Lionesse Gem Skin Care Review

Jan 14

Why is there so much hype about Lionesse Gem Skin Care Products? The hype is because the company uses extremely different formulations during the manufacturing of their products in order to give you best skin care products you have ever wished for. Lionesse is so special because it uses special and precious stones during the making of the products. These stones possess both the glamour and protective features to your skin. You get duel features with a single product. Now you can use these products for perfect treatment of your skin and without having any side effects. They help you with the protection of your natural beauty and add on to the advantages like every other skin care product.

The company portrays that the precious and semi precious gemstones used by the manufacturers not only freshen up your body beauty but adds a layer of energy too. They help you in eliminating the dead cells and replacing them with healthy body cells. The brand deals in as many as 7 different collections based on the stones used. We will review them one by one.

Lionesse Gem Skin Care Review- The Amber Collection

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The amber collection generally deals in the products specified for areas around the eyes. This particular collection is made up of extremely soft yet fully effective stones. The products work perfectly fine to eliminate dark circles and helps you in getting rid from puffy eyes. This combination has three products all of which deal in eye surrounding areas. The first one is Amber Eye Cream which deals with eye puffiness specifically. It gives you a fresh and younger look around your eyes. The best time to use it is before going to sleep. The product that follows it is Amber Dark Eye Circle Cream. It is clearly obvious from the name that this product deals with the problem of dark circles which makes you look old and tired. The use of Vitamin A and Vitamin E imparts brightness to the dark circles and they seem to disappear altogether. The product of this collection is Amber Eye Serum. An absolute bomb to make you look far younger than your actual age as it eliminates wrinkles and fine lines. It is extremely popular with women who are getting old.

Lionesse Gem Skin Care Review- Golden Sapphire Collection

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The introduction of extremely beautiful golden sapphire gems in the beauty products helps you to improve skin texture, eliminates wrinkles and imparts moisture to the skin. The product mainly deals in making your skin smoother than expected and gives an overall fresh and young look to you. The collection contains as many as 4 products which include a serum, cream, liquefier, and peel off mask.

The main product is the liquefier which is extremely effective which starts from a power and turns to a liquid full of hydrating effects and acts as a source of extreme nourishment. Golden Sapphire Serum deals with reducing the wrinkles and gives a young look. The peel off mask solidifies after the application and when peeled off, gives your face a more clean texture than ever.

Lionesse Gem Skin Care Review- Black Onyx Collection

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Black Onyx is used in this collection which acts as an anti aging product. The black onyx is extremely popular for its energy qualities. The product assists you in improving skin texture along with imparting smoothness to the skin. The four products of this collection include serum, cream, mask and line eraser syringe. Mask deals with cleaning features. Apply the mask and peel if off after almost 15 minutes. Black Onyx Cream and serum work best when used together to give added advantages. The main product is the syringe which is directly applied to the wrinkled area and you can see instant changes.

Lionesse Gem Skin Care Review- Diamond Collection

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The products of this diamond collection are extremely rich in moisturizing capabilities. It mainly deals in lifting up your natural skin to make you look much younger. The collection includes face and neck lifting cream, lifting mask, De Puffer, and a diamond syringe. The products impart a feeling of smoothness and softness along with lifting your skin up to get rid of aging effects of the skin.

The de puffer deals with removing wrinkles and fine lines and also restores a feeling of vitality. The diamond products are extremely effective and are highly recommended by the dermatologists. Like diamond is known as the best friend of girls, these diamond products are called best friends of your skin.

Lionesse Gem Skin Care Review- White Pearl Collection

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The most complete skin care collection by lionesse till date. Starting from cleanser and including all the variety of skin care like skin toner, moisturizer, night cream, facial creams, serum, peel off mask, bidy butter, & body butter. What else do you need? If you are successful in getting your hands on this most comprehensive white pearl range from lionesse, you would need nothing else as far as your daily skin care routine is concerned.

The white pearl collection illuminates and cleans up your fatigued and tired skin. The collection is harmless even if you use it on a daily basis. The white pearl moisturizes your skin and gives it a smooth texture by eliminating dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness from your face. Your skin would become softer than ever. This collection is recommended the most by the makeup experts and dermatologists.


Lionesse Gem Skin Care Line is a luxury skincare chain. The price is on a higher side but the results are astonishingly satisfying. The quality is doing justice with the price tag. You can choose the pearl collection as per your choice. Every collection comes with a wide variety of products. The common feature of all the ingredients is that along with imparting freshness, smoothness to the skin they also help you with a natural treatment.

The replacement of dead cells by the healthy cells is done quite efficiently by these products. All the lionesse products work together to give you younger, more beautiful and fresh looks as per your wishes. The lionesse gem skin care collection is highly recommended by all the known dermatologists of the world.

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