Universal Lens Hood - The Only Hood for Every Camera Lens

Sep 09, 2020

Universal Lens Hood - The Only Hood for Every Camera Lens.

The ONLY lens hood that's easy to pack, install & use. Fits 99% of lenses. Holds ANY size circular filter & actually enhances workflow.


The Universal Lens Hood is the world’s first all-fitting, multi-functional lens hood that’s easy to pack, install and use.

It's designed to fit over 99% of camera lenses and remain compatible with any lens’ focal length/range without creating vignetting in the corners of the frame, meaning less gear to carry around and more room in your bag.

It removes glares and reflections when shooting through windows and holds any size circular filter, allowing you to use your largest filters with your smallest lenses. 

Truly a universal, durable and multi-functional product backed by a lifetime replacement warranty from the company that has set out to keep photography gear KUVRD (pronounced 'covered').

KUVRD’s Universal Lens Hood enhances workflow by:

Collapsing down in a millisecond to pack and store virtually anywhere…

Easily stretching and fitting over 99% of lenses while remaining compatible to any lens’ focal length without creating vignetting in the corners of the frame in order to travel around with less gear and more room in bags.

Never falling off while being quicker to remove than normal lens hoods, eliminating the fear of losing or forgetting it somewhere while saving time in the process.

Removing glares/reflections when shooting through windows, providing more possibilities for amazing shots and saving time in post-processing not having to remove said glares/reflections.

Holding any size circular filter, enabling one to use the largest ND, VND, CPL or UV filter with his/her smallest size lens, broadening creativity while keeping money in the pocket and freeing up time during shoots.

Folding it down fully to surround the lens’ barrel, providing a shell of better protection for the lens while maintaining total access to and usage of the lens’ dials, switches and rings.

KUVRD’s Universal Lens Hood provides peace of mind by:

Being engineered and manufactured of the highest grade hyper-elastic silicone polymers, creating the strongest and most versatile lens hood possible in order to keep pace with the craziest adventures in the gnarliest conditions.

Being double-coated in their patented lint-resistant silicone dioxide spray that makes it easy to wash and rinse off after a grimy use and restore the lens hood to looking brand new. 

Including with it their Lifetime Replacement Warranty that covers any defect to the Universal Lens Hood’s functionality so regardless of what or even when a problem occurs, KUVRD has committed to taking care of it and replacing it with a brand new one, for free… forever.

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