Hori gaming earbuds pro Review

Apr 21

Hori gaming earbuds pro

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Enjoy an amazing game experience with the Hori gaming earbuds! 

Gaming earbuds are almost similar to normal earbuds. The only difference is that gaming earpads are specifically designed to add clarity to gaming sounds. For example, they add clarity to multiplayer games while filtering out unwanted sounds. This ensures good communication with your allies and opponents.



Hori earbuds are designed to bring you into the game with high-quality sound. Their special features make it easy to control the quality of your gaming sounds. For example, you can adjust the bass settings to suit multiplayer games.


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Hori gaming earpads are licensed by Nintendo. Their design fits them perfectly into the ear to give you better gaming experience. These earbuds are comfortable and do not slip out during the game. They also come with a Nintendo Switch app chat. This app adds to the gaming experience by introducing you to fellow gamers.

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Hori gaming earbuds also feature an in-line volume and microphone control and a mixer for the Nintendo Switch app. This way, you can easily control the sounds and the soundstage as you wish. 

Here are the features Hori gaming earbuds:


● Nintendo Switch app- This app comes with a mixer. It is designed to provide both entertainment and gaming audio at the same time. Though not mandatory, the switch app gives you more control over the quality of sound and clarity for multiplayer games.

● Nintendo License- Nintendo is a credible global license publisher that specializes mainly in gaming. Hori gaming earbuds Nintendo license is an assurance that they will not have compatibility issues. But this will only apply if you’re using the Switch platform.

● In-line remote volume control 

● Input &output: 3.5mm Jack

● Internal Mixer App


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Hori features an in-line and detachable microphone that can be attached to the blue side. This detachable microphone is also flexible. It can be adjusted to a good position in relation to your front face.

This design is useful for clarity purposes. A microphone positioned close to your mouth will better capture your utterances than one that’s short and close to the ear. Hori gaming earbuds clearly capture and relay your sound. When in multiplayer games, your opponents need to hear you clearly. You also have to hear them clearly. That is where the detachable microphone comes in. 

Hori gaming earbuds also work fine even if you lose the detachable microphone.


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Hori gaming earbuds allow you to adjust the bass to your liking. This is enabled by the mixer app, which allows you to change the soundstage as you like. This is very useful for multiplayer games.

The mixer app is not mandatory. Your Hori earbuds are already pre-set to produce good quality sound. But if you want more control, consider using the mixer app.

Nintendo Switch Online app

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The Nintendo app is quite useful for several things. First, it allows you to change the soundstage as you like. It is compatible with selected games. This app allows players to voice chat during different online game modes. Supports Android and iOS. It also allows you to adjust the bass and sound clarity for multiplayer use. 

The only catch is that you must have an active Nintendo Switch Online membership to use it. 


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Hori earbuds are licensed to avoid compatibility issues. The Nintendo license is proof that they can be used without issue on controllers and consoles. However, this only applies when using the Switch platform. Otherwise, the earbuds may start developing compatibility issues.

The Mixer App

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Hori earbuds come with their mixer app. The mixer gives you control over the sound settings. For example, you can be able to add some extra bass. Or, add some clarity to the sounds. The mixer allows you to select the best soundstage for the moment.


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The controls are pretty easy. There is an inline control that gives you control over the volume settings. The inline controller also enables you to mute the microphone at will.


● Great design- The earbuds feature 2 wires; one bright red and the other sky blue. Each wire ends with a 3.5mm jack. The colors easily tell you where each wire fits (the ports). They also create a visual contrast that matches perfectly with the Switch. 

● Comfort- Hori gaming earbuds use in-ear fins to hold firmly in the ears. This will reduce the chances of the earbuds from slipping out during the game. The design also incorporates silicone tips that push up against your ears, further securing the grip. This also helps to filter outside noises.

● Minimal power requirements- The earbuds are wired. You do not have to be concerned about constantly replacing the batteries because none are required. 

● Good quality- Hori earbuds produce a really clear sound. At times, you will not even have to use their mixer app unless you want to. From the design, simplicity, and performance, Hori gaming earbuds are of good quality.

Are Hori gaming earbuds worth the price?

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Hori is a brand that focuses on decent gaming products. They make sure that their earbuds and most of their products are always certified (especially by Nintendo) for the console that supports them. As long as you’re using the Switch platform, you are guaranteed that the earbuds will not have compatibility issues.

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Hori gaming earpads are very new to the market. They have a 4+ Star rating on popular shopping sites like Amazon. The price is also fair because of their multiple features which are not always present in their competitors.


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Gaming is fun. 

As a gamer, you may have hundreds of stories to tell about your gaming experience.

However, the quality of the game depends on what equipment you have. The better the equipment, the better the game. 

Sound is very essential. Equally essential to the game graphics. A gamer requires sounds to be heard as they are. For example, an explosion should sound like a real explosion. Footsteps should sound like real footsteps.Sound brings the gamer’s mind into the game. It makes it almost realistic. Your game will never feel real without good sounds. Even with the best graphics.

Hori gaming earbuds offer good quality features to enhance the sound. They give you control over the sounds.

If you’re looking to expand your gaming experience with high-quality sound, Hori gaming earpads could be a good place to start. They have all the features you need to make your games more interesting. 

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