How to Apply Serum in A Right Way on Your Face

Jan 11, 2020

Serums help you to blast highly concentrated nutrients on your skin directly but before using serums it is important to understand what it does to your skin. 

Many people often get confused between moisturizer and serum and consider both of them to be the same. The serum helps to chock-full ingredients of moisturizer that comes with ceramides and hyaluronic acid that will retain moisture in your skin but it is not a moisturizer. If you are still wondering, how to use serum on face and how it works on your skin, read this article to find the answer.

How Serums Works on Your Skin

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Serums get absorbed into your skin deeply compared to other creams such as moisturizers that sit on your skin's surface and make it look oily and greasy. Thanks to the serums that fight against concerns that are specific for your skin such as brightness, acne, wrinkles, and dry skin. To get the best results from any serum, you can use them during the day as well night time without any worries of burning your skin or keeping it for too long, respectively.

How to choose a Serum

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  • All-purpose: It is recommended to choose any serum that comes with aloe vera and glycolic acid that is great for solving all the skin issues.

  • Acne Purpose: If you are looking for something specific such as treating your acne or preventing it or maybe managing oily skin then you can use a serum that contains Benzoyl peroxide, retinol, vitamin C, and salicylic acid that works great for managing acne.

  • Dry Skin: Similarly, for those we have dry skin, they can use a combination of both hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid that helps to retain moisture in your skin.

  • Reduce Wrinkles: If you want to get rid of wrinkles or fine lines then peptides and retinol pack serum will help you to build a skin that is healthy. It is recommended to apply this serum at night time.

  • Bright Complexion: The serum that has ferulic acid and vitamin C is great to brighten any complexion and even get rid of uneven skin tone or dull skin because of pollution, sun exposure, poor sleep, and genetics.

  • Uneven Skin: Dealing with uneven skin tone could be frustrating, hence choosing the right serum is important. Choose a serum that comes with kojic acid and licorice root extract that will eliminate the age spots and discoloration. Just after a few weeks, you can see the difference in your skin tone.

  • Dark Circles: Thanks to serums that allows you to target specific areas rather than just applying on overall face. Special serums that are formulated for under-the-eye will target circles under the eyes. Use a serum that comes with arbutin or licorice root extract.

Similarly, there are many more serums available that you can use for such specific purposes. Let’s have a look at how to use serum on face in the correct way.

Before Applying Serum

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Step 1 "How to use serum on face": It is one of the most important things to do before applying any serum on your face which many people tend to avoid and don't get a result as per their desire. To get perfect results, it is necessary to wash the face or scrub it properly. 

Then apply little water on your face to make it wet and then start massaging from your forehead area, nose, cheeks, and chin. Fingers are supposed to move in circular motions and then simply rinse your face with water. Face washing will help to remove all the superficial oil and dirt while exfoliating will get deep into the pores of your skin to clean.

Adding Thinner Serum

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Step 2: "How to use serum on face": Add just one drop of the serum in each area of your face and the amount of the serum required will depend on the ingredient’s consistency. If you are using a serum that is thinner then you might need to drop a little amount. 

You can simply put one drop on your finger and then rub around your cheek. You can keep repeating this process on another cheek and then forehead along with your nose and chin area. Simply rub your fingers with the drop of serum in motion that goes upwards.

Using Thick Serum

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Step 3 "How to use serum on face": It often makes difficult when the serum is thick and hence it is important to know how to apply a thick one. If the serum is thick then it needs to be warm enough before applying it on your face. All you need to do is, simply add three to five drops on your palm and keep rubbing your hands for a minute until the serum gets evenly distributed on both the palm. 

Once it is done, then you can simply press your skin against your hands in tapping movements. You can cover entire cheeks, nose, forehead, and the chin.

After Applying the Serum

Usually after applying the serum, many people apply moisturizer quickly. It is advisable to let your serum dissolve into the skin which happens after one minute. Once the skin absorbs entire serum then you should add moisturizer on the skin.

Why Apply Moisturizer

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Moisturizer helps to seal all the nourishing properties present in the serum that makes your skin glowing and radiant immediately. If you do this every morning then you can apply makeup right after applying moisturizer. It is recommended to apply makeup after waiting for a minute so that moisturizer locks into your skin properly.

How often can you use a Serum?

While it depends on what ingredients the serum consists of but it is advisable to read the warning before applying though it is recommended to use serum one time a day that will cover all the areas of problem on your skin.


Just because serums are made with super potent ingredients it is not always a good option for your skin. Before adding such powerful ingredients on your skin especially if you have sensitive skin, then it is recommended to have a patch test before applying it on your face. It is better to apply a little portion of the serum on the inner side of your hand and keep it over-night for testing.

Now you know how to use serum on face. Try applying it according to this guide and share your results!




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