Elvie Double Breast Electric Pump

Jan 14

When you talk about breast milk pumping, the easiest way for me was to engage finagling by myself in a particular bra while having to remain on my couch for some time, hooked to different tubes and have limited distance of movement for the arms. 

It is to say, this is not in any way convenient. Though the Elvie Pump (at $500 per set, $280 for 1 piece and technically free if you have an insurance cover) changed all that.

Elvie Pump is said to be the electric pump that will pull any mother out of the closet so that they can pump discreetly and quite comfortably with the least destruction. After I have tested the elvie breast pump, I would say the Elvie pump almost did what everyone expected.

Elvie Pump design

This Elvie Pump is designed with the shape of a breast and fits comfortably in the bra. This breast milk pump has several tiny keys that almost flush with the external surface, with a plastic BPA-free bottle that is placed under it to collect the milk. 4 bra extenders are used, meaning that you will not require a size advancement while you are putting on the Elvie electric pump. 

But, the Elvie adds sufficient bulk and makes it hard to button up other clothes, and they provide a more saggier-look. Besides, every Elvie pump comes with a light that is quite bright and shines through even other thicker cloths, offering a dazzling exception to what the company claims that you can sit in a meeting while you are breast pumping.

The Elvie Pump is definitely more silent compared to the conventional pumps such as the Spectra, which is not fully quiet. When sucking it makes very little noise, then the milk will begin to flow. I am not certain that most women are okay making a well thought reminiscent of offering urine samples in a cup while she is surrounded by other people.

The bottles can hold at least 5 ounces of milk, which means you could pump a great whole meal in just a single sitting if you are putting on one of these on either of the breasts. The milk bottles are horizontally shaped and they do not fit the feeding nipples, so you will be required to remove the milk from the collecting bottle into a different bottle prior to serving the child.

The main downside to the bottle’s shape of the Elvie is that it is usually hard to remove the milk solids from the bottle, which tends to stick to the wall of the bottle after it separates and cools. It means I don’t use these bottles to store the milk in the fridge, I instead prefer to change it to a different typical bottle after expressing it.

Unlike other common hands-free pumps, the good thing with this bottle is the Willow, it is particularly shaped and you don’t need storage collecting packs. If you are the person who tries to plan to feed the milk within 1-2 days after pumping or cutting down on the plastic waste, you will not require to purchase something more beside the bottles that any mother has on hand.


Each Elvie pump comes with a bottle, spout, valve, bottle cap, breast shield in 2 sizes and seal. To get a breast shield in a different size is the only extra part that is available for purchasing, but the rest is not available for now. Just like other electric breast pumps, before using this Elvie breast pump, it requires to be outfitted with its parts.

When its bottle is filled the breast milk pump should stop pumping automatically; normally it is the case, even though there are some rare cases when an overflow occurs. In the same way, it looks like leaning forward could make an Elvies pump that is half-full to think it is at capacity and hence stops to pump.

There are times when the power turns off for no particular reason. Its bottle was not almost filled and the Elvie pump was still with too much battery charge though. I was looking forward to a notification from either the mobile app or the device when the Elvie electric pump stops; because it is silent and hands-free compared to other pumps, it can quite sometime before I realized that this electric breast pump was not on. This can mean substantial milk lost for people with limited time in the day to express.

Using the Elvie Pump

When the pumps are precisely connected and placed, then you are quite ready to begin pumping. When you turn on the Elvies pump, and then it is activated on its Control tab. The Elvies pump will start switching to pumping automatically when it detects the milk flow in let-down mode. In case you are utilizing 2 pumps, designate right and left for the application to track the quantity of milk coming from each of the breasts.

In the mobile app, go to the Status page for real-time viewing of the quantity of milk that has been drained in each of the bottles, and also the battery lifespan in each of the pumps. You can also set a timer for 5 mins increments for at least 45 mins. ‘Your Account page’ lets you select if you want to measure the milk in milliliters or ounces. 

The quantities of milk indicated on the application don’t always perfectly reflect the quantity in the bottle; I think too many movements have an impact on the accuracy.


Elvie pump provides a really easy hands-free pumping experience. Unlike conventional hands-free pumping where you have to connect to external machines and tubes, you can pump without being restricted to a single spot.

It may not be comfortable to use the Elvie pump at the work desk, though I have used it when washing dishes and walking the dog, and it was so helpful to express in the car as I was both in a hurry to get out of the door and painfully engorged. Other than the few bugs which make the pump go off before completion or show an inaccurate quantity of milk collection, Elvie has made an item that is superior which any mother should think of adding to the baby registry with the baby video displays.



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