How To Add Text On Tiktok Easily

Apr 29

With gaining popularity, TikTok is becoming one of the most widely downloaded and used apps across the globe. One of the most frequent questions regarding the usage of TikTok is “how to add text on TikTok? “. Through this article, we are going to explain the actual process of adding text to your TikTok videos.


By adding text to your TikTok videos, you can basically customize the videos. You can also control the timing of the appearance of text and the position of the placement of text in the videos. So, let us proceed stepwise.


1. Record your TikTok videos


2. Now have a look at the right bottom corner of your mobile phone screen. You      shall see the text option. The symbolic representation of the option will  be “Aa.” This is quite similar to the text option that you see in most  other applications. 

How To Add Text On Tiktok Easily image 1


3. Select the text option, and you shall be redirected to a writing space where you need to type in the correct format of the text you want to incorporate in the video.


4. Now comes the multiple customizations that you can make to your text


Highlighting: -  Select the option ‘A’ placed in the left bottom of the screen. You can      highlight your text through this option.


Font: -  You can see options for the different fonts available just beside the      highlighting option. Tap on your desired font, and you can immediately      have the preview of how the text looks in that particular font. Choose the      one that you think looks the best.


Color: -  Below the font options, you will observe there are numerous colored      circles, each representing the font color that you want for your text. Choose any color of your wish, and you can have the preview instantly of how your text looks in that color. 


5.  After you have decided with the font and color of the text, tap on the ‘Done’ option. It is placed on the topmost corner of the right side of the screen. After you tap the done option, only the position of text placement and the timing of its appearance can be controlled.

How To Add Text On Tiktok Easily image 2

6. In the next screen, all you got to do it manually drag the text box wherever  you want the text to get placed. You can try multiple locations before you finally decide which one looks the best. At this point, you can also go back to the previous screen to change the formatting that you had done to your text.

7. After the placement is finalized, the last parameter subject to change remains as the timing of the text. Tap the ‘Set Duration’ option from the same screen where you had adjusted the placement of text. 

How To Add Text On Tiktok Easily image 3


A Timing bar will appear, and you will have to set the starting and ending time of the text. You can tap the ‘Play’ button to have a preview of how good the timing looks. There is a ‘Tick mark’ at the right bottom corner of the screen. Once you are done with all the formatting, tap this tick option. 

How To Add Text On Tiktok Easily image 4

8.  After all the aspects of text introduction are catered, hit the ‘Next’ option followed by the ‘Post’ option. 


Follow the above mentioned steps and give your TikTok account and gain the popularity with a customized touch.



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