Kiima™ : The refillable deodorant applicator

Aug 31, 2020

The problem

Billions of deodorant applicators are thrown away every year. This quickly adds up and millions of tons of single-use plastic items from around the globe find their way into the ocean. The negative impact affects us all.

The solution

A refillable, eco-responsible and reusable deodorant applicator— the last one you'll ever need. Each time you refill your Kiima deodorant applicator, that's one less piece of plastic in the landfill. 

How it works

Refill with a 3 steps process:

1. Remove the clip.

2. Insert the deodorant refill.

3. Put back the clip and it's ready to go! 

The idea

We designed the Kiima refillable deodorant applicator with the goal to reduce waste massively. In order to increase our positive impact, we've partnered with eco-friendly businesses that create natural products we admire for the manufacturing of our refills, working alongside them to ensure their current formula is compatible with our applicator.

Discover the scents of our partners deodorant refills

We partnered with leaders in natural products to manufacture the deodorant refills. These companies from around the globe share our mission and values. The deodorant refills are made of natural ingredients that are good for your body and good for the planet. There will be many different scents to choose from to suit everyone’s needs/preferences. And yes, we tested them all!

 Choose your favorite color! 

Reduce pollution with Kiima

Kiima's circular recycling program

No Kiima applicator should ever end up in the trash. If for any reason you wish to dispose of your Kiima applicator, simply send it back to us so we can use the recycled materials to manufacture other kiima applicators!

Optimal use of the pods

Have you ever noticed that there's always leftover deodorant when it's time to throw away your deodorant stick? Thanks to our patent pending mechanism, your leftovers stay in the clip so you can simply push it back on top of your new refill. This allows you to get more out of the product, and produce zero waste!

The packaging

 PLASTIC-FREE: Plastic is a convenient material but we believe disposable items should never be made of plastic. For us, it wasn't even a question that the packaging for our refill pods should be plastic-free.

 BIODEGRADABLE: Since day one, our goal has been to minimise the impact from packaging as much as possible. We are currently going through the certification process for compostability. We've worked closely with a leader in the pulp and paper industry to develop a water-based and waterproof coating for the box.

COMPACT: The compact refill boxes reduce the amount of space used in transportation and packaging in order to minimise C02 levels.

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