Pro X Olay Review: Skincare Products That Keeps You Young Forever

Jan 04, 2020

The process of aging is natural that starts from the day we took our first breath into this world and there are no prizes to guess that we look much cuter as a two or three years old compared to 60 years old or so on. Although, aging is something that is a natural process and no one can stop it while on the other hand one can understand the root cause of aging and prolong the process.

Understanding the Pro X Olay

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Premature aging is something many people face at a young age that reduces the turnover in the surface of the skin that diminishes collagen production. The substance of collagen retains strength and elasticity in your skin that your skin wants to hold for a longer period. There is another cause for aging is dehydration in the stratum corneum.

This substance acts like a skin barrier that defense your skin from all the external pollution and environment if you moisturize it enough. Now when we know the acceleration of the aging process so we can work on slowing down the process and for this slow down process let's have a look at Pro X Olay skincare products that covers all your need for anti-aging.

Dermatological Advanced Cleansing System

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Being honest, rotating facial brushes aren't really necessary for the daily routine of your skincare as they are usually very expensive and often one forgets to use it after a few days or weeks. Being said that, it is also important to remove the debris that collects on your face and it takes more effort to remove them from just water or exfoliator.

It aids in the circulation of the blood which plays an important role in increasing skin renewal and gets even skin tone. The Pro X Olay Dermatological Advanced Cleansing System comes with two different settings for speed that spin and vibrate.

This will help the exfoliators and cleansers to get crannies and nooks that gets missed often with tips of your fingers. However, your skin might get red but it will quickly clear up. After washing the face with water, your skin will feel ridiculously soft than before.



Eye Restoration Complex

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One of the prominent features on your face is your eyes and it is the first place that shows aging signs. It is also a delicate area on the face that is supposed to be treated with care. The Eye Restoration Complex treatment will reduce the puffiness under your eyes, dark circles, and crow's feet.

The ingredients of the product include diuretic (a mixture of caffeine), glycerin, and niacinamide that helps to lock the moisture in your skin and increase the functioning of epidermis that characterize this cream. It is also Cyclopentasiloxane in this product which is emollient silicone-based that provides an excellent level of moisturizer to your face.

Maybe you have been using your regular moisturizer but still, you can see signs of aging around your eyes? That's because not all moisturizers are made especially like the Eye Restoration Complex that targets correctly on the problem around eye areas.


Spot Fading Treatment

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This Spot Fading Treatment is not only for anti-aging but it also treats your skin in general that makes it special in the Pro X Olay product line. It will not only reduce the dark spots but also helps to discolorations the tan you get from exposing your skin into the sun for a long time.

The renewal formula will encourage the surface of the skin to correct the hyperpigmentation and the basic active ingredient is niacinamide that's basic purpose is to get rid of uneven skin tone. It has Vitamin B3 that has nutrients that help to improve the epidermal barrier that lets the skin perform better.

This will slow down the transferring of melanin from the lower layer to the upper layer of the skin and also reduce the blotchiness. It's like gel and won't feel greasy after applying as it absorbs really quick. This product doesn't work as a quick fix rather remove all the problems from its root so that you don't have to cover up again.



Intensive Wrinkle Protocol

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This is an impressive kit that contains components that are important to fight against the wrinkles on your skin. The Intensive Wrinkle Protocol kit comes with one Age Repair Lotion (that includes SPF 30), Wrinkle Soothing Cream, and Deep Wrinkle Treatment.

The target is to reduce the wrinkles along with the crow's feet. It helps to improve the overall texture of the skin and renews your moisturizer barrier that provides you with the glow you need for healthy-looking skin. If you are aware of your skin type well and pay proper attention to the skin requirements then you can simply mix all the three products from the kit and use it accordingly.

For instance, if you are going out in bright sun then you can simply grab the age repair and if you notice that the skin is getting dull then you have deep wrinkle treatment while you can apply the soothing cream for wrinkle all night and all day and finally you can notice that your skin has become tight over the period of time.




There are various theories of aging of the skin and how to prevent aging though it is important to not expect any miracles from such anti-aging products. The products of Pro X Olay are formulated with perfect ingredients that help to reduce the aging sign and it is not a magic. Keep your skin healthy to minimize the wrinkles that come with the age but staying young forever literally is not an expectation that is realistic. Learn to take care of your skin and make sure that you get healthy renewals from these perfect skincare products that will help to embrace the natural process of aging.

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