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Jan 14

We know all the beauty conscious and makeup enthusiasts like to try out various products that can enhance their beauty. Of them, blush has an eminent place. Not owned by many but blush definitely gives a toned look to your face. As you know, makeup products are not inexpensive and owning every type of makeup product is a wild goose chase. The good news is you can make your own blush at the comfort of your home with simple ingredients if you love putting on makeup. In this article, you will know how to make blusher in easy and affordable ways, which can last for a lifetime. Let’s dig in!

Types of blushes and how should you choose?

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Before we straight away get into how to make blusher, you must heed into certain essentials like types of blushes. There are three types of blushes and not all of them suit every skin type. Before knowing the types of blush, determine your skin type first, whether it’s dry, combination or oily type and then go on to read below.

1.       Powder Blush

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The main advantage of a powder blush is that it is easy to blend and is perfect for beginners who are new to makeup. Also, there are tons of color shades of powder blush for almost every skin undertone. But, powder blushes do not have super staying power and you have to reapply once it subsides. Moreover, this best suits for skin with pores or even oily skin. If you have over dry or patchy skin powder blush is a big NO for you.

2.       Cream Blush

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If you want the high staying power, you must go for cream blush. Cream blush also comes in various colors in the form of a stick or palette and can be applied with fingers in a single stroke. This mainly suits dry skin and combination skin. If it feels too oily, you can pat some compact onto it. These are a bit costly and as we proceed we will let you know in detail how to make blusher that is cream in texture at home, so you can save a few bucks.

3.       Liquid Blush

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Liquid blushes work for any skin type and can be applied in any season. They often come as lip and cheek stains and give a healthy look to your face. So, for a more natural blush look on your cheeks, go for liquid blushes. If you tend to sweat more, you can blindly go for liquid blush.

1)      How to make powder blush at home

With all enough knowledge on types of blushes in the market, it is now time to know how to make the blusher at home in various color shades. Letus start with a powder blush.

Ingredients needed:

·        Corn starch or arrowroot powder for the base

·        A tiny jar to store the blush


For the colors

·        Cocoa powder for brown blush

·        Turmeric for gold blush

·        Beetroot or hibiscus powder for pink or red blush

Preparation process:

Take some amount of corn starch or arrowroot powder depending on how much blush you want in a dish. Now, choose the second ingredient carefully depending on which color blush you want as given in the list above. Next, stir this mixture carefully till you get the perfect color you desire. Make sure you only add small quantities of the second ingredient at a time and keep stirring. If you witness some lumps or any irregular texture, take a blender and add the powdered mixture into it and run it for a minute or two. Once everything is alright, transfer the contents into the jar you want to store the blush in. We are sure you now know how to make blusher in powder form.

2)      How to make cream blush

Cream blushes usually don’t contain harsh chemicals and the process is more interesting. Let’s go and see how to make blusher in cream form.

Ingredients you will need:

·        Shea butter

·        Aloe vera gel

·        Emulsifying wax

·        Cocoa powder

·        Mica powders

Procedure in making cream blush

The process involves double boiling, so be ready with two containers. Fill the bottom container with water up to an inch and place the second container on top of it. Make sure the upper one doesn’t touch the water in the first container. Make sure the containers are made of steel as you have to heat them on the stove.

Take a teaspoon of shea butter and emulsifying wax into the container on top. Stir the ingredients till they melt properly. Now, turn off the stove to take out the top container. Add aloe vera and mix all three ingredients until the texture is smooth. Next, little by little add the cocoa and mica powders until you get the desired color. For aspecific blush color, you can opt for the mica powder of your choice. Mix it well but keep in mind that the consistency should not be so thick.

Transfer it into a storing jar and keep it in a cool place and let it solidify. Wait for at least 24 hours and then start using with fingers or makeup sponge.

Simple ways to make cream blush

When you don’t have all the ingredients in hand or when you want to make a blush with your existing products, there are some simple ways on how to make blusher.

·        Take one or two spoons of mineral powder and mix it with one spoon of moisturizer, mix it well and transfer into a container.

·        Another simple and effective way is to mix coconut oil with a lipstick color your choice. Just take half of the lipstick and some coconut oil into a bowl and microwave it till it melts. Transfer it into a container and seal it properly and let it cool down.



These are some of the few and effective ways on how to make blusher with simple ingredients. Do try them out to see great results.









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