HiSense A5C 4G Smartphone Review: The Colour Ink Display, Snapdragon 439 SoC and 4000 mAh battery are the Key Highlights

May 17

The Chinese smartphone maker HiSense has recently appeared with the latest handsets in the same lineup. A few days before, the company unveiled the three models HiSense A5C, A5 Pro, and A5 Pro CC at the China Digital Reading Cloud Conference 2020. Today, we will dwell on the HiSense A5C 4G smartphone to review its various features and configurations. So, let’s start.

It was the occasion of the World Reading Day; the Chinese brand chooses to expose its product range. What highlights the devices is the deployment of the e-ink display panels. In fact, HiSense is among the top brands, which develop smartphones with E-link displays. Further, some of them are with dual screens as well.

Earlier, HiSense used to assemble black and white displays. But the latest developments use the latest typographic colour e-ink algorithm to ensure the colourful reflection on the screen. Hence, it is a significant improvement over traditional black & white-coloured display devices.

Alongside the HiSense A5C, the firm introduced two Pro editions as well. The A5 Pro is the successor to the HiSense A5, which was launched in October 2019 with a black & white screen. Similarly, the HiSense A5 Pro CC also retains the minimalistic design with the coloured display on the front.

Like general smartphones, eBook reader devices equip scads of good features to give you extensive user experience. Although it looks incompetent to compete with other well-studded devices in different departments but has the potential to perform regular tasks effectively.

In terms of highlighting prospects, the HiSense A5C e-ink display phone captures 4000 mAh battery, two cameras, Android 9, 5.84” display, and dual-SIM support. Now, let’s have a look at its nitty-gritty through the following headings.

HiSense A5C Review: Features and Specifications in Detail

Design and Construction

Before we enjoy the technical aspects, it seems relevant to have few words on the physical construction and outlook of the handset.

HiSense accumulates the skin-friendly and high-grade material to avail delicate and soft-touch experience. It has a portable and sleek physique, which looks hilarious and magnificent at the prima facia.

Further, the front panel of the HiSense A5C houses a 5.84” colour e-ink screen with thick bezels around. On the right side, it has volume rockers as well as the power button that provide gentle push and convenient assistance. The left-hand side hosts an AI smart key to facilitate reading modes. At the bottom side, you will find an audio jack and charging port.

When it comes to the backplate, you will find nothing except for the essential primary camera. The surface is glossy and ergonomic to hands. The lens is placed on the upper left corner alongside the flashlight underneath. At the lower-left corner, you can see the brand logo in white-coloured alphabets.

HiSense A5C 4G Smartphone Review: The Colour Ink Display, Snapdragon 439 SoC and 4000 mAh battery are the Key Highlights image 1

As per the physical statistical, the reading smartphone measures around 15x7x0.8 cm. The fascinating part is the 158g-figured weight, which enlists the HiSense A5C handset amongst the light-weighted smartphones. The colour choices are restricted to the sole black.


What the display panel incorporates as the pivotal element is the colourful e-ink technology. Unlike the previous generation handsets, the newly-launched HiSense A5C reading smartphone comes with a colourful e-ink display to transform the reading experience comprehensively.

On the front, the phone utilizes a 5.84-inch Color E-Ink display to provide you with a spectacular viewing experience. Furthermore, the multi-touch screen offers 1440x720 pixels resolution along with the professional eye protection unit. It acknowledges the latest typographic colour e-ink module, which can portray 4096 different rich colours.

It ensures excellent viewing experience in the direct sunlight as well. Thick bezels surround the screen on each side to give a creative look to users.

Operating System and Processor

As far as the software compartment is associated, HiSense’s latest A5C reading device runs the Android 9 Pie OS. Users will get a smoother navigation experience without lags to enjoy pleasant reading. Each detail will be clear, along with an instant input response.

In the CPU unit, the handset resorts to Qualcomm’s snapdragon 439 chipset. It is an octa-core processor, which further comes with 2.0 GHz of clock frequency. The GPU wing installs an Adreno 505 chip to perform graphical tasks.

HiSense A5C 4G Smartphone Review: The Colour Ink Display, Snapdragon 439 SoC and 4000 mAh battery are the Key Highlights image 2


The photography enthusiasts may disappoint at finding only two cameras on the device. The HiSense A5C phone, as we know, is a dedicated e-book reader, and emphasizes to deliver improved reading experience than clicking photos and videos.

On the other face, it is not too bad as well. The rear side houses a 13 MP f/2.0 principal camera. Similarly, the display side contains a 5MP f/1.9 lens in the upper bezel strip for selfies and face chat.


As per data storage attributions, the HiSense A5C reading phone provides 4GB space in the RAM slot. It supports smoother multi-tasking and speedy performance.

The internal storage room has 64GB memory to let you save your data locally. You can apply the 256GB external card to stretch it further.


The power department is another prominent organ of any electric rechargeable device. In the case of HiSense A5C, you will get a 4000 mAh non-removable battery to cater to power needs.

It promises to standby with you for several hours on a single charge. Moreover, the handset also supports reverse charging via OTG cable.

Additional Specifications

Well, the HiSense A5C Colour E-Ink Display Smartphone concludes lots of other advanced protocols on the list.

On the right side, it places an AI Ink Smart key to perform various operations with a single gentle press. Further, it combines AI voice to understand your needs in a better way.

The face of the A5C phone delivers a personalized lock screen. It has multiple lock fronts like poetry lock screen, word lock screen, maxim lock screen, wallpaper lock screen and lots more.

For connectivity, the device configures Bluetooth, GPS, WIFI, dual-SIM network, 3.5mm jack, micro-USB port etc.

In others, it has Alarm, Calendar, OTG, and multiple sensors as well.

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