Google Pixel Buds 2 Comes with A Fantastic Upgrade

May 06, 2020

The Google Pixel Buds 2 has been incorporated with superior up-gradation for Android that has been waiting for a long time for this launch. While original earbuds of Google Pixel departed its users to want more, the latest Google Pixel Buds 2 offers way better in terms of Android upgrades. These earbuds have a sleek design that feels extremely better in terms of comfort, sound much better than before, and has various features that can be compared with AirPods of Apple easily.

The Design

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The design of the Google Pixel Buds 2 is fantastic as it keeps the circular distinctive form while implementing touch-ups that are really small. It helps to get an appearance that is low-profile. The google earbuds sit against the flush of the ears and get easily conceal in your ears that they go without noticing, hence if you keep few feet of distance from the person wearing the google earbuds then it will be difficult to even be sure if something is inserted in their ears which is pretty amazing.

What makes these google earbuds even more attractive compared to the google earbuds is the charging case that is designed in the egg-shaped case and it is completely wireless. While Google Pixel Buds 2’s 2.3 ounces might seem hefty to some users, it will give you a premium look compared to charging cases provided by Apple. The inspiration for the handheld classic gadgets is quite noticeable that Google has taken as it will remind of Tamagotchi.

Fitting and Comfort

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While the original Google buds were not considered to be much comfortable and they did have the inclination to get slipped out. Also, we can't forget about how there was a cable made of nylon that has made the adjustment system more hectic to get a proper fit rather than working in favor of the users.

Google Pixel Buds 2 to confront this issue, Google mentioned while its latest launch that they have successfully scanned many ears that have actually helped them to create better designs that will be comfortable to wear, and hence this problem is solved. These google earbuds are absolutely cordless but also it comes with a fin that is built-in at the top of both the earbuds that perfectly molds inside the ears after placing.

Slide and Touch Controls

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Even in the before version of the Google pixel earbuds, there is an incorporation of the slide and touch gestures that helps to calls and playback. While the difference one might spot in Google Pixel Buds 2 is the on-ear support detection that allows pausing the playing track automatically whenever you pull the earbuds out. Also, there is Google Assistant to help the users with an engagement that is hands-free for carrying out endless tasks with the help of the voice command.

Moreover, the gestures and controls seem to have a mix bag of swift-acting and mildly erratic operation. The great part about these buds are the functions that are standard have been programmed towards both the earbuds which allow you to use anyone bud to answer the phone calls, playing soundtracks, managing volume, and also skip the music.

Integration of Google Assistants

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Google Pixel Buds 2 has this function which is the hallmark to Google Pixels that is Google Assistant. Yes, this is one of the assistant functions available digitally that is performing exceptionally great. Thanks to the smart integration along with the speech stellar recognition. The operation of "Hey Google" is simply flawless and such bliss to perform in reply to "Hey Siri" of Apple.

Special Features

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The Google Pixel Buds 2 comes with features that are friendly to Google services that allow to create an experience for users that are seamless. The mode of Conversation is the leading way that helps to enact translations in real-time that allows foreigners to converse with locals easily.

One can simply wear these Google earbuds and ask "Hey Google" and then ask help to speak any particular language that will launch the translating service to convert into the language you understand. While there are some minor errors in terms of grammar, there are 40 available languages that will make you grateful to this service while you are on an international trip.

Sound Quality

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Honestly, the previous version of the earbud's quality of sound was nothing great while the criticism Google took for Google Pixel Buds 2 helped them to work on the tuning that is absolutely fine. It is now producing a sound that is not only warm but also very rich. Understanding what's exactly under the hood that helps to get this sound quality, we found the dynamic drivers of 12 mm were custom-designed allowing to clean the sound and give instruments realistic drums and bass guitar presence.

Battery Life

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The battery life of Google Pixel Buds 2 is disappointing as it says 5 hours while promoting the buds but after checking it allows you to use for only 4.5 hours and it is no difference compared to AirPods. The heavy factor streaming playtime and enabled features play a major role in consuming the battery quickly.


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While Google Pixel Buds 2 has a great return in the market, Google earbuds happen to be best earbuds available in 2020 in the wireless category. It gets connected immediately with your device of Android when you flip the case which makes it convenient to use. Also, incorporation of Google Assistant is amazingly seamless with this device and they are extremely comfortable while using. 

The upgrades of aesthetics and sound have also been improved. Apart from little shortcomings, these earbuds seem to an investment that you won't regret for a long time because of its great sound and super quick performance.

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