OnePlus 8 Series Review

Apr 22

Smartphones keep on being the world's best gadgets for all age groups. That is why OnePlus has been entering the team of the most wanted smartphone brands in the world since they can give affordable solutions to the people, that don't want to spend a fortune to have the ability to take pictures and talk to their beloved ones. The look like iPhone, OnePlus 8 Series is one of the best smartphones to ever reach the market.

Brand overview

OnePlus gives you the guarantee of a company that can offer reliable smartphones with lightweight profile. The battery keeps on being one of the must durant in the whole competition with more than 200 hours of idle duration. The screen has the best analysis and you can view all the pictures you have taken with great sharpness and detail. Not to mention that the internal antenna is also aiding you to reach signal every time you move so that relocating would never be an obstacle for your communication.


It has an aluminum chassis that makes it better to hold it and protects the smartphone from impacts that would be otherwise fatal. The internal CPU has the quad-core technology to ensure that you can process and download software that needs much of memory and processing power of undeniable power. The clue of the smartphone is the double camera, one for the long shots and the other for the videos. You always have the option of the grid to ensure that all faces are included in the picture you take. The photo and video processor is also a great feature making your smartphone one of the best recording devices you will ever have.

Benefits / Reasons to choose

Some of the benefits that OnePlus 8 series gives to its loyal customers and fans is the quick recharging of the battery as well as the lightweight design. It has an OLED screen that makes it possible to view even when the sun is up and hitting your smartphone. The quality of sound is superb and you can even use the speakers that give you a loud voice to have a hands free conversation when dialing your beloved persons. Not to mention, that the connectivity remains high and can offer you access to all wireless networks either through the wifi or the Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

Pros & Cons

In real life all electronic devices have pros and cons. Here are some of the ones you may find in OnePlus 8 Series:


  • You will have the best possible software uploaded and navigate easily

  • The hardware is easy to touch and extra grippy

  • It is 5G ready so you will be willing to connect as soon as it becomes available in your area

  • The cameras are outstanding and give you a great quality of pictures and videos captured

  • Battery can last forever and charging time is cut in half compared to the older models


  • There is no chance to charge the smartphone wireless

  • The zoom camera has some issues like with all OnePlus smartphones

  • It's size remains comparable to the first models that are now outdated


The prices are always a sensitive issue on these smartphones. It comes up to the level of $700 but there are always some rebates when you get a yearly contract with your mobile carrier. That is why most of the customers prefer to upgrade their plan to get their new OnePlus 8 series smartphone virtually for free.

How to install

There are not much to do to install the OnePlus 8 smartphone. You simply need to unbox it and press the on/off button. Then follow the instructions to find the right time zone and language and make sure that the wifi and bluetooth connections are turned on. Your smartphone will be ready to use as soon as you type your PIN and unlock your SIM card. Just as simple as that. The OnePlus smartphones share an android app that allows them to connect via bluetooth to any wireless device you may have in your premises.

Who can use

This smartphone can be used by teenagers and adults with the same ease. Most of the people would benefit from the smartphone innovative options.

How to order

You can order the smartphone either from online retailers or your mobile carrier. Both will be happy to give you more discounts during festivity seasons and sales.

Customer support

OnePlus has established a call center where you can call anytime through the day and ask your questions about the phone. For most of the people it would be enough to know that the after sales center is always there waiting for your inquiries and your money is always guaranteed.

Others to know

The OnePlus smartphones have a special glass layer to cover the screen and ensure that it will not break during mild impacts. The chassis of the phone is made of aluminum alloys that makes the heat pass to the outer environment, avoiding the internal overheating of the microchips, that are always a reason of compromise for your beloved smartphones.


These are some of the most frequently asked questions about OnePlus smartphones you may find online:

Is OnePlus 8 series waterproof?

OnePlus states that all its smartphones are waterproof. However, you should never place it near water reservoirs or soak it in water.

Will the price of OnePlus 8 series drop?

Eventually, all smartphones prices drop as new models appear on the market. The same applies for this smartphone, while the new model the OnePlus 8 Series Pro is expected later in the year.


OnePlus 8 Series keeps on being one of the most complete smartphones you can have. It is lightweight, it has a dream camera, and can be connected to the internet no matter how far the router has been placed. For most of the people it would be the only item they would need to carry, since it can record voice and image and help you do presentations besides operating as a normal phone to communicate to others.

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