Huami AMAZFIT Smart Sports Watch 3 Review

Sep 05, 2019

A few days back, on August 27, Xiaomi’s eco-chain enterprise held a product launch conference and introduced three new products – the AMAZFIT Smart Sports Watch 3, the AMAZFIT GTS, and the AMAZFIT X Concept Watch. That’s not difficult to guess all these three have a quite different positioning. However, we are going to take a closer look at the most-talked model, the third-generation smartwatch.

The hardware specs list of the AMAZFIT Smart Sports Watch 3 is quite impressive. There is a 1.34-inch Full MoonTM Display, which has a resolution of 320×320. It supports up to 19 sports modes and heart rate detection. At the same time, our protagonist has a 5ATM waterproof (50 meters) certificate, supports NFC, and so on.

Interestingly, this smartwatch comes with the support of quad-satellite positioning, which includes not only GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo but also Beidou. This simply means users can select any three of these systems to get a faster positioning and more accurate trajectory. 

When using the professional sports mode, the battery can provide up to 7 days of life. However, if you do not have an active lifestyle, it will keep alive for up to 14 days on a single charge.

Apart from this, the watch also comes with an authoritative FIRSTBEAT professional motion algorithm. The latter provides a variety of professional data/reports based on the user's activity and movement. Plus, we can also find an interesting feature, called the BioTracker PPG. Simply put, it’s a bio-tracking optical sensor, which has been independently developed by Huami Technology.

As for pricing, the AMAZFIT Watch 3 standard version is available at 1299 yuan ($181), while the Pro version is priced at 1699 yuan ($237). The difference is that the Pro version uses a lighter and stronger titanium bezel and buttons. Plus, this variant comes with the sapphire crystal and the more durable rubber strap.

AMAZFIT Smart Sports Watch 3 Appearance

We should admit the AMAZFIT Sports Watch 3 looks strong and sporty. Its appearance is firm and tough. This model sport an exclusive custom 1.34-inch Full MoonTM Display. This full-circular reflective display has a 340×340 pixels resolution.

The bezel is made of 316L stainless steel. It is also placed slightly above the screen for better protection.

On the right side, we can find four physical buttons. They make the interaction way better.

However, the thickness is still considerable (13.4mm). But we should also keep in mind the AMAZFIT Smart Sports Watch 3 sports myriads of sensors (acceleration, gyroscope, air pressure, geomagnetism, bio-tracking optical sensor). 

On the back, there is a four-pin charging port. The heart rate sensor is in the center. The top of the charging port is engraved with 5ATM lettering. So you shouldn’t worry about the watch when swimming or walking in the rain.

The strap of the Smart Sports Watch 3 has a 22mm width and is made of black silicone. The latter is known for better durability and more comfortable to wear.

We should also mention the straps can be changed with no efforts. 

AMAZFIT Smart Sports Watch 3 Performance

As a sports watch, it is especially important to be able to adapt to outdoor environments. For this purpose, the AMAZFIT Smart 3 has four side buttons.

Agree, this is quite rare in the current smartwatches. But this brings a number of benefits.

However, if you want to squeeze more from the smartwatches, you should connect them to your phones. AMAZFIT has its own mobile app, which is very informative and useful.

Once you pair the watch with the phone, you can choose any dial style. The AMAZFIT Smart Sports Watch 3 currently offers 8 different dials. But we are waiting for more in subsequent system upgrades. One of the most amazing features we liked in this watch is the ability to customize the background. Just upload the preferred image in the app and then set it on the watch.

Also, in the widget and application management, you can freely choose the widget you want to display.

As said, the AMAZFIT Smart Sports Watch 3 performs heart rate detection through the self-developed BioTracker PPG bio-tracking optical sensor. In addition to the common heart rate detection function, this watch can also provide a 24-hour daily heart rate monitoring.

This smartwatch supports up to 19 sports modes. They are also divided into detailed categories, such as pool swimming and open water swimming. Plus, the rest of the modes include football, tennis, and triathlon. We are waiting for more modes after the system updates.

In some sports activities, users usually have higher requirements for positioning. As said above, you can choose a three-positioning for a better accuracy and speed. 

As the AMAZFIT 3 uses the FIRSTBEAT professional motion algorithm, it can analyze the user's movement patterns and provide professional data including sports effects and maximum oxygen uptake.

AMAZFIT Smart Sports Watch 3 Battery

One of the selling points of the watch is that it runs on two operating systems. But this is not done just for marketing. The dual-OS system helps the watch balance power consumption. The smart mode and Ultra mode have quite different power consumption. The official smart mode lifetime is 7 days, and the Ultra mode battery life can reach 14 days.

Two modes basically provide identical performance. The most noticeable difference is that the Ultra mode supports less than 11 movements (the original is 19). Plus, the screen will be clearer and more vivid in smart mode.

After the actual test, we can say the watch consumes around 22% of the power in 24 hours.


As for the appearance, the 316L stainless steel bezel matched with a black silicone strap is breathable and wicking. It is comfortable and durable, yet has a rich texture. The 1.34-inch Full MoonTM Display clearly shows the content under the direct sunlight. Complemented by the precise operation of the four side physical buttons, it is ideal for sports scenes.

In actual use, we understood this watch provides smooth performance. There are many sports modes to meet the needs of various users. The navigation system is also worthy of praise.

However, the selling point of this watch should be considered to be the dual system feature. This helps users control the use of the watch and get more from the watch.

P.S. Let's talk about some off-topics. The smart wearable industry is still full of opportunities and possibilities. At present, there is no absolute leader. Even the giants who have gained a good name in other fields such as smartphones and computer still can’t find their place under the sun in the wearable market.

In the past two years, Huami uses its chance and become one of the leaders coming with not only smartwatches but also smartbands. So it’s not accidental it was one of the firsts to come in with the concept watch, namely AMAZFIT X. As a reminder, there is another model called the Nubia X. But before those smart wearable products find their customers, you can enjoy the AMAZFIT Smart Sports Watch 3.


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  • This Smart Sports watch is such an amazing treat. I love the design and its functionality. Added to this is its waterproof feature.

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