Proactive Health Tracking Withings ScanWatch- CES 2020

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Withings Scanwatch is manufactured by a French company which is known to be the next hybrid smartwatch and is famous for detecting the heartbeat issues and irregularities and also sleep apnea. It is one of the expensive hybrid smartwatch produced by Withings but it is obvious that the price will be expensive if we consider its features and specifications that make the smartwatch premium. 

It exactly delivers what the users wanted from them. This is the reason why they stand out in the market with this high price tag. We can say that it is the culmination of previous Withings wearables. This Scanwatch helps to jump the tech wearables to a higher level.

We tested and took an amazing experience with the Withings Scanwatch. So let us discuss each such as price, design, features, etc.

Availability and Price

The price of Withings Scanwatch is set but is not easily available in the market. The reason behind is that it needs clearance from European CE authorities and FDA if they want to sell the products with medical precision. Withings said that it is not a problem for them and this year, they release the Scanwatch which will be easily available in the US on an online store like Amazon and other shopping sites. They claimed to be the best buy smartwatch in the US while the availability in other regions is not been announced yet.

Talking about the variants in the smartwatch then it will come in two different sizes i.e. 38 mm model and 42 mm model. Both watches have their own appearance. The 38 mm model comes with a glossy finish and sleek rounded look. It will cost you around $249 while the 42 mm version comes with a thicker and larger metal bezel that will cost you around $299.

Design of Withings Scanwatch

If we talk about its design then Withings Scanwatch is one of the classy alternatives but if you are fashion conscious then it is one of the handsome options for you that is based on the traditional style. If we can focus on its looks then we find that there are a lot of things that Withings inherited from the Withings Steel HR. 

The traditional analog dial makes the smartwatch with better looks. The display is divided into two parts. The bottom part contains the smaller analog dial while the top part has a digital PMOLED display. The display is covered with a metal bezel in both the models as we discussed earlier.

The size of the crown in both the models is the same and it is the first Scanwatch that has no change in the crown. The watch is made up of chromed bezel and it makes the smartwatch much easier to switch into the digital screen instead of pressing the button just like the Withings Steel HR. Withings Move ECG saves a cost itself by providing the plastic front but Withings Scanwatch comes with the sapphire glass all over the dial that gave the model a classier look but that makes the watch pricier comparison to other watches.

Like the Other smartwatches, it also houses with a sensor under the display. Some of the sensors that you will get with this smartwatch are PPG sensor which is used to detect the passive heartbeats, SpO2 for sleep apnea, and ECG to detect atrial fibrillation. We will discuss more about the sensors in the coming sections below.

Feature of Health Tracking

All the Withings capabilities that you will find in any previous smartwatch are present in Withings Scanwatch such as steps monitoring, heart rate monitoring, etc that you can see on the iOS and Android apps. So what's new in it? The new things are it can also detect the passive heartbeats issues and sleep apnea. 

With the help of PPF sensor, it can detect your heartbeat irregularities not all the time but after a regular interval of time in the whole day. When you are awake or exercising or moving then it starts working and tracks your heartbeats. If the Scanwatch finds any irregularities then it will give the advice to do the proper ECG with the help of a separate sensor.

To take an ECG, you just need to follow some simple steps same as the previous Withings watches. Scroll the ECG option with the help of the crown and activate it. After that, you need to press two fingers on any of the sides of the bezel and complete the circuit. It takes almost 30 seconds to give the PDF of your ECG on the Healthmate app that you can transfer to your consulting doctor.

SpO2 sensor detects the sleep apnea by checking the level of oxygen in the blood and if the Withings Scanwatch finds any dip then it charts into the report that you can send to your physician.

Battery Life

The battery life is also a major change in this Scanwatch if we compare the battery life with the previous smartwatches. It comes with a huge battery life with more capabilities. Withings claimed that the battery will go last longer for at least 30 days. 

It can be varied if the wearer uses an apnea scan all over the night. The battery is rechargeable with the help of the included charger inside the box. We tested and found no issue in the battery. The battery backup is good enough to track the medical premises.

Final Verdict

It is one of the attractive smartwatches that will come with a premium look. However, the price is a little expensive but the persons who are health conscious and want to maintain health can buy it and it can be comparable with the Apple Watch 4 and Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Smartwatch. Its simpler appearance makes the product more classy. We can easily track the heartbeat's irregularities and sleep apnea with the help of sensors and get the reports in PDF.

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