FLSUN® QQ-S Pre-assembled 3D Printer

May 07

FLSUN® QQ-S Pre-assembled 3D Printer


Brand Overview


Flsun is a well-known brand hailing from China with its main aim to produce some of the best 3D printers and accessories for creative and avid customers who like to try out something new. The 3D printers manufactured by the company are quite top-notch yet very much affordable for the ordinary consumers out there.


Furthermore, with its dedicated research & development teams, the company ensures that it always implements the latest and greatest technologies when it comes to producing 3D printers for the masses.


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First and foremost, unlike other 3D printers that are being sold in the market, the Flsun QQ-S comes almost 90 per cent pre-assembled, with only 10 per cent left for the user, which means you can easily install the machine and get on with your work. The device comes with beneficial features such as permanent printing and auto-levelling - which makes the printing procedure a lot easier for beginners.


The overall printing size of the printer is almost 255x360 mm large, which ensures that the user has enough space to 3D print any object. Furthermore, the device also comes with time-saving and material-saving features, combined with a power resuming function. It should be noted that the machine makes very less noise during its operation, with the sound levels way below 50 decibels.


When you are purchasing the device, you'll notice that it comes with a WIFI operated remote control along with the ability to print directly from your smartphone over WIFI. The overall printing speed of the machine is rated at between 30 mm/s to 300 mm/s - which makes the printer faster than some of its competitor products.


Apart from that, users will also have access to a touchscreen for better controls along with support for flexible printing mechanism.


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Benefits / Reasons To Choose


When you plan to get yourself a 3D printer, one of the features that will matter the most for you would be the overall printing speed of the printer. Needless to say, the printer has quite a high-speed printing interface that rivals some of its competitor products. Moreover, you never need to worry much about the overall printing space or the size of the object you're going to print since the printing area is more extensive than you'll ever need.


The build quality of the device is genuinely extraordinary with its all-metal enclosure, which will ensure that you'll be able to use the machine for years to come. In addition to that, using metal provides that heat dissipation of the device will also be higher since metal is a good conductor of heat. As a result, your printer will hardly overheat during its operation.


Apart from the robust build quality, you'll also be benefited with the option for 'resume printing' where you can continue printing your objects from where you earlier left off. Such a feature is highly advantageous in times when there is a power cut at your home or office. The device's motherboard is rated at 32-bit while the printing platform is made from a piece of the lattice which ensures no warping due to excessive heat.


Lastly, the inclusion of WIFI support, along with a nifty touchscreen to control your device's function, is a welcoming addition.


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Pros & Cons



●     All Metal Housing - It should be known that printers are generally thought to be manufactured from ABS plastic, but the all-metal build in this 3D printer is quite extravagant.

●     Large Printing Area - The printing area of the device is measured at 255x360mm, which is enough for any user to utilise the machine's maximum potentiality for printing more substantial objects.

●     Printing Operation Is Quiet - The operation of the printer is respectfully quiet, and the sound rating falls below 50 decibels. In comparison, a regular laptop's cooling fan operates around 55 decibels.  

●     WIFI Support, Touchscreen Interface And Faster Printing - With WIFI support, you can print directly via your smartphone while controlling the device efficiently with the added touchscreen. Moreover, the printing speed is much faster than its competitors.



●     No 64-Bit Support - The motherboard provided inside the device has only 32-bit interface support. Since 64-bit has been the norm for quite some time, this is a significant disadvantage.


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The FLSUN® QQ-S Pre-assembled 3D Printer is currently priced at around $275, which is quite lower than its MRP of $449.


How To Order?


In case you’re planning to order the FLSUN® QQ-S Pre-assembled 3D Printer, then you can do so from the following website:




Others Things To Know


The Device Sports Strong Adhesion Mechanics


Since 3D printing parts have to be kept together with adhesive; otherwise they'll fall apart - the machine itself boasts of reliable adhesive mechanics to keep the 3D printing objects intact - once they cool down.


The Device Sports A Titan Extruder


The Titan Extruder is the printing arm that does most of the printing job. It has a robust extrusion system and can print even flexible filaments as well. Moreover, since the system is sturdy and healthy, it can last for quite some time before the need for replacement arises.




1. Can the machine be used for DIY projects?


Yes. The 3D printer can be used for any type of projects, including DIY.


2. What is the overall weight of the printer?


The weight of the printer is rated at 12 KG.


3. Is the provided touchscreen on the device colour or monochrome?


The provided touchscreen supports full-colour reproduction.




Excellent and affordable 3D printers are tough to come by because the concept is still relatively new. However, the Flsun QQ-S Pre-assembled 3D Printer has been able to provide the best value for the money without costing an arm and a leg.


Therefore, if you’re in the market looking for an affordable yet performance-oriented 3D printer, then this should be in your shortlist.






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