up to 14 days to appear any symptoms and hence you are asked to quarantine yourself to check the same.

Diabetic People

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It is highly recommended for Coronavirus with Diabetes people to think about what will they do if they are infected by the coronavirus which means planning ahead will help them. This will include having proper information from health care and ensure that you have medication stock along with the necessary supplies for checking your blood glucose by yourself.

It would be great to practice some rules that will be mentioned in the next point as a situation that is stressful will improve decompensation. Also getting refills that are adequate especially insulin, contact your health provider for advice and what are the required adjustments that you might need in the diet or even medication.

Rules for Diabetes Patients

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The very first thing for a coronavirus with diabetes person is to stay hydrated all the time, keep monitoring the blood sugar/glucose, check your temperature, also need to keep monitoring the ketone bodies if you use insulin, and finally, you should follow with the team of healthcare for recommendations.

Avoid certain things from your regular lifestyle such as handshakes to live healthily without getting infected. Use any solution that is alcohol-based to wash your hands or even regular soap will do especially before you eat.


COVID-19 pandemic has made many governments restrict senior citizens to move out and confine them to stay in their home environment. Physical exercise that is regular is a great activity for the general population including diabetic people.

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