How to Earn More Commission as an Affiliate

Jul 21, 2020


Either you are a beginner or are yet to start your affiliate marketing journey, it is crucial to learn about the high-ranking affiliate programs to boost revenues and draw more traffic towards your blog. Whether you are trying to promote your blog or are willing to launch a new product, affiliate marketing will help you in both the conditions. If you have a blog and want to draw more traffic, choosing a product from popular affiliate marketing programs and websites will help.

Using the affiliate marketing programs also helps monetize your blog. Some several platforms and programmes are designed to offer relevant products to promote your blogs. So if you are ready to earn some passive income through affiliate marketing, here are the best 12 affiliate marketing programmes to explore. All the below-mentioned programmes are globally known, offer lucrative commissions and will help you monetize your blogs.

1.  Pongo Share Global affiliate programme

If you are looking for an international and globally recognized affiliate marketing platform that offers a pool of products in various product categories for affiliate marketing, Pongo Share Global is a great pick. This platform makes affiliate marketing super easy, and its simple GUI makes it more convenient for beginners as well. The platform is divided into three tabs, namely referral, sales and library. In the referral section, you can browse the available products and choose the products you want to promote.

In the library section, you can browse your favourite products, and in the sales tab, you can browse the products on which you have received orders and the commission amount for each order. You simply have to register with the platform, copy the product links and paste the links to the address where you are willing to promote the product. The commission rates are significantly high, and the platform also offers customised deals with the facility of testing and reviewing various products.

2.       Hubspot Affiliate Programme

Hubspot provides a massive platform of marketing, sales, customer service and free CRM . It assists millions of organizations and lends the support and knowledge required for better growth.  It is serving plenty of companies and provides them with the tools to improve customer's experience. Hubspot affiliate offers a lucrative commission for each product depends on per product purchase of your referrals. The starters can earn up to $250, professionals can earn up to$500, and an enterprise can earn up to $1000 through this platform.

After joining the hubspot affiliate programme, you get to use the effortless tools, like creative inventory, with the demo videos, banners and examples of earning high commissions. Hubspot affiliate team is always available to help you succeed. In fact, it provides you with a dedicated team member to discuss all your Queries and concerns for a customised experience. So, monetize your ideas and content with this award-winning platform and attract more consumers.

3.       AWeber affiliate programme

AWeber has been serving one million businesses since 1998. It provides smooth and detangled tools for email drip campaigns and newsletter. As an affiliate, you can earn good amount through two different channels offered by AWeber. First, the in-House program offers a lifelong 30% Commission while the Payout ranges between $20- $150 per month. Second, the CJ Affiliate which gives you the opportunity to earn $300 per account.

If you are looking for earning better rewards and commissions, this is an affiliate programme to choose. The platform also offers personalized campaigns so you can generate more revenue through different channels.

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4.       Amazon Associates

This mega shopping platform is quite more than a shopping platform and offers excellent commissions to affiliates. Through Amazon associates, you can earn a commission between 1-10% on each product depending on the category of the product.  The popular products that are purchased on Amazon are clothing items, digital and tech products, lifestyle products etc. The benefit of affiliate marketing on Amazon is that it is a top-rated and internationally known shopping platform, so the conversion rates are high.

During the holiday season, the transactions on Amazon increases, and you can easily promote the products available on Amazon in your blog that is relevant to the products. If you have a fashion blog, you can promote the clothing products from Amazon on your blog and earn high commission. The only downfall of affiliate marketing with Amazon is that specific categories have very low commission rates.

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5.       GetResponse affiliate programme

If you are a beginner and want to start earning commission, start using GetResponse. Apart from affiliate marketing, this platform also offers email marketing, opt-in forms, landing pages, a CRM tool,  a webinar hosting session and a variety of other marketing tools. Here too, you can earn the commission in two ways. The first method is a self-hosted program where they offer 33% recurring commission while the plans for this program range anywhere from $15 to $1,200 per month.

In the second method, you earn money every day through CJ affiliate. You can earn up to $135 every day on the sale made through your referral link. The cookie life for this program, however, is just 30 days which is less compared to 120 offered in other programs.

6.       Ebay partner network

The benefit of using popular shopping platforms and networks for affiliate marketing is that you get more orders and earn better commission compared to other platforms if you choose the right product category. Ebay partner network offers up to 50-70% of the auction fees based on the product category you want. This platform has billions of products listed under different categories, and thus, you get to enjoy higher conversions and a variety of product categories.

