Lenovo Legion 5 Laptop Review: A Consolidated Gaming Device with AMD Empowerment

Apr 26

 The Chinese laptop maker Lenovo has just updated its portfolio of gaming laptops. A few days back, the company took the stage to present a bunch of devices including the budget-friendly Legion 5 Series for gaming enthusiasts. Today, we will dwell on the Lenovo Legion 5 laptop to discover its inbuilt features, specifications and other prospects.

The gaming laptop industry is multiplying with frequent entries from global manufacturers. It has reserved a special space in the segment that is kept on enhancing over the years. People are now more curious about gaming devices than ever before to cultivate the best gaming experience at a professional level.

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Among others, Lenovo is also a well-recognized laptop producer with a comprehensive collection of all sorts of equipment in the pack. It also has contributed significantly to the gaming industry with numerous developments, even at affordable prices.

Today, in this text guide, we will occupy the space for the newly-launched Legion 5 Series. It comprises a total of 3 models - Legion 5, Legion 5i 15” and Legion 5i 17”. So, let’s proceed further to find what the brand-new Legion 5 gaming laptop brings to the table.

Well, the new Legion 5 Series is the successor to the Legion Y540 Series launched last year. This time the company has tried to fortify the devices under simpler name convention. If the regular Legion 5 runs the AMD processor, then the other members of the family install the Intel chipset. It can be easily recognized through “I” suffix in their names.

The Legion 5 is also the first gaming device by Lenovo based on the AMD processor. It is because of the grand success and popularity of the AMD Ryzen 4000 Series that was released in CES 2020.

Lenovo Legion 5 Review: What are the Features and Specifications?

Design and Construction

What can one expect the gaming laptop to achieve in physical aesthetics? Lenovo strives to arrange for what is possible to create a decent and superb class of device thoroughly. With professional-level build craftsmanship and sturdy physique, the Legion 5 laptop delivers arresting exterior and plausible construction.

Further, the chassis of the laptop is drafted astoundingly using the high-grade material. You will follow a creative style with nice keyboard embedment in the lower panel. The openable lid houses a 15.6” display with thick but modern bezels that ensure advanced outlook of the frame. The top edge has a dedicated cut to hos the camera, while the opposite bezel prints the model name.

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When it comes to the lower part, it carries a full-fledged keyboard alongside an independent numeric keypad. Underneath, a wide touchpad is provided to facilitate mouse operations.

On the backside, nothing rules the surface except for the model name on the upper left corner. Innumerable physical ports are provided across the system. You will get two ports of USB-A 3.1, a headphone jack, RJ45 Ethernet, HDMI, a USB-C 3.1 port etc. Some of them are placed on the back, while some are situated on both sides.

In terms of physical parameters, the Legion 5 laptop measures at 363 x 260 x 23.57-26.13mm. It weighs around 2.5KG. The company provides only a single colour choice – Phantom Black.


Let’s consider one of the crucial components to evaluate its overall gaming outputs. Lenovo has assigned the 15.6-inch FHD IPS display panel to the new laptop. At the same point of time, Lenovo also allows you to choose among the standard 60Hz and a faster 144Hz algorithm.

The display further promises 1920x1080 pixels of screen resolution as well as 300 nits of brightness. Hence, gamers will get an immersive viewing experience, be it a dark of sunlight. The 60Hz version offers 25ms of response time, whereas the 144Hz edition provides quicker 3 ms response time. The panel is also a Dolby vision-oriented.

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With the 100% of sRGB colour gamut, the panel is supposed to obtain a superfine colour reproduction to enhance overall functionality.

Operating System and Processor

Being gaming equipment, Lenovo's latest Legion 5 laptop rolls the advanced protocols, which are must-have to produce the desired results. In the software corridor, what can we expect than the latest Windows 10 Home edition?

It carries lots of preinstalled software applications Lenovo Vantage, Lenovo Nerve Center, Lenovo Antivirus, Lenovo PC Manager, PowerDVD, Microsoft Office Trial and some others. Overall, the system application dominates the operations with ultrafast response and navigation system.

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Similarly, the CPU unit provides dual choices – AMD Ryzen 7 4800H & AMD Ryzen 5 4600H chipsets. Further, both of them are designed to manage resource-demanding tasks. The Ryzen 7 4800H features the higher spectrum with 16 threads and 8 cores against 12 threads and 6 cores of the second chip.

For further assistance, Lenovo has installed the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 chip with either of the processors. The combo ensures incredibly fast performance at lowest noise production.

Storage Space

As far as the data storage is related, the Lenovo Legion 5 laptop acknowledges up to 16 GB of DDR4 RAM with 3200 MHz frequency.

On the other side, users will have a massive 1TB storage to save your multimedia and other content in local directories.


The power system also plays a vital role in electronic gaming products. Thanks to Lenovo, which has deployed a 4-cell 80WH lithium polymer battery to cater to the power needs of the laptop.

It is an all-day battery assignment with the smart power management system. Using the Rapid Charge Pro feature, it takes only 30 minutes to get half of the power bank.

Additional Features

In others, the Legion 5 gaming laptop houses a pair of 2W Harman Kardon speakers for excellent audio output, Dolby Atmos headphone support, Bluetooth 5.0, 802.11 ax WIFI connectivity, TrueStrike backlit keyboard and some other inbuilt configurations.

Concluding all, Lenovo's latest gaming device is spectacularly fantastic with a spate of unmatched specifications. Being a gaming enthusiast, you should give it a try to grab the next level excitement.

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