The Matrix Pillow, Self-adjusts to Any Sleep Position

Aug 31, 2020

The Matrix Pillow, Self-adjusts to Any Sleep Position

As we all know, our bodies need enough sleep to awake rested and ready for the day’s activities. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping but how many of us get the rest we need? Do you wake up feeling good mentally and physically?

Most problems like head and neck pain, snoring, and insomnia are caused by improper sleep positions with a bad pillow. When you turn onto your side your cervical spine goes out of alignment, leaving your head and neck without enough support and that muscle strain accumulates all night. A typical pillow can’t self-adjust to your different sleep positions to provide adequate support, leaving you feeling tired and sore in the morning.

That’s why we created The Matrix Pillow. Its advanced design self-adjusts to align and support your head in any sleep position, preventing neck/head/back pain, alleviating snoring, and giving you a restful night of sleep.

"From our test run with The Matrix Pillow, this has quickly become one of our favorite pillows ever. It just made sleep come so quickly and the sleep we had was so deep and restful. " - Tom Lorenzo, Men's Journal

Self-adjusts to Any Sleep Position

The Matrix Pillow is the world's first pillow designed with patented structure displacement. This unique structure makes it self-adjustable, contouring to any sleep position to better align your cervical spine in a natural shape. 

The pillow is divided into 14 individual cubes that each move independently depending on your sleep position and provide precise support to your head and neck, no matter how you turn over at night. 

No matter whether you’re a back sleeper, side sleeper, or stomach sleeper, with Matrix Pillow your cervical spine is always in perfect alignment.

 Superb Comfort and Support

The pillow is designed with two layers of padding. The upper layer uses memory foam, which was invented to protect astronauts from the extreme pressure experienced during rocket launches. This layer absorbs pressure from the head and neck during sleep while the lower layer uses a high rebound sponge to provide proper, comfortable support all night long.

 Unique Cooling Structure

The divided cubes design features multiple grooves between the foam pads to circulate air out and away from the head providing ventilation that prevents you from overheating while you sleep.

 Relieves Neck & Back Pain

The Matrix Pillow is perfect for relief from neck and back strain that occurs during periods of inactivity while sleeping. The memory foam pads deliver a zero-pressure experience that helps you sleep deeper and awake better rested.

Zero-pressure Test

 Quiet Snoring and Stop Tossing & Turning

Snoring commonly occurs when sleeping flat on the back with the neck inadequately supported. This condition causes the airway to narrow or close completely, causing snoring. With its unique triangular structure, The Matrix Pillow is designed to provide proper support and keep your airway open no matter how you change positions during sleep. And it can effectively reduce the frequency of wake-ups during the night. Breathe smoothly and quietly. Shhhhh….

Extends Deep Sleep Stage Up to 2 Hours

The average sleep cycle includes five stages of sleep with stage 2 as light sleep, 3-4 as deep sleep, and the fifth stage as REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. The light-sleep phase accounts for about 55% of the total sleep time and deep sleep only accounts for about 25%. Only during the deep sleep period can we enjoy maximum fatigue relief which restores energy, enhances immunity, and recharges the body.

Based on extensive research and experiments in the sleep lab, Matrix Pillow has proven to effectively extend the duration of your deep sleep stage and help you to obtain up to 2 hours of deep sleep throughout the night.

 Sleep Cooler Through The Night

The Matrix Pillow comes with an extra breathable pillowcase that wicks away moisture and body heat during sleep to give you a cool, comfortable sleep session every night. 

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