Is apple vinegar good to deal with Coronavirus?

Apr 14

We all know that the new Coronavirus infection will be with us for a long time. It not only the lack of vaccines but the case that we don't know which are the natural substances that create a hostile environment for the virus's existence.

Most of the coronaviruses are by their nature enclosed to a lipid ball. There they feel protected against the acidic environments they may fall into. However, there is one natural food acid that comes from the apples and is called apple vinegar.

Its acidity can give the final blow to the coronavirus especially when it passes through the upper parts of your gastrointestinal tract. People who try to have gargled with warm water and apple cider vinegar seem like they slow down the reproduction of the virus in the throat area. Not to mention, that apple vinegar can act positively in reducing the pH in the stomach to such level that the sphere of lipid is destroyed and the virus is also dissolved in simple amino-acids like the ones that consist of its molecular structure.

What are the special features of apple cider?

The apple cider vinegar is a natural product coming from the apple juice after a certain process. The acidic reaction comes from the yeast that usually is added in the barrels where apple juice stands in order to create apple cider vinegar. 

This type of vinegar can also act competitively against the coronavirus, as long as the yeast cells can remove him from the field, due to their multiplying effects. For all these reasons it could be wiser to use apple cider vinegar with all our salads and foods to make sure that coronavirus can be neutralized.

How can coronavirus spread in the body be defeated by apple cider?

The coronavirus spread begins from the respiratory system and then comes to all vital parts of the body. The apple cider vinegar can easily stop the reproduction of the virus in the stomach where the acidic environment will tear down all the proteins that cover its RNA nucleus. Even if apple vinegar cannot be easily found in the stomach parts of it are going to be spread all over the mouth and throat area where the coronavirus hits first. People who apply the apple vinegar as a mouth wash for regular use are going to be better protected against the coronavirus spread.


Keep always in touch with science to know the latest trends about the coronavirus spread. Many natural remedies are working to slow down the proliferation of the virus in your body and you should use them wisely. Remember that above all coronavirus affects your immune system which is the one that cannot react normally to its invasion.

On the other hand, you are not supposed to try all remedies since some of them may endanger your survival. Above all try to stay safe, enforce the social distancing and in case you feel you have the virus, use the apple vinegar to sanitize yourself.

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