Cook System by Wolf and Grizzly: Outdoor Cooking Re-imagined

Sep 03, 2020

Cook System by Wolf and Grizzly: Outdoor Cooking Re-imagined. A compact, minimal-trace cooking solution.

Wolf and Grizzly have launched COOK SYSTEM, a minimal trace adventure cooking platform on Kickstarter. COOK SYSTEM is a compact fire-cooking system that reduces the footprint that campfires leave behind. Designed with bike-packing, raft-packing and overlanding in mind, COOK SYSTEM combines compact and robust cookware with a height-adjustable frame system and a collapsible, envelope-sized fire pit.

"For too long, campsites have looked like grill graveyards," said George Rizkalla, Founder and CEO at Wolf and Grizzly. "The world is ready for a compact solution that takes adventurers from campfire to fire-cooked meal, without leaving a mess behind."

COOK SYSTEM combines their latest development, Cook Set, with Wolf and Grizzly's Grill and Fire Safe systems into a simple product family. The unified solution includes the following:

  • Nesting cooking and prep surfaces (2L Pot and Straining Lid, Hibachi, Griddle, Sustainably-sourced Bamboo Cutting Board)

  • Hot surface grip

  • Height adjustable, 304 stainless steel frame and rail mounting system

  • Envelope-sized portable fire pit

  • Carrying cases composed of recycled materials

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