PlayStation 5 Release Date, Specs, Price and Other Key Details Leaked

Jan 16, 2020

Sony is gradually building hype around its PS5 (PlayStation 5) reveal by rolling out shreds of information about the new console every week. The Japanese console maker teased the core PS5 specs last year while keeping actual specifics under wraps.

In an interview with BGR, the company divulged more details about the impending DualShock 5 controller's new capabilities. In addition to that, the Sony confirmed and demonstrated its latest SSD tech that will be integrated with the upcoming console, hinted at backward compatibility, shed light on the newfangled partial game install support, confirmed the rumored holiday 2020 launch and even showed off the PlayStation 5 logo, which we also saw at CES 2020.

Despite spilling the beans on the aforesaid shreds of information, Sony refrained from showing off the PlayStation 5 console. Neither did the company share any sort of information about the base specs of the low-priced PS5 console version nor reveal the exact release date or the price tag it will be carrying. A new leak may have spilled the beans on these details, while indicating that the hotly-anticipated PS5 reveal is just around the corner, debunking earlier rumors that implied we are nowhere close to the launch event.

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Samsung is slated to unveil its long-rumored S20 series smartphones, as well as the clamshell-shaped Galaxy Z Flip phone with a folding screen on February 11th - about a couple of weeks ahead of MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2020, where more amazing gadgets will be announced. If the aforesaid leak is anything to go by, the new PlayStation console will be stealing the show, which kicks off next month. 

A post on 4Chan (via TechTastic) revealed a myriad of information about the impending PS5 console. While nothing is set in stone yet, BGR suggests this leak could be the real deal. If the leak proves to be true, Sony will take the covers off its PlayStation 5 console on February 5th. The official unveiling will be made during a PlayStation meeting which will take place in the New York City-based Sony Hall.

As per the leak, Sony will announce PS5 exclusives and indie publishers/third parties will be speaking at the event. Aside from unraveling the console design, Sony is expected to show off the controller as well as the UI/home screen. The company will discuss certain features, and specs as well.

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Some of the rumored features comprise faster load times, faster downloads, engaging controls, modular installs, the ability to download "whatever," disc drive. Moreover, the console is also likely to allow users to not only download the games but also stream them as an alternative. This could involve Stadia. The leaker also revealed the new slogan for PS5 - “It’s time to play.”

The console is tipped to launch globally in October this year, bearing a $499 price tag (about £449, ¥54,999 and €449). Sony will be releasing only one PS5 variant at the time of launch, which means the company does not plan to release the Pro model in 2020. If the leaks come to fruition, the base specs of the PS5 will be in a class with the costliest Xbox Series X variant, which will set you back a noteworthy $100 more than the PlayStation 5. Microsoft is also reportedly gearing up to launch a low-priced Xbox model that will be $100 cheaper than the new PS5.

Furthermore, the leaker suggests that the new console will ship with 10 teraflops of power for the graphics processing unit, while the more affordable 2020 Xbox will have about half of that i.e. 4 teraflops. According to a recently surfaced rumor, PS5 will pack 9.2 teraflops in terms of GPU power, and the Xbox would boast a staggering 12 teraflops.

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The 4Chan tipster said the future of PS5 would heavily rely on PlayStation Now, given that it will either allow you to play your own titles or access games by paying a subscription fee. Those opting in for this subscription will qualify for a three-month trial for PS Now, the tipster added.

PS5 gameplay can be experienced on a mobile device such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs or laptops using Remote Play. To stream your favorite game from the console, you just need all you need is cellular connectivity or Wi-Fi. The PS5 mobile app will also undergo a radical overhaul, but details about the rumored virtual assistant weren't included in the report. As far as backward compatibility for PS5 is concerned, the leaker deemed it as a "big feature" for the impending console.

PS4 backwards compatibility is nothing short of a notable feature as well. Users will be able to transfer their PlayStation 4 games to the new console via transferring features. Note that only those PS4 games will be transferable that have been downloaded. Users will also be able to transfer PS4 data/backups games.

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For those unaware, backwards compatibility makes games from PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 playable on PS5, which justifies the "ultimate PlayStation console" moniker it has been assigned as it emphasizes current, as well as past gaming. More backwards compatibility details are likely to be revealed at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), which kicks off on June 9th this year.

To facilitate PS4 transition to the new console, Sony has ensured that all PS4 accessories including PSVR and DualShock 4 controllers are forwards compatible. The leaker even said that the PS5 will go up for pre-order immediately after the February 5th launch event, but only in select regions.

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Readers are advised to bear in mind that these are mere rumors and Sony has neither confirmed nor denied them yet. However, if these speculations prove to be true, Sony would be sending out press invites for the upcoming event shortly.



Regardless of whether or not the information shared by the leaker proves to be true, avid gamers are excited about Sony's PlayStation 5 launch. We can expect the company to shed more light on details such as pricing ahead of the scheduled launch date. Watch this space for more PS5 news and updates.

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