iPhone 12 Rumors: New Hands-On Video Show Three New Models

Feb 05

Apple hasn't changed the iPhone design for a long time and fans are understandably dissatisfied with this. The iPhone 11, it's Pro and Pro Max variants all resemble the iPhone XS series from last year and the iPhone X from a year earlier, but that didn't stop the three 2019 smartphones from helping Apple achieve a successful quarter in fiscal Q1.

The more affordable iPhone models have probably played a vital role in increasing iPhone sales; however, during Apple's Q1 earnings call, the company executives said Apple has sold out more iPhone 11 units as compared to other models. According to them, iPhone 11 has been the company's best selling model each week since it was launched in September last year.

iPhone sales are more upgrade focused rather than been design-oriented, and it looks like several users for slated to receive upgrades amid the holiday quarter. This makes a lot of sense, given that iPhones are now designed to stand the test of time. Moreover, the iPhone 6s and 7 series managed to garner skyrocketing popularity in 2015 and 2016.

In other words, it is understandable why Apple doesn't need to revamp iPhone designs each year in an attempt to boost sales. Nevertheless, Apple's huge fanbase will be thrilled when the Cupertino tech giant unveils radically overhauled iPhone 12 models this year. The iPhone 12 series that comprises the iPhone 12, its Pro and Pro Max variants is tipped to sport a new design.

While nothing is set in stone yet, the iPhone 12 series has been subject to multiple leaks that claim to reveal the new design. Aside from that, a recently surfaced hands-on footage seems to have spilled the beans on the redesigned iPhones. Details about Apple's impending iPhone 12 models have been doing the rounds online in the form of leaks for the past few months.

Some sources have better track records than others. The most trustworthy person when it comes to divulging details is a renowned Apple insider and analyst at TF International Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo. According to Kuo, the upcoming iPhone trio will adopt a display design that bears a striking resemblance to the iPhone 11 and the rest of the previously launched all-screen iPhones,  but it will have flat metal corners, unlike current models that have rounded edges.

In short, the new device could be described as the perfect unification of the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 11. If imagining isn't your forte, you might want to check out the latest leak that gives us a brief glimpse of the design of the new iPhone models through a video. Japanese Apple new blog Macotakara managed to get its hands on the physical mockups of the three new iPhones.

iPhone 12 Rumors: New Hands-On Video Show Three New Models image 1

iPhone 12 Leaks

These mockups are said to show the designs Apple is planning to adopt for its new iPhones. Kuo says there's a possibility that the leaked video has excluded one model though. In one of his earlier reports, Kuo shared a graphic and noted that Apple is planning to announce the iPhone 12 models in fall 2020 i.e. sometime in September.

The first device seen in the graphic is the iPhone SE2 (or iPhone 9) that Apple is reportedly gearing up to launch next month. It is tipped to sport a design identical to its predecessor, iPhone 8 and boast specifications similar to the iPhone 11, offering consumers an updated, yet low-priced iPhone alternative replacing the iPhone SE. Four flagship iPhones are likely to be launched in September.

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Rather than launching one affordable alternative like the iPhone 11, Apple could come up with two iPhone 12 models that offer mediocre specs but carry reasonable price tags. While one of these two devices will feature an OLED display of 5.4-inches, the other is rumored to sport a slightly larger 6.1-inches display.

There will be a couple of Pro models housing three cameras, an iPhone 12 Pro featuring a 6.1-inches screen and an iPhone Pro Max model sporting a 6.7=inches display. Macotakara’s leak does not include the 6.1-inch model because this smaller iPhone is seen having two rear-mounted cameras in the video and the accompanying images.

iPhone 12 Release Date

Given that Kuo's reports are usually based on initial information, there is a possibility that Apple might have decided to not launch one of the iPhone 12 variants. In that case, the aforesaid leaked video includes all of the new iPhone models that are slated to launch this fall. There are two important points in the video that we need to keep in mind.

First off, the bezel encompassing the screen is massive, since the space available there is accounted for the iPhone 12's bezel as well as the phone's metal corners. Furthermore, these mockups are based on leaked CAD files that show a considerably large notch placed at the top of their displays. Earlier reports suggest Apple was attempting to reduce the TrueDepth camera components to accommodate it in the bezels; however, that plan didn't come to fruition.

iPhone 12 Rumors: New Hands-On Video Show Three New Models image 3

The details do not coincide with the information Kuo shared in the roadmap last year. Aside from hinting at four 5G-ready models, he claimed Apple will be unveiling four new iPhones in its iPhone 12 line including one with a 5.4-inches display and two cameras at the back, a 6.1-inches model with two cameras, a 6.1-inch variant with three rear cameras and a 6.7-inch model that would feature a triple camera setup.

Earlier reports have indicated that Apple is planning to launch several iPhone models this year. There's even hearsay that the company could come up with three new models in its iPhone 12 series this year. If the leaked video is anything to go by, the first look at these iPhone models has already made its way to the internet.

There have been several renders seen online that indicated the iPhone 12 Pro will be similar to its precursor i.e. the iPhone 11 Pro with a few changes here and there. Moreover, it is said that the new iPhone draws inspiration from the iPad Pro's flat edges as far as design is concerned. While the device still has the Slider and volume buttons, the charging port has been removed. In short, the iPhone 12 Pro will use wireless charging for juicing up its batteries.

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