Get the Best Honey Dispenser: The Ultimate Guide to Boost Up your Breakfast!

May 12

Honey is one of the best meals for breakfast. You may combine it with any type of bread and cereals and it will stay intact in its container for as long as you want. However, you need to have the most impressive dispenser you always were dreaming about. It happens because of the viscosity of honey which is a lot greater than any other material you have been using in your kitchen.

Taking advantage of the great sales on the market, this is the right time to start looking for the perfect dispenser mechanism for your honey. It will protect it against insect invasions and would keep its aromas and flavors in there for you to enjoy whenever you feel like to. Let's now see the dispensers for honey that are available for immediate purchase online:

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Best Honey Dispensers to have in your kitchen

1.Honey Pot.16-Ounce, Le Croijet

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A great and stylish ceramic vase with a cap containing almost one liter of honey. You can always open it and check the quality of your honey inside and there is no way that humidity can pass through the sealing lid. It comes with a variety of accessories like the Silicon Honey Dipper that accumulates the right amount of honey and lets you transfer it to any beverage or food you want to apply it on.

Not to mention, that you can choose among a variety of colors for your dispenser to pick the one that better matches your needs and expectations.

Price: $28.79


  • You may wash it as often as you like even in the dishwasher

  • The silicon deeper works like the wooden one only that it is more durable

  • The enamel finishing makes you secure about not letting insects inside


  • The honey can get crystallized in case you leave the dispenser somewhere cold

Where to buy it:

2.Honey Dispenser Winco G-116

One of the simplest dispensers for your valuable honey and many other types of syrups. It is a glass container that has a sealing lid, which you may press anytime you want to pour the right amount of honey in your recipes or your plate. The dispenser works right all the time, and you can easily adjust the flow to your desired levels or cut it if you feel like. 

Another great feature is that glass container keeps on being more durable to mild impacts and it has some anti-bacterial abilities to let your honey be free of germs when you finally decide to consume it.

Price: $22.76 


  • The glass body allows you to see the honey inside

  • You may place it in the oven or the microwave

  • There is no contraindication in washing it with mild detergent even in your dishwasher


  • The gasket needs a lot of effort to clean and that is the most vulnerable part of the dispenser

Where to buy it:

3.Honey Jar MkCono with Lid Glass

A rather basic honey dispenser that is all made by high-quality tempered glass. It can contain more than 900 ml of honey or any similar type of syrup. The best feature of this honey dispenser would be its simplicity. It is more lightweight than most of its competitors and has a useful glass lid to keep your honey unaccessible to flying objects like flies and mosquitos.

The dipper is made of pure glass and you can easily allow it to accumulate the right amount of honey and release it where you want it to.

Price: $12.98


  • One of the most affordable honey dispensers online

  • Needs only warm water to clean it

  • It keeps the honey intact and glass doesn't react with it to give it any type of toxic substances


  • There is no sealing lid on it and the honey may go off with time

Where to buy it:

4.Ceramic Honey Pot with Dipper

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Here you have one of the most beautiful ceramic honey dispensers that you will ever find in the online market. The dispenser comes with a bee-like structure placed on the outer surface of the device.  You can choose any type of color you like to decorate your kitchen the right way. The dipper is made from wood, which is the old-time classic way to catch honey from the dispenser and pour it over your foods and beverages.

The lid is semi-opened to allow you to see what is inside. Overall we are talking about a durable dispenser that can be easily washed and give you the best honey depot solution for a lifetime.

Price: $15.98


  • There is no sealing lid so you can check the inside of the container

  • You can wash it easily with warm water and soap

  • The outer shape is more attractive with the bee ornament


  • It cannot contain more than 500 ml of honey

Where to buy:

5.Glass Container and Dispenser Non-Breakable Thrinch

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This honey dispenser is one of a kind for its quality tempered glass and the plastic lid, making it easier for you to adjust the flow and give the right portion of honey to your beverages and recipes. It comes with a great sealing cap you can use anytime to ban the external air from coming inside and compromise the quality of your honey.

When it comes to the grip you will have the best you can imagine. It is a lightweight dispenser that can fit up to 1000 ml of honey and will assure you that you securely hold the container for as long as you wish.

Price: $24.99


  • Transparent enough to see your honey inside

  • Sealing lid to keep germs and insects outside

  • The nozzle is made from stainless steel to give you better cleaning options


  • You may not place it in the microwave

Where to buy:

6. Honey DIspenser and Poorer Pioneer

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It is the only glass honey dispenser with engraved designs on it that looks like a handcrafted ornament for your kitchen. The metal lid is always there to secure the flow of honey and give an extra pinch to its stylish apperance. The container can hold up to 800 ml of honey or other type of syrup and you can always adjust the flow to the desired levels so that you can be precise in your recipes.

You may wash it either by hand or in the dishwasher and have the best results in just a matter of minutes. The glass jar can easily handle some mild impacts and it will not get in a million pieces but only some cracks on the surface.

Price: $28.99


  • Attractive appearance that makes a difference in your kitchen

  • Metalic lid that keeps insects away and is more durable than ever before

  • Offers more space to store honey than other competitors


  • You cannot use it in the oven or the microwave since the glass is not tempered to be durable to temperature fluctuations

Where to buy:

 Buying Guide

The market of honey dispensers is a very competitive one since it has not only the glass containers but also the plastic ones that have conqured the market thanks to their price and durability the latest years. However, the best things you need to look for when you are searching for a new honey dispenser would be the following.

First, you need to check if the glass is tempered or not. This will enable you to have a proper protection to your honey against the temperature and sunlight. On the other hand the glass needs to be durable to microwave heating so you need to be very precise with that feature before buying any type of glass dispenser.

Additionally, you need to check if the lid seals and whether or not you can remove the lid to wash or microwave the dispenser. Metalic lids are always better and more durable than plastic ones, but can increase the final price of the dispenser.

The presence of a wooden dipper can give you a retro style for your honey dispenser but it may be vulnerable to moisture and physical degeneration problems. For most of you the price could be a sensitive part of your final selection, since no one wants to invest a fortune in honey dispensers that may be outdated in a couple of years.


Honey dispensers are the ornaments to keep honey in your kitchen and never allow insects and air to pollute and compromise it. You will feel a lot better to see that you have many options to buy a competent honey dispenser that meets your needs and expectations.

Always invest time before you buy a new honey dispenser and check all the features to see that you are getting more for the value you pay for.

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