How To Treat Patient of COPD suffering from Corona?

Apr 13

Indeed, getting coronavirus with copd is not a very easy thing to deal with as health officials and the World Health Organisation have stated continuously. People who have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD can be at risk as their immune system works intermittently, leading to their susceptibility to catching any form of air-borne disease quicker as well as getting infected as their lungs get affected the most. Coronavirus is a disease that affects the respiratory system and damages one’s lungs, starting with symptoms like fever, dry cough and shortness of breath and then escalating to pneumonia, which can further complicate other functions in your body for which one needs intensive care.

How do people get contaminated by coronavirus?

Coronavirus spreads through droplets of secretions or saliva from nose or mouth when one sneezes and/or coughs. The droplets being tiny tends floating in the air for some time and entering someone else’s respiratory tract if they do not wear a mask. It can also spread through touch. If one touches any item that has been infected by the coronavirus and then touches their nose, mouth, or eyes, it will affect them.

How to stay away from coronavirus with copd?

  • First and foremost, you must get hold of all the essentials you need-

  • Get yourself stocked up with a month’s medicine and inhalers as prescribed by the doctor.

  • Do not step out of your house. 

  • Maintain a strict hygiene regime not only for yourself but also for others who live with you. If they go out of the house and come back home, make sure they do wash their hands for at least 20 seconds, change clothes, and keep the mask, they wore outside away from the vicinity. Usually, masks are for use and throw purpose, so one should dispose of it safely in a closed bin. If it is a cloth mask, wash it immediately with disinfectant and hot water.

  • Drink lots of fluid, preferably warm. 

  • People with COPD should keep in touch to see if their oxygen supplies are met with the person who routine oxygen.

  • Do not smoke at all.

What to do if one gets coronavirus with copd?

If you get the symptoms of coronavirus, like fever, continuous dry cough, shortness of breath, etc. you must stay at self-isolation initially for seven days and extend it up to 14 days, only if your household can support your care that is. If the conditions worsen, immediately seek the medical team to pick you up safely from your doorstep to the hospital. 


There is a method of social shielding to not get coronavirus with copd. The plan states that the person with COPD should stay home for 12 weeks with absolutely no contact with no face-to-face interaction, kind of self-isolation that needs to be followed by one if they do not want to get affected by a coronavirus. 

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