Panasonic LED Makeup Mirror Review

Apr 26

Brand overview

Panasonic is one of the leading producers of light bulb sockets and is known for offering high-end electronic items. It has become one of the largest Japanese electronics producers, and besides, it also offers non-electronic items and home renovation services.

The company also focuses on B2C businesses like home appliances, health, and beauty products that are extremely useful for everyday life. The brand offers value to each customer by offering cutting edge products and the highest degree of customer satisfaction and, thus, has become one of the widely preferred brands for innovative products.

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This innovative and versatile mirror is designed to enlighten the darkest rooms and allow you to apply makeup with utmost perfection. The mirror operates as a table lamp in the dark and as a make-up light for daytime use. The lamp has a fill light function, which allows seeing clearly in darker surroundings. Plus, it also features a touch function to adjust the brightness and switch on or off the makeup mirror.  It is not too bright to hurt your eyes and offers high definition color rendering. After each application, the makeup looks more realistic and accurate.

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Benefits / Reasons to choose

Using the regular mirror won't help you apply your makeup correctly if you don't have proper lighting in the room. This LED make-up mirror comes with built-in LED lamps that offer bright light and correct surroundings so that you can apply your makeup evenly. You can use it in the sleep mode whenever you are working while you can use it in an angled position if you are willing to apply makeup using it. This panel lamp has a familiar brightness memory while it also records your habit of using the LED lamp every time you use it. Plus, the lamp comes with a bottom storage tray so you can put your makeup products on this tray for quick application and storage.

Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of this device:


• Multifunctional makeup mirror also works as an integrated table lamp

• Atmosphere lamp or light for when you need to work

• Curved shaped and artistic design

• 4-hours charging time and thus it runs for 0.5 hours 

• You can use it for applying Makeup for 30 minutes every day without charging

• Press and hold for 1 second for dimming the makeup light

• The atmosphere light dimming comes with 3 different modes

• The lamp is 310mm long when used as an angled makeup light

• It is 255mm long when used as a table lamp

• Comes with 90-degree angle adjustment for effective use

• Comes with a smart bottom storage tray for storing makeup products

• Features a Smart switch that lights up with a touch

• Consists of a brightness memory function

• You can also record the light status of last time

• Lightweight and travel-friendly design


• It takes 7 hours to charge when used as a night lamp

• Drains battery quickly


Panasonic offers this versatile and multi-use makeup mirror at the price of $67.80 online. You can purchase this mirror form the official Panasonic website or can also order it online. You may also get massive discounts and coupons on your online purchase.

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How to install and use the mirror

The mirror is very easy to install. To use it as a night lamp, angle the lamp as a lamp and switch on the power button to lighten it up. For using it as a makeup mirror, switch the light on using the touch feature and switch the angle as desired. The brightness can also be controlled using the touch button on the lamp. Plus, it comes with a cable and indicator at the bottom.

How to order

You can order the Panasonic LED makeup mirror form the official website of Panasonic or can also order it from other online platforms. If you are willing to buy it from the offline stores, visit the nearby Panasonic store and inquire about the product.

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Others to know

The 2000 MAh lithium high capacity battery only needs charging for 4 hours if you are willing to use it as a makeup light while if you want to use it as a night lamp, charging for more than 7 hours is required. The lamp comes with a hidden charging port at the bottom of the lamp, so you don't have to deal with the mess of cables. Also, the red light on the bottom showcases whether the battery is full or charging. It smartly works as ambient light, casual mirror, night lamp, and as a professional makeup mirror.


Here are some of the FAQs that people ask about Dyson Vacuum Cleaner:

Is the makeup mirror travel friendly?

The Panasonic makeup mirror is a 1.4kg lightweight mirror that is highly portable and travel friendly. You can take it with you whenever you travel and apply makeup effortlessly.

Is the battery long lasting?

The Panasonic makeup mirror features a 2000 mAh battery that runs continuously for about 7 hours when used as a night lamp and works for 4 hours when used as a makeup mirror. The charging time is of 4 hours.

Does the makeup mirror have a dimming function?

Yes. The makeup mirror is also designed to be used as a night lamp, and thus, it has 3 different brightness control levels to control the lightings while working, reading, or sleeping. The brightest mode can be used for applying makeup. 


Panasonic aims to offer practical and modern beauty products, and Panasonic LED makeup mirror is one of the best electronic appliance designed to provide better lighting and surroundings for better makeup application. This multi-use mirror is designed for various functions and can be used as a lamp, makeup mirror, or even as a cosmetic mirror.  This 1.4 kg lightweight and portable lamp pink can also be carried while traveling so you can apply perfect makeup every time regardless of your surroundings.

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