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Apr 17



Brand overview

Xiaomi has been the most reputable brand for high tech gadgets in China and lately to the western world. It has managed to give comparable and even better quality to the other Japanese and American brands to people, at half the cost they used to pay. Xiaomi also supports multiple languages and has an internal operating system with open code to ensure that all people no matter where they live on earth, can customize it to their own desires and needs.


Xiaomi Mi Box S is a simple black box that comes to you free of charge for shipping and you can hook it up to your existing TV or computer screen. It takes data from your LAN broadband connection and then you can have it connected through Wi-Fi to your other reproducing devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. 

The connection keeps on having a good transmission signal from the other devices and is the most reliable part of the device.

Benefits / Reasons to choose

It has a small size that fits all possible TV sets and screens. Then you also have a remote control to feel as if you are watching the traditional TV sitting on your couch and enjoy the view. The device is an Android TV and Netflix provider, having also Chromecast and the relevant licenses activated.

Pros & Cons


  • Expert Netflix and Chromecast received

  • You can connect it to virtually any screen that has a wi-fi feature

  • Doesn't demand that big amount of power to operate

  • The remote control makes it easy for you to use it from long distance

  • The wi-fi compiler is faster than in previous models


  • Works only with Android devices

  • Only has one USB port and an HDMI one to connect it to the external screen

  • You can't control your TV set from the remote control

  • TV streaming apps have low frame analysis and refresh


Xiaomi Mi Box S is by far the most affordable Android TV streaming box on the market. It cost only $59.99 to order a new one and you can always find special discounts and rebates in multiple retailers online.

How to install

You can install your Xiaomi Mi Box S easily, with only some simple moves. First, you need to connect it to the wireless router through cable and then find the right IP address to connect it to your visuals, either a TV or a computer screen. Then you only have to use your remote control to find Netflix and Chromecast series to watch that is going to make you want to spend the night at home.

Who can use 

Everyone can use the Xiaomi streaming box. Initially, it has been developed for teenagers that wanted to have access to the online channels where the best series were on. However, as time passes by the Xiaomi Mi Box S has been available for the whole family replacing the traditional TV sets, cable and satellite TV.

How to order

You may order it through the official Xiaomi site or through the online retailers that are operating in your geographical region. On the other hand, many people choose to buy it from local physical stores, where they can benefit from combined sales and reduced prices to other technical equipment and software sold there.

Customer support

Xiaomi has one of the best support centers for its customers. Every support center has a special hotline that rings to the region you reside in. In other words, you will always have access to a call center where the operator is going to speak to your language. The money-back-guarantee of Xiaomi gives you extra assurance that the device is going to be working for a long time.

Others to know

The Xiaomi Mi Box S supports 4K HDR video that can offer you great colors ad sharper picture on televisions that cooperate well with this new technology. 

There is always the chance to have the online Android google Assistant support to resolve all the issues you may face with this device.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Xiaomi Mi Box S:

Is Netflix free on Mi box?

Netflix always needs a monthly payment no matter what device you use to access it, so there is nothing free in Mi Box.

Does Mi Box have a Google Play store?

The answer is positive. Mi Box has a Google Play store input where you can purchase applications.

Does Mi Box need Wi-Fi?

Xiaomi Mi Box needs Wi-Fi to transmit the data from its card to the watching TV or other computer screens. The existence of a wireless network is necessary for Mi Box to operate correctly.



Xiaomi Mi Box S has been the ultimate gift for all people that like to watch the new TV series and documentaries, on web TV. It accommodates the most powerful online networks like Netflix and Chromecast and gives you access to the Google Play store as well.

Most of the people find it easy to carry the Mi Box with them when relocating. The only prerequisite is to have a broadband internet connection and the Mi Box can operate easily and without any flaw. It has been the most affordable way to watch streaming TV online, connecting your smartphone, Smart TV or tablet all to the same device. The revolution lies in front of you with Xiaomi.



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