Meizu 16S Pro Latest News On Its Launch Date 28th August

Aug 19

Meizu officially announced that the Meizu 16S Pro conference will be held in Zhuhai, China on August 28.

Invitation Card:

Seemingly, until now the team of Meizu has led the doubts run helter-skelter in the market, not worried two bits. The main reason is that they believe their product will shut the doubts at once.

Earlier this year, on 24th April 2019, their other model 16s was launched with a successful opening. If you are curious to know the cause of its unprecedented success, the answer lies between its features: Qualcomm 855 processor and 91.53% ratio of the widescreen.

Therefore, a 16S Pro is going to be an absolute win too. Meizu believes it and so does the loyal customers.

I urge you to stay put and wait for the Meizu team to unravel every classic feature of Meizu 16S Pro, despite the various rumors running haywire in the market.

I also believe with 48 MB camera and 12 GB RAM, and 4010 mAh battery, this smartphone is here to say.


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