How to start your ValueQ affiliate program: A complete step-by-step guide

May 20


Affiliate marketing is a network where products from multiple vendors are promoted, and the secondary market players like affiliate management agencies and third party vendors are highly benefiting from affiliate marketing. To start affiliate marketing, you will need a platform that allows you to market the products of your choice and earn money, and one of the prominent platforms for affiliate marketing is value. 

Affiliate marketing with ValueQ is straightforward and worthwhile. ValueQ is an international platform to review, share and test the latest products in various categories. Through affiliate marketing, ValueQ pays the affiliates for each customer brought by the affiliate’s individual marketing efforts. This is one of the rewarding programs as it is a performance-based program, is highly cost-effective and doesn't need any expertise. So if you are willing to kick-start your own ValueQ affiliate marketing program, here is a step-by-step guide you can refer to.

1.      Register or signup for the ValueQ affiliate program

The first step to creating your affiliate program is to signup. Visit the official website address and fill the details. You simply need to fill in the name, valid email address, and a password to set up an account. Once the registration process is complete, log in with the credentials and select your identity as an affiliate. You can then enter the dashboard interface as an affiliate.

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2.      Choose the product you want to market

In the ValueQ affiliate program, you can find plenty of products and categories to choose from.  The left menu on the dashboard is divided into three sections, and the first one is Referral. In this segment, you can select a product and promote it according to your wish. Choosing a product does not have to be tricky. You can select a product that you are interested in or are involved in. You can select the products offering a better commission, the products you are aware of and are easy to market. In the referral section, you can directly promote the products to add them to the collection.

The second section is the Library section. Here, you can view and handle the products you have selected in the past. The favourite products are displayed in this section, and you can navigate through this segment for adding, removing or seeing the products.

The third and vital segment is the Sales segment. In this session, you will be able to browse the orders generated by the products you have promoted earlier and the approximate commission you get on the orders.

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3.      Using the Referral section

As mentioned above, in the referral section, you will be able to view and manage the products owned by ValueQ product pool. All these products are available for affiliate marketing, and you can browse the products using various filters. Filter the product categories by price, discount, and type and commission range and choose the product that's best suitable for you. Use the filters, click on the 'Apply' button, and the products will get filtered.

The product available for ValueQ affiliate program will be displayed, and you can then use these products for promotion and marketing.

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How to use the “Referral” section to promote the products


·         The products on this pool are displayed or are recognized as SKU's. This means, if 1 product has 4 color options, the product will be displayed in 4 colour variations

·         From this product list, you can choose the category that complements your fan base and the category that offers better commission.

·         If you want to promote the product from this segment, hover your mouse on the product image and the image will pop up 2 buttons “referral” and “add”.

·         Once you click on the "referral" button, the product information and promotional link for the product will display. You can use this link to promote the product. Make sure that you copy the link directly in the red link box and don't click on the "copy link" button.

·         You can copy this link and post it in your article or video so that the users can purchase and browse the product by clicking on the link.

·         This link also acts as a critical point in calculating the commissions and payments for affiliates.

·         Apart from the link, you can also click on the "copy images" button to copy the link of images and promote the product on your article or blog.

4.   Using the Lirary Section

The lirary section is provided for the affiliates to manage the products in the collection. Using this section, you can view and manage the products you add in your Favorites collection.


Here’s how you can use the lirary section to manage the products:


·         Click on Library and click the + (plus) button to create a favourite and give a name to the category or product. You can choose relevant names such as 'holiday special promotion products' to manage your targeted promotions.

·         After creating this, you will be able to see your favourite products or categories.

·         You can now go back to the referral section and pick the products you want to promote. You will simply have to click on the "Add" button on the product image to add the products.

·         After clicking the "Add" button, "1" will appear in the lower right corner. This means that you have added this product to your temporary group. You can further use this function to add more products in the temporary group to the favourites in a batch-wise manner

·         Now click on the bag icon and the list will pop on your screen. Simply click on "add to lirary" to add the favourites you created just now.

·         To see the products you just created, go to Lirary on the menu, and you will be able to view the products.


