MONSTER X: The Future of Portable Power Stations

Apr 17



The rising technological breakthroughs have brought about the need for reliable energy sources. We can consider energy as a basic need because, without it, we cannot do much. For example, we cannot communicate, move freely or get entertained. So, engineers have been on the front line in creating new energy sources and energy storing devices.

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Despite these efforts, the energy demand has not been met fully. There are constant blackouts that affect our daily activities. Electricity suppliers sometimes have to ration the energy for it to be enough.

Monster X is a device designed to cater to your energy requirements especially during blackout periods. It requires little attention and maintenance since most of its features are automated.

The Monster X Overview

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This is a very powerful battery-powered generator with an output of 2000W. It can power your devices for hours. The device is reliable. It can power up to 11 devices including laptops, tv, fridge or an electric car, at the same time. The Monster X app gives you control of this process. It works together with a high tech battery management system that protects your devices from surges and other electrical faults.

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The Monster X battery prototype is available, not the finished product. Its developer’s project team has only managed to create a fully functional prototype. The actual production has not yet begun and will not begin until May this year. This revolutionary device is expected to arrive in June.

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The moment mass production kicks off this project is set to be the game-changer. Monster X is set to be the most reliable battery-powered generator for current and future generations. Here is a list of its key specifications:



•  2000W AC


• 1300 Wh

Solar Input :                                                                    

• 200W

• Warranty: Lifetime


• Fast charge

AC Wall Outlets:                                                            

• 4*2000W

• Recharge time: 0%-80% in Less than 3 hrs


• Li-Ion batteries

LCD Display:                                                         

•  Yes

• Smart Battery Management System                          

• In-built Monster X app


Power, Input & Output

Monster-X generator is a powerful generator with a 2000W output capacity. It can power many devices at the same time without overheating. The intelligent battery management system oversees the entire process.


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The makers of the Monster-x use Tesla lithium-ion battery with a high discharge rate (3000 cycles). They then enclosed the battery in a strong aluminum alloy case that can withstand tough working conditions. The battery is protected by ABS+PC Shed which reduces the risk of damage during transport e.g. in case it is accidentally dropped.

The battery has 3 recharging methods. You can use 200W DC, 400AC or the 200W solar recharging method. You can also charge the device from the three charging ports at the same time. Monster X will accept an alternating current without the need for an adapter, unlike many other devices.

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Solar energy can also be used to recharge the device even on cloudy days. The Monster X battery/generator is compatible with all types of solar panels. In full exposure to sunlight, it only takes 6 hours to recharge fully.

A smart Battery ManagemetSystem exists to protect the device from damage. This system protects the battery as well as all connected devices from overheating, high & low temperatures and from power surges.

LCD Display

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Monster X has a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen with several LED battery indicators. It displays metric data such as how many hours of power are left, the current input & output. The LCD also shows the number of hours the battery has been running. This is an important feature that helps you identify energy loss (if any), and fix them.

The display also features a light indicator, mute indicator, port usage, and an overload warning indicator.


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• Get a continuous power supply- The Monster X can charge 11 devices at once. It can also charge an electric car. For example, a single charge from this device can give a Tesla electric car enough power to go up to 7.5miles! You can power almost any electric device on the Monster X. For instance, TV, laptops, electric saw, sound woofer, etc.

• The device does not incur maintenance costs- It works quietly and as long as you keep it well, it will remain operational for long. The Battery Management System regulates the performance of the device automatically.

• Reliability- The Monster X battery/generator can be relied on. It has highly efficient 3C lithium-ion batteries that work for hand in hand to yield maximum power. This device has also earned many certifications and safety measures for example Output Overcharge Protection, Short circuit protection, harsh temperature protection, etc. The certificates include International Safety Compliance Certification & Drop-test certification.

• Lightweight- The Monster X is portable. It is made from strong, light materials. This makes it portable and easy to carry wherever it is needed.

• Surge protection- Monster X has UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). This provides an uninterrupted power supply to the connected devices. In case the power fluctuates to unsafe levels, the UPS will read these fluctuations. It will then provide back-up battery power to protect your connected devices.

• Control – You can remotely control the Monitor X from an app, via Bluetooth.

Is the Monitor X worth it?

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Monster X production has not begun yet. The product is expected to hit the market in June this year. It is set to be the greatest battery/power generator of all time.

The reliability of Monster X is remarkable. With all its features, this device will hit the market with a huge effect. Customers all over the world are eagerly awaiting is arrival by July. It is already in high demand even though mass production has not started yet.


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Power supply shortages have been a nightmare for many years. Many approaches have been taken to counter this problem e.g. high-quality batteries, generators, and solar powers. However, these approaches have not played their part completely. They are expensive and unreliable to some extent.

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The Monster X battery generator has promised us a solution. Through its features, this device seems to be the hope for the future. It may be the most powerful battery that meets our needs.

How much does it cost?

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Actual mass production has not begun yet. However, we can expect the device to have a 4-digit price tag. It might not be cheap, but it will be totally worth it.

Feel free to check for updates from your favorite retailer for more information.


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