Lenovo Tower 5i Review

Apr 21

All gamers around the world, are expecting the new Lenovo Tower 5i to come around May 2020 and conquer the world markets. It will be the most powerful desktop computer for gaming since it is going to gather all the audio ad graphics innovations needed for extreme quality gaming without freezing and overlaps from other software. Let's take a look at the specific features of this gaming tower that Lenovo slowly develops over the last years.

Brand overview

Lenovo is the real champion of the gaming industry. It has been producing desktops for online gamer since the last decade. The latest 5i Tower that is about to launch next month, is going to be the best value for the money gaming machine for people who are dedicated and serious in playing. The tower has better impact protection for people who get too excited when playing online games. Also, there is a power outage protection giving you more than 5 hours of continuous play, even though the blackout is still on.


Some of the basic features that are important for games are the great CPU processing power having four different cores the best ones that Intel has ever created. Additionally, the NVIDIA graphics adapter keeps on being the most impressive tool for better flow of the action concerning the online games. The audio card is one giving the crispiest of sound you have ever listened to. Not to mention, that the tower supports wi-fi, LAN/Ethernet or Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to other devices to ensure that you will have the best possible gaming experience without any lagging effect that destroys the action and satisfaction.

Benefits / Reasons to choose

The tower is harder than ever before, giving more protection against accidental impacts. The eight available USB ports ensure that you will have all your peripherals connected at all times no matter what. The most impressive fact is the cooling liquid that flows by the motherboard, CPU, and other graphics and audio cards to remove the intense heat produces when you play online games for multiple hours. Furthermore, the tower comes in many shapes and sizes to fit your room and is more lightweight than ever before giving you the chance to relocate it every time you need to have more privacy.

Pros & Cons

Like any device that is advertised online, Lenovo Tower 5i has some benefits and drawbacks that should be mentioned here:


  • Gives you more CPU power than ever before

  • Graphics NVIDIA adaptor is the best you can have

  • RAM is almost close to the highest-ranking you could adjust on your system

  • Connectivity remains in high standards

  • USB and HDMI ports give you the chance to connect any screen and peripherals

  • Lightweight design and durable carcass for extreme use while gaming


  • Less affordable than other competitors

  • Overheating is a real problem anticipated by the liquid cooling system


Rumors place the price range of Lenovo Tower 5i close to the $800 threshold. It is a high price if you take into account that other competitors sell their gaming Towers less than $500 with almost the same specifications. However, the Lenovo guarantee and the special after-sales service existing in every Lenovo purchase give you a strong incentive to pay the extra money and get this Tower. 

How to install

You don't have to know a lot about computing to install the new Lenovo Tower 5i. It is a computer that specialized in online gaming and that is why you can have it on its own, without the need to pair it with any screen. The cooling system remains a Lenovo innovation, letting bluish-colored fluid to pass through the microchips and remove heat that would otherwise destroy the machine. You simply need to turn on the Tower and follow the instructions seen on the screen to connect it with the home internet network. Then you are free to log in to the game provider and live unforgettable gaming experience.

Who can use

The Lenovo Tower 5i has been made specifically for teenagers and young adults that like to show off their computer when playing. It has been one of the most stylish desktops dedicated to gaming. This, of course, doesn't exclude other age groups but teenagers are more likely to find it tempting to choose this Tower for their gaming needs compared to others who like more privacy and discretion for their desktops.

How to order

The best and most efficient way to order would be through online retailers like Amazon and Gearbest. They have offers throughout the year in terms of rebates or direct discounts. There is also the chance to order it through the Lenovo official site where you may find better prices if you order other peripherals from them as well.

Customer support

Lenovo has added the worldwide support phone group to ensure all people are covered no matter where they reside or what is their mother language.

Others to know

The Tower is going to be available in retailers from early May 2020. The pre-order list has been already filled up by teenagers around the world. The chassis of the Tower is made from quality aluminum and plastic parts that cannot corrode or compromise from heat and outer moisture.


These are some of the questions posed online for the Lenovo Tower 5i:

Is Lenovo Tower 5i only good for gaming?

You could use it as a general use desktop of course, but its special features are more suitable for online professional gaming.

Why is Lenovo less affordable than other Towers?

Lenovo keeps on adding pioneer and innovative technology to its computers so that is why it charges more for something that gives you a higher added value.


Make sure you follow the instructions of Lenovo and keep your Tower working like the first day. It is the only fully upgradable Tower you will find on the market. The gaming experience is never going to be better than with Lenovo Tower 5i.

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