Review : VIOMI V3 LDS Laser Navigation Wet And Dry Robot Vacuum Antibacterial System From Xiaomi

Jun 02

Brand Overview


The company, Xiaomi, was founded in the year 2010. The founder of the company was a serial entrepreneur known as Lei Jun. The main aim of the company was to bring technological innovation to the masses. The founder believed that products made with cutting-edge technology and high-quality components should be available to everyone around the world.


The company has thereby been able to develop a fantastic ecosystem of hardware, software along with internet services to serve their customers. The Mi ecosystem currently comprises wearable technology, smartphones, home products, and other essential accessories too.


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One of the significant features that this robot vacuum possesses is that it can combine the healthy mopping feature along with the advantages of scientific sweeping. The vacuum cleaner can quickly scan the entirety of your room with its laser-focus LDS Lidar scanner. This helps the vacuum cleaner to have a complete and accurate map of its surroundings - which will indeed help in achieving the utmost efficiency when it comes to the device's cleaning mode.


Moreover, it can upgrade its battery capacity along with its suction power (when required throughout its session) so that sweeping larger areas of your home would not be an issue anymore. The process could be completed thoroughly in just one-go. The system comes with a virus killer system, i.e., a HEPA filter with copper & silver ions. The device's sterilizing rag is highly disposable and has a sterilization rate of almost 99 per cent. 


Talking about the battery, it has a massive 4900 mAh battery along with a 2600 Pascal suction power. Moreover, the device will come with three different modes to choose from, and the mopping functionality can be performed with its larger water tank capacity of 550 ml. The dust box has a capacity of 550 ml as well. The system can support up to a total of five different maps and can be scheduled up to for the next seven days.


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Benefits / Reasons To Choose


When you first plan on purchasing a vacuum cleaner, one of the first things that you'd like to look into is the device's overall ability to clean your home effectively. Needless to say, the robot cleaner does its job well when it comes to cleaning due to its abundant water tank and dust box to hold mopping water and swept dust particles, respectively. Furthermore, the device is highly aware when moving around your home because of its LDS Lidar sensor that helps its in-built AI to store a real-world map of your entire living space. This will ensure that the machine doesn't topple over small crevices on your floor or fall down the stairs. 


Besides, you don’t have to recharge it often with its massive 4900 mAh battery which would be enough to power it through an entire session of cleaning. You’d be happy to know that the device does come with scheduling options where you can schedule up to the next seven days for your cleaning sessions. Moreover, with support for up to five maps, you can use the device to clean more than one floor.


In case you're wondering about the noise that will be produced by the device during its operation, well, it should be noted that it causes an overall 78 dB of sound when operating - which is not at all challenging to deal with. The maximum working time with the added battery is up to six hours while the charging time takes anywhere between three to four hours for a full charge.


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Pros & Cons



●     ABS Build Quality - The device comes with a sturdy build that has been manufactured out of ABS plastic, making it extremely tough and resilient against water and dust.

●     Massive Battery & Suction Power - The overall battery capacity of the device is 4900 mAh that can provide up to six hours of operation along with suction pressure of 2600 Pascal.

●     Commendable Water & Dust Storage Unit - Since the device can collect dirt & dust and will be able to mop the floor of your home as well, it comes with a 500 ml storage unit for both dust & water.

●     Has A Virus Killer System - With almost 99 per cent sterilization rate, you won't have to worry about bacteria and virus invading your home anymore.



●     Climb Capability Could Have Been Better - With only a 20 mm climb capability, this is the only area that the machine should have been made more robust.




As of the current day and age, the Viomi V3 is currently priced at $499.99, which is quite a lower price from its MRP of $599.99.


How To Order?


If you're planning to purchase the Viomi V3 right now, then you can quickly obtain the same from the following website:



Others Things To Know


The Device Comes With A Self Recharging Feature


Once its job is accomplished, the machine will go back to its recharging station and thereby start recharging its battery. Therefore, you don't have to worry about manually recharging the device.


The Device Comes With A Remote Control Feature


This is truely quite a nifty feature as you don't have to reach the machine manually to start and stop. You can easily control the device remotely with your smartphone and even control the map area it's supposed to work upon. 




1. What’s the overall weight of the machine?


The device’s overall weight is around 3.6 KG.


2. Can it operate on ceramic and marble floors?


Yes. The device can operate on marble and ceramic floors.


3. What AI algorithm the device uses to detect its surroundings?


The machine uses SLAM or Simultaneous Localization And Mapping algorithm.




Affordable yet excellent robot vacuum cleaners are indeed hard to come by, which is why this device can be considered as a gem for all the features it offers compared to the price it charges. You won't have to shell out thousands of dollars to get yourself a functional robot vacuum cleaner anymore.


Nevertheless, this fantastic device should be on the top of your shortlist if you require something efficient to clean your home.


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