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5.      The Sale section

To browse the information about the products you have sold through marketing, you will have to navigate the Sales section. The information about the orders generated by the products you have sold is displayed here. Also, the information about the commission you get on each product or order is also mentioned in this section.

All the order information you bring will be queried in this section. The commission fee information will be based on the "order" section. The affiliate marketing is based on the concept of revenue sharing, and when you get orders based on the promotions you made, the commission you get for selling the products is displayed here.

How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Using affiliate marketing, you can promote the products on your blogs and can earn some commission based on the sales made through your referral links. Affiliates market the products on their blogs, videos or websites and for earning money through affiliate marketing, here are the steps you need to follow:

·         To market a product on your blog or video, you will have to choose a product in which you are interested. You can either pick a product you are well aware of or a product that is relevant to the topics of your blog. If you have a travel blog, select a product related to travel such as travel gears and equipment

·         When you post the product link on your blog, your audience or potential customers will check out the link and purchase the product. This purchase should be made on your referral link

·         When the customers will buy the product you promoted on your blog, using your referral links, you will earn the declared amount of commission on the sales for each product. The affiliate marketing platform will pay you the commission on weekly or monthly basis

Affiliate marketing works in two ways. If you have launched a product and want to promote the products, you can choose a famous blog and use affiliate marketing to promote the products on these popular blogs. If you have a blog and want to monetize or draw more traffic to your blog, you can use affiliate marketing, pick the relevant products from the affiliate marketing platforms and promote those products on your blogs. This is a great way to earn money and monetize the blog.

How to make better use of ValueQ for affiliate marketing

If you are willing to try your hands on affiliate marketing, just promoting the products is not enough. To reach more customers and get maximum benefits, here are the steps you can follow:

·         Apart from promoting the products, you can start reviewing the products in your desired niche. ValueQ allows you to review and test the products in the categories you are interested in

·         Choose a product in which you are interested or are involved in. if you are a blogger and blog or review about specific products, pick and promote those products

·         Especially if you have a blog and are willing to get more traffic on your blog, affiliate marketing with ValueQ is highly recommended.

·         To promote your products to a maximum number of people, create an email list. Send the product links to the potential customers, and you will be able to get more returns.

·         If you are very active on social media platforms or have a designated blog, you can also arrange webinars and inform your audiences about the products. this way, you can drive more traffic on the platforms and can even earn revenue by promoting products


Benefits of affiliate marketing with ValueQ

A widespread and popular affiliate marketing network is always a great way to start an affiliate marketing program. Especially, if you are new to affiliate marketing, you need a network that is reliable, transparent and rewarding. ValueQ is one of the largest affiliate marketing platforms for starting an affiliate marketing program with minimal investment. The value affiliate marketing program is easy-to-use and is beginner-friendly which boosts traffic on your blog and offers better revenues on each deal. Here are the benefits of opting for an affiliate program on this popular portal.

·         Marketing the products becomes easy with ValueQ as you can connect your Shopify store with your ValueQ account, and within minutes, you can start promoting the products.

·         ValueQ has a simple and easy-to-use interface. The interface is divided into 3 sections. Referral, library and sales where you can easily choose products, manage the products, copy the product links and browse information regarding the orders and commission

·         ValueQ offers a pool of products and categories from which you can choose a specific niche and promote products. there are so many categories and product variations to promote globally

·         You don’t need any expertise to use and start promoting products using ValueQ. You can try certain products and campaigns and learn to trade better. You can also review products and create a widespread fan base.

·         With dedicated efforts in affiliate marketing on ValueQ, you will be able to earn a considerable amount of money on the products you promote

·         ValueQ offers all the products and marketing materials that you'll need to promote a product. You don't need your own marketing kit, and you don't have to invest in products; simply promote the products and earn the commissions.



The concept of affiliate marketing is very simple. It is the process of earning a commission by promoting a product of other vendors or companies. You simply choose the product you are interested in, promote it rigorously through various channels and earn a certain amount of profit for each sale you make.

ValueQ is a great platform to earn better revenues through affiliate marketing and get the maximum returns for the time and efforts you put in marketing the products of your choice. With this platform, you can draw a substantial amount of money if you are dedicated and committed to smartly promoting products.





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