Legion Y740Si Review

Apr 26

Gaming is all about having skills and techniques. What if you're not able to utilize it to your maximum potential due to the poor performance of your laptop? With Lenovo Legion Y740Si, never again will you experience such a thing. They have emphasized more on what gamers want and devised a product that fits their needs. The versatility and the high-speed of the laptop is what differentiates them from the rest. The sleek design is another attractive feature of Legion Y740Si. You can game on this laptop all day and night anywhere and fall in love with its exceptional performance. In this Legion Y740Si review, we'll see what other excellent features it comprises of.

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Features of Legion Y740Si

In this Legion Y740Si review, we present you with some of the best features it offers, be it for work or gaming; it is perfectly designed to fit the needs of everyone. With better performance, it is engineered to be the best buddy of a hardcore gamer.

  1. Performance of the Legion Y740Si is what makes it rare. The processors come in three variants, but all are of 10th Gen Intel Core Processors. It starts with Intel i5, Intel i7, and finally, Intel i9. The better the processor, the better performance. You can go for the Intel i9 and enjoy the best gaming experience ever. It comes with a Windows 10 Operating system. 

  2. The display is 15.6" with 1080 pixels and 4k resolutions. It comes with 300 and 600 nits where the brightness is high, and you can enjoy the visuals of your game in a better way. 

  3. The coolest part about this laptop is its light-weightedness. It weighs about 3.7 lbs, and you can carry it anywhere around the world and start gaming without any complications. The sleek design is another aspect that you will enjoy throughout your journey with the laptop. It's elegant and you can show-off your stylish laptop anywhere.

  4. It comes with an eGPU support where you can get the AMD and NVIDIA graphics card by connecting your laptop to the Legion BoostStation via ThunderBolt. Though quite different than the previous versions, it does offer good graphics where you will fancy gaming on it. It is equipped with thermal coolers that aids in better performance and also the fans work without any noise. 

  5. Memory and storage, It comes with a 16GB and 32GB RAM while the storage is of three variants that are 256 GB, 512 GB, and 1 TB in PCIe SSD format. You can purchase according to your needs. 

  6. It is equipped with 2 Dolby Atmos Speakers specially designed for better gaming. You can immerse yourself in the gaming world and enjoy the never before experience of gaming. 

Some other salient features of this laptop we are presenting in this Legion Y740Si Review are:

  • 2 Intel Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 

  • You can enjoy a battery life of up to 8 hours continuously without charging it. 

  • It comes with 2 USB 3.1 and thunderbolt type-C connectivity.

  • It is preloaded with McAfee Antivirus and Lenovo Antivirus Plus software. 

  • The keyboard comes with a white backlight, and the laptop is equipped with one headphone jack.  

Benefits / Reasons to choose Legion Y740Si

The Legion comes with a bunch of benefits, and some of them will make you go in awe of the laptop. They are:

  • The high performance of the laptop is one best thing about Legion.

  • It is so thin and lightweight that you won't even feel like you're using it. 

  • You can enjoy the visuals with a crispier color and enhance your gaming. 

  • It has used Vapour Chamber technology and offers a quieter fan.

  • It comes with an exceptional storage system.

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Pros & Cons of Legion Y740Si


  • Sleek design and lightweight

  • High performance due to Intel i9 Processors

  • Better storage which is up to 1 TB 

  • Brighter display with Dolby Vision


  • You need to connect the graphics card with the Legion BoostStation.

  • It has poor battery life.

  • It has a nose camera.


It starts at $1,739 for the base model, where the storage is 256GB SSD. You get a RAM of 6GB for that price. On the other hand, for better storage that is up to 512 GB SSD, you need to spend $2,329 where the RAM is of 32 GB.

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Who can use it?

The Lenovo Legion fits the needs of everyone, but it focuses more on gamers and is built, keeping them in mind. However, if you like the sleek design and its features, it can be the one for you and use it for your work. Nothing can ever get better than having an elegant laptop on your work desk. 

How to order?

You can order the Lenovo Legion Y740Si from the official Lenovo website. But due to the current situation, it might not be available.

Customer support

You can contact the Toll-free number, which is 1800-4199-733. You can also go to the forum on their official website, where you can find solutions to your issues from fellow customers.

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Which Lenovo Legion is the best?

There is plenty of Lenovo Legion version that is good enough, and the latest version of Lenovo Legion, Legion Y740Si is extremely good too. Due to its slim design and better performance, it sure can be considered as one of the best. 

Is Lenovo Legion good for gaming?

Yes, Lenovo Legion is exceptionally good for gaming, as it is particularly designed for gaming. You can enjoy the vivid colors due to the Dolby Vision and also the high performance of the Legion with the latest Intel Processors. 

Are Lenovo Legion Laptops good?

Lenovo Legion Laptops are extremely good when it comes to gaming. They are tailored in a way that it presents gamers with the best gaming experience. You can vouch on Lenovo if you're looking out for gaming laptops for a while now. 

What is Lenovo Legion?

Lenovo Legion laptops are particularly designed for gamers to provide a better gaming experience. It is equipped with a bunch of features that make it the perfect solution for any gamer out there.


In this Legion Y740Si review, we have seen the multitude of features offered by Lenovo and is truly a unique one for sure. With Legion Y740Si, you can take your gaming to a whole new level and have the best gaming experience ever. With its thin design and better performance, Legion is no wonder a gamers laptop.

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