How to delete a tiktok video

Apr 28

Tiktok is famous for creating and sharing customized videos. Once you learn how to create appealing videos by using different filming techniques, effects, features, and filers, creating videos become more exciting. 

Sharing the videos on this platform is extremely easy, so sometimes by mistake, while creating to editing a video, you may also share it. If you have posted an incomplete video or you just don’t want the other users to view your particular video anymore, you can delete it. If you want to get rid of a video you posted, you can delete a tiktok video immediately while following some steps.

Here are the steps you need to follow to delete any video from your profile:

1. Launch the tiktok application on your device and log in to your account

2. On the right side of the bottom of your interface, click on the Account icon

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3. In your gallery, you will be able to browse all the videos that you have created using this application

4. Scroll down the videos and locate the video that you want to delete from your gallery

5. Tap on the … (3 dots) icon and click on Delete. With this, the video on your app will be deleted. 

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6. You can repeat the same process if you want to delete multiple videos form the app.

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These are the simple steps to delete a video from tiktok. However, if you want to delete the video only from the app but not from your phone, you will have to save it in your device. If you delete a tiktok video, you won’t be able to watch it again. 

Here’s how you can save the videos on your device

1. Open your app and log in to your account

2. Find the video you want to save from your gallery by tapping on the Account icon on the bottom of the right corner

3. Long press on the video you are willing to download

4. Hold until the menu pops up and your phone vibrates

5. The first option is in the popup will be “Save Video”. Tap on this, and the video will be saved in the gallery of your device.

6. Apart from this, if you are not willing to post a video on tiktok, save it as a draft instead of posting the video. This is a great way to save the video without posting it publically

7. Also, if you want to save the video but don’t want to post it, you can change its visibility settings to private from public and post it. This way, it will not be visible on your public profile

These are the basic steps to delete a tiktok video and to save a video to your device. Using these steps, you can easily manage to control the visibility of your videos on tiktok.

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