Genuine Review on DangBei F3 Projector

May 12

Brand Overview


Established mainly as a software company in China, DangBei has been responsible for churning out multiple hardware products such as smart TVs, projectors, fitness accessories, desktop computers and so on. The company has a current user base of around 200 million.


Due to the company's software origins, Dangbei has been able to develop over 50 different applications across its timeline - but due to inherent limitations of the software front, they decided to jump into the hardware game - aiming to bring right products and experience to its customers. Before manufacturing smart projectors, the company spent almost two years in research & development to obtain the perfect solution for a world-class projector -  so that consumers could enjoy the theatre-like experience at their homes.


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Before we get into the more technologically-loaded specifications, the first thing that should be taken note of is the overall build quality of the device, since it has been manufactured using aviation-grade aluminium. The projector uses the DLP patented technology founded by Texas Instruments in the USA - thereby resulting in some of the gorgeous visuals you can obtain from a projector.


The system runs on a modified Android operating system (Beibei OS) coupled with an 8-core processor, known as the Mstar6A938. It has a RAM capacity of 4GB with a storage space of 64GB. The device supports video playback up to 4K resolution with an overall lumen power of 2050. The projector uses sapphire for its glass lens, which is highly scratch-resistant. The lamp additionally has auto-focus support while the zoom has to be adjusted manually.


Talking about connectivity, the projector comes with one HDMI port along with support for LAN, 2x USB 3.0 ports and a single 3.5 mm headphone adapter port. The device can play videos either at 2K or 4K resolutions with 30 or 60 frames-per-second. Furthermore, 5 GHz WIFI band is supported, which is rare for projectors, combined with Bluetooth support.

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Benefits / Reasons To Choose

One of the primary reasons that make the DangBei F3 Projector stand out from the rest is its overall attention to detail. The addition of aviation-grade aluminium for designing its enclosure is simply a step in the right direction for improving its sturdy-ness and build quality. But what sets apart the device is its powerful lamp that shines up to 2050 lumens - which is an excessive number to even think of for a projector of this size.


The excitement doesn't end there as the device also comes with dual TOF (Time Of Flight) and CMOS technology that makes for crazy fast autofocus. The projector supports HDR10 specifications, which means you can view and play HDR10 content without any hassles. Besides that, you also get access to a 120 Hz refresh rate for video playback, which means almost little to no screen tearing and seamless viewing, especially for fast-moving action sequences.


Talking about the overall functioning of the device, it comes with a three-channel heat dissipation system, which means that you don’t have to worry about the projector getting overheated during its operation. And lastly, it supports far-field voice communication - thereby adding the capability of artificial intelligence and voice commands.


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Pros & Cons



●     Use Of Aviation-Grade Aluminium - The build quality is stunning, to say the least, with an anodised black colour and an overall unibody design.  

●     Enhanced Specifications & Performance - The device comes with an octa-core processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage, making the performance almost smooth, lag-free and enjoyable to use. Moreover, it uses a modified Android operating system.

●     Addition Of Far-Field Communication - Remote controls are a thing of the past with the addition of artificial intelligence and voice commands, allowing you to hardly ever reach for the controls.

●     Supports HDR10 And Dual TOF Technology - Picture quality and autofocusing will never be the same with the addition of such technologies, as dual TOF can speed up autofocusing by almost ten times. Moreover, HDR10 technology will bring out excellent colour reproduction.

●     Brights Up At 2050 Lumens - With more than 40 per cent brighter than similarly priced projectors, it’s hard to find a projector lamp that’s so bright & shiny. The lamp is rated for 30,000 hours.



●     No Support For MicroSD Card - Even though the 64GB in-built storage might be perfect for some users out there, for people who need more storage space, having a microSD card slot could have been a lifesaver.


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As of now, there is no current information on the overall pricing of the product - since it is practically sold out. But, expect the price to be around $600 - $700.


How To Order?


Currently, you cannot order the product since it's out of stock. The device can only be procured from the official website and therefore, due to high demand, it's sold out. However, you can keep regularly checking the following website for updates:




Others Things To Know


The Device’s Processor Has An In-Built Colour Rendering Engine


The Mstar6A938 processor provided in the projector comes with an in-built colour rendering engine that helps in the elimination of any defective colour coding and thereby enhances the overall colour transition effect.


The Projector Comes With Unlimited Access To Entertainment


It should be known that the device integrates multiple entertainment and video resource platforms such as Tencent, iQiyi, Youku and Mango TV - to provide its users with unlimited viewing of various films and television shows. Each video is played with almost zero lag.




1. Does the projector support 3D?


Yes. The device supports active 3D technology, besides having support for 3D active shutter glasses.


2. Does the projector have stereo speakers?


Yes. The projector comes in-built with an enhanced quality audio amplifier chip along with support for stereo surround technology for the device’s speakers.


3. What material does the projector use for its heat dissipation system?


The device uses copper metal for its heat dissipation system. As copper is a good conductor of heat and also cools down quickly, the efficiency of heat dissipation will be at its maximum.





In the world of high-end projectors, what matters most is the overall functioning and build quality of the device. With that being said, the DangBei F3 Projector fulfils all of that and then some more as well - with all the added technologies and features.


Therefore, if you’re in the market waiting to splash on a high-end projector around the $700 mark, the DangBei F3 Projector will be a highly recommended option to pick up.

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