The eBay programme offers 50%-70% commission on the auction fees and not on the sale price. The sellers are charged auction fees for each product, and you earn some revenue on the amount eBay earns from the sale of a product. Some of the popular categories are fashion and accessories.

7.       Target Affiliate Program

Though target is one of the most popular shopping platforms, unlike Amazon and eBay, it doesn't offer specialized selection. If you are looking forward to promoting a variety of products from different categories, Target is the best platform to choose that provides commission from 1%-8sed on the product category you choose.

The affiliate program of target works on the volume-based commission structure. This means that if the number of items purchased increases, then your commission rates will also increase. Some categories like health products, offer only 1% commission and thus, the overall commission is quite low. Plus, people prefer shopping from Target's offline stores rather than online stores.

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8.       Hammacher Schlemmer affiliate programme

If you are looking for one of the longest-running catalogues for the lifetime of 150 years, this is the affiliate program you need to explore. This platform sells a range of products from travel to electronics to outdoor living products. Plus, its promising affiliate marketing program offers 8% commission on the sale of any product which means, you can pick any category and earn a commission. Though 8% doesn't look appealing, when you choose a highly-priced product that costs $8000 or more, you will be able to generate a great commission.

If you have a blog that is relevant to the products sold on hammer schlemmer, they might consider you to partner with them. They also offer you the tools and content to achieve success through your blog. For the beginners, it’s a win-win situation.

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9.       GreenGeeks affiliate programme

How does it sound that you may get $50 commission for one sale and up to $100 for 6 sales? This eco-friendly and highly secure web-hosting platform offers these lucrative offers and high commissions on each order.  They also provide content, creative banners and selection of creatives to enhance the promotional links you use in your blogs or videos.

Also, if your blog readers or audience is interested in new web hosting platforms, this is a great pick. They promote and follow eco-friendly alternatives, and this sends an optimistic green message to your audiences.

10.   SEMRush affiliate program

With the whooping 40% recurring commission rates and a cookie period of 10 years, this is a mega player in the world of affiliate marketing programs you need to check out right away. The affiliate program of this platform is known as BeRush. It is a Saas company that offers SEO and competitive analysis tools that are specially designed for digital marketers.  You get to enjoy up to 40% recurring commission over the period of a lifetime and on the referral's subscription. 

This referral translates up to $160 per month referral. If you want to cancel your subscription and sign up later in the future again, you can also enjoy the commissions on your second subscription. They also offer the promotional material of the BeRush affiliate program in 5 different languages, and the applicants are approved on a prior basis so you can start by signing in with the program within minutes.

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11.   Pabbly affiliate program

This platform is dedicatedly designed for growth-focused businesses and offer 30% recurring commissions on the sales, based on the products. It is a renowned online platform that provides business management and marketing tools for form building, email marketing,  email verification, app integration, workflow automation and much more.  The popular Pabbly plus package is a cost-effective and promising package that offers various pebbly features and applications.

With pebbly plus, you can promote any of the products listed on their website and earn up to 30% commission within 40 days of sale through your referral links. Also, they track the sales of their products using a single cookie which means that no matter what product you promote, you will get the commission on the sale of the product through the affiliate link. This also means that you won't have to refer or promote each product separately to your customers or audiences. The benefit of using this platform is that a single sale made on Pabbly can help you earn a commission for up to $183.

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12.   Constant Contact affiliate program

If you are a beginner and want to start with a free trial, the constant contact affiliate program will allow you to sign up for a free trial and help you earn $5 for each referral during the trial period. When your referrals will pay for a new account, you can earn up to $105. This powerful platform offers email marketing tools that will boost the performance of your small business and is also very well suited for bloggers and entrepreneurs.  These tools can also be used to create Facebook or Instagram ads, to automate their existing email marketing campaigns, to send follow up emails to the customers, to increase revenues for the online stores and also to target new ecommerce customers.

You can earn $5 for all the qualified leads when you are on the free signup trial, and when your referral becomes the customer of constant contact, you can earn up to $105. Apart from this, this platform also offers a tracking dashboard, promotional materials, and customised support to make your affiliate program a success. This platform is widely used by renowned platforms such as Shopify, WordPress and Facebook. If you are willing to benefit your clients through email marketing, this is the platform you must try.

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Earning money through blogging is not that simple. To generate more revenue, you will have to use affiliate marketing and promote the trending products on your blog. With the help of the above-given affiliate market platforms, you can easily identify the high-rated products and earn revenue based on the referrals.

Pick the affiliate marketing platform based on the product relevant to your blogs, based on commission rates and several other factors like popularity, transparency etc. and you will be able to earn commissions easily.

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