Echo Show 8 Review

Apr 17

With changing lifestyles and demands of being smart and technologically advanced, one has to update their lifestyle yet be unaffected. The emerging solution to this need has been successfully paid attention to by many experts in the field. Integrating life with technology has a lot of perks. You can walk up the stairs and not worry about switching off the lights if you have a device that follows your commands.  

Thus, Alexa has been getting makeovers for a long time and hands down; the latest model is an outstanding attempt by Amazon. The Echo Show 8 is an attempt to make an exclusive  Alexa-powered device that comes with a smart display. Smart living with applications that enable intelligent home technology, video calling, syncing the entire security system with your device, etc. has been the USP of Amazon trying to create such tools. The entire Echo series has been creating devices starting with just an audio system and then entering the audio-visual domain. 

The specifications are as follows-

  • Size- 7.9”x5.9”x3.9” 

  • Weight- 36.6 oz

  • Display- 8.0” touch screen (1280 x 800p resolution)

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity- Dual-band Wi-Fi supporting 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi networks.

  • Camera- 1MP with built-in-shutter.

  • Bluetooth- Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) support audio streamed from a mobile device to Echo Show 8 or Echo Show 8 to a Bluetooth speaker. 

  • Audio- 2.0” neodymium speakers, passive bass radiator

  • Processor- MediaTek MT 8163

  • Warranty- 1-year limited warranty service. 

  • Alexa speaks language- English and Spanish.



Overview of Echo Show 8

Alexa revamped with an 8.0” High Definition touch screen, and a stereo sound system is the sweet