How To Get Views On TikTok in 2020

Apr 19, 2020

The Key of How To Get Views On TikTok in 2020

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It is essential to most numerous videos on the platform and how to get views on Tiktok is defined by this key. Tiktok encourages you to be creative and unleash the most creative and wacky part of your personality. It is difficult to predict the video that goes viral and that's the reason TikTok veterans encourage to post as many videos as possible. There are times when you create some content that you will love and publish but it doesn't get a good response while other posts that you didn't really like might take off. For this is the first video of the account which was nothing but pouring juice in a glass which got 300+ views in a day.


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TikTok is a huge platform with a variety of videos and surprisingly all of them get views on Tiktok. You will get to see everything on TikTok starting from a very fine video and put everything together in a very artsy form to a low effort clip which looks like a regular vine. But How to get views on Tiktok? This is a plus point as you will have a wide range of audience to deal with. You don’t have to stick to a knowledgeable audience or a complete slapstick comedy, you have a great number of different audiences to appeal.

What kind of videos are accepted?

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If you are a new user and find it hard to figure out what kind of videos are accepted by the audience on TikTok then let's understand that views on Tiktok are based on the content you create and it could be literally anything. You can simply stage something with an unexpected ending or something that you find crazy or even educate with your videos that will be mind-boggling to many.

Follow the Trends

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TikTok is also about trends and you will realize this once you start spending more time on this platform. You will notice that you can get inspiration with those trends and by using the hashtag, you will receive more views, for instance, this video is simply about pouring coffee which was made on boomerang and added on TikTok with a trending hashtag of #backbenchersonflipkart that gathered more than 400+ views in just 24 hours.


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TikTok is created for the casual viewing experience, you need to immediately get the attention of them before they judge you or switch to another video. Hook the attention immediately and this will ensure that they will watch the video till the end. As this video screenshot below started with frying rather than preparation and got 200+ views in 30 minutes. 

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Try to edit videos on more applications than sticking to only TikTok as more editing techniques will help you reach a better audience. There are various apps that can be used for adding titles and effects and later publish it on TikTok to get more views.

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