Original Xiaomi Mi Smart Weight Scale 2 Health Weight Scale 2

Jun 11

Original Xiaomi Mi Smart Weight Scale 2 Health Weight Scale 2



Brand Overview


Xiaomi is currently a Chinese technology company that was founded in the year 2010 and is now headquartered in the city of Beijing, China. The company primarily invests in mobile applications, smartphone, earphones, laptops, fitness bands, shoes along with other home products as well.


The company has over 16K employees worldwide and has already expanded to markets such as Japan, South Korea, India, Africa and so on. The current net worth of the company's CEO and founder is $12.5 billion, while the valuation of the company is currently more than $46 billion. By the year 2019, the company had already shipped more than 125 million smartphone units worldwide.

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To start things off, this weighing scale comes with a weighing range between 100 to 150 KG. The overall build quality of the device has been made from a combination of engineering plastic along with tempered glass. This makes the machine extremely sturdy while not being susceptible to pressure at the same time. There is no such in-built battery inside the device as it uses three AAA batteries to power itself up. When it comes to the Bluetooth variant, it uses Bluetooth 5.0 for pairing with your smartphone and supports older Bluetooth 4.0 as well. The device is currently compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, with iOS 9.0 and Android 4.3 or higher.


The product can currently be obtained only in the white colour, and it comes with a high-precision sensor for measuring the weight. The accuracy deficit is +/- around 50 grams only. Since the machine works with the Xiaomi Sports Application on smartphones, the app can suggest various diet adjustments along with fitness plans, so that you'll be able to reduce your overall body's weight. Moreover, apart from measuring all kinds of objects, it can even measure items that are less than 100 grams in weight and that too, with precise accuracy. 


Benefits / Reasons To Choose


One of the significant benefits of choosing this weighing scale over any other generic ones in the current climate is because the device has already been loaded with ideal functions for weight measuring requirements. Therefore, it can measure humans accurately and intelligently based on a person's height, BMI, age, along with other supportive data. As we're already on the topic of weighing humans, it should be noted that the device comes with a balance test function which can quickly understand the ability of your body to maintain its balance by using one foot on the weighing scale - that is recorded through the smartphone app. 


What makes this weighing scale standout from the rest is its ability to store weight data of up to 16 members in your family and thereby can be used for family sharing requirements when using the device. In case you don't want your weight data to be stored inside the app, you can alternatively use the guest mode. Furthermore, the weighing scale also supports the weighing of babies. Due to the use of a high-precision sensor for detecting pressure, you'll be able to easily switch between measuring items as well as people.


Apart from that, the device comes with a hidden LED display to show the weight measurement - either on screen or through your Xiaomi app.


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Pros & Cons



●     Support For Bluetooth 5.0 - The device not only supports Bluetooth 4.0 but also the latest 5.0 along with support for both  Android and iOS devices. 

●     Ability To Store Weight Data Of Up to 16 People - The device will be able to store the weight data of up to 16 members in your family effectively.

●     Build Quality Is Stunning - With a combination of CNC plastic and tempered glass, the device is a sight to behold in its beautiful white colour and with a hidden LED display. 

●     Pressure Sensor Is Highly Precise And Fine Tuning Up To 50 Grams - The device comes fitted with a quasi-manganese sensor that has been made out of steel and is highly accurate up to +/- 50 grams.

●     Can Weigh People Or Items - Has a dual activation mode to switch measuring between items or people.



●     Weighing Surface Area Can Be Small For People With Larger Feet - In case you have an extremely large foot, then balancing on the weighing scale can indeed be slightly tricky. 




When it comes to the pricing of the device, it should be noted that the Xiaomi Weight Scale 2 costs $31.89 - which is a step down from its MRP of $50.16.


How To Order?




You can proceed to order the Xiaomi Weight Scale 2 from the following listed e-commerce website:

●     https://go.valueq.com/ojbjsctnze2sobr2


Others Things To Know


The Machine Can Weigh In LBs As Well As In KGs


It should be noted that you can effectively choose the weighing unit when measuring the weight of any human being or item - either between KG or LB. This is highly useful for specific calculation purposes.


The Operating Temperature Of The Device Is Up To 40 Degree Celcius


When it comes to the device's operating temperatures, it can function between zero degrees and forty-degree celsius temperature. Therefore, deviation from this temperature bracket can lead to inaccuracies.


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1. Does the device come with AAA batteries in the box?


No. There are no batteries that are included in the box.


2. What are the physical measurements of the device?


The weighing scale measures 300 mm in length, 300 mm in-breath, and 20 mm in height.


3. From where the Xiaomi Sports App could be downloaded?


The Xiaomi Sports App or Mi Fit App could be downloaded from the Google Play App Store or the Apple App Store.




If you're in the market for a weighing scale that efficiently does its job without costing exorbitant amounts of money, then this should be your choice. The machine comes with all the features you ever needed in a weighing scale including the ability to record and store your data along with your family members. It doesn't get much better than that. 


Furthermore, the actual pricing of the product is the icing on top of the cake.

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