James Dyson Foundation Challenge Cards Review

Apr 22

When people need to stay home like in this quarantine state due to the Coronavirus, it would be wiser to have your children busy with constructive hobbies. The James Dyson Foundation challenge cards are the best thing you can buy for them to spend the evening together in the living room. The challenges are small artistic experiments that can be achieved only by using simple everyday items you have in your house. Pasta, plastic straws and toothpicks are used to fulfill the requirements of a bridge according to a challenge card. As you will see, there are many of these experiments to keep the kids busy and away from their tablets for many hours.

Brand overview

James Dyson Foundation has expertise in creating games for the family, that have higher quality standards and can give extra knowledge to the children. For many families, these challenge cards are a way to express their feelings towards the kids, a chance to meet together at home and have common hobbies, and a way to relieve stress from children and let them know that parents can work with them to create amazing things.


The challenge cards come into a luxury illustration box keeping them safe from sunshine and moisture. They have all the instructions you need to follow when you are about to resolve a challenge. Most of the experiments can be processed indoors and there is no need to get on your porch or balcony. There is also some time measuring devices in the game that motivate kids to give their best so that they can finish before the opposing team. It's a great quality game that can keep them busy for a long time.

Benefits / Reasons to choose

Some of the benefits and reasons to choose the James Dyson Challenge Cards are the following:

They are more realistic than ever before, giving you the perspective of a new experiment every day and offering kids much fun and entertainment.

It is also an affordable gift for your kids that will not need you to give the fortune to make them happy. Not to mention, that parents are involved in most of the challenges, which is something being a lot more affectionate to show the kids their love and care.

Pros & Cons

Like everything in life there are some benefits and drawbacks by the use of the James Dyson Challange cards in parenting:


  • Spend more time with your kids having a quality break from what you are doing

  • Kids can develop their imagination when performing the tasks for the challenge

  • The challenge cards can learn kids new knowledge and let them take initiative being effective leaders in the future

  • Come in a luxury case and are illustrated to make them last longer


  • Some of the challenge cards are difficult to understand by children and the presence of a parent is always required


There are many fluctuations in the price of the James Dyson Challenge Card Box. However, the latest discount prices reach the level of $150 which is a very good price for such a game that will keep the children busy for a long time. You may find the challenge cards at a lower price during the sales period, in online retailers like eBay or Amazon, however, you may not be sure about their authenticity or being second-hand use that will decrease the level of satisfaction from your kids when they are unboxing the game.

How to install

There are no specific rules to follow when you want to initiate the challenge game. You simply need to unbox the cards and place them face down so that neither one knows the subject of the challenge. The parents can randomly divide the teams and each one takes a challenge to finish before the timer rings. It's that simple and amazingly funny!

Who can use

The challenge cards can be used by children above 8 years of age and they usually need the presence of an adult so that they can complete successfully all the challenges they have undertaken. 

How to order

Most of the challenge cards lovers, order their cards either from online retailers like Amazon or eBay, or they try to locate the nearest toy store and get them from there. The official James Dyson website has some offers from time to time, however, it would be more feasible to order them from a physical or an online retailer.

Customer support

James Dyson's team accepts inquiries about the challenge cards from adults and children via e-mail. You can also call them during business hours in working days, but it seems that you will never have something that urgent to talk about. The challenge cards after-sales project works efficiently and you can be sure about it.

Others to know

Most of the challenge card lovers need to know that they are made from high-quality cotton paper that has been illustrated with natural substances so that it has become non-toxic for the kids. The challenges are made in such a way, so that kids can use the knowledge they have from their school, in physics, mathematics, and chemistry to resolve the issue and win the challenge.


Some of the questions we frequently find online about James Dyson Challenge Cards are:

Are Challenge Cards affordable?

Their price is higher than the usual game, but they keep your kids busy for a longer time!

What knowledge do I need to have to participate in the Challenge Cards game?

You only need to know the elementary school first grades to participate in all possible challenges.


For most of us spending quality time with out children is a great thing to achieve. The James Dyson Challenge Cards are specifically made to gather the family around the same table and let them compete in a new way, being constructive and gaining new knowledge. These cards can be your best companion either you are at home or on excursion.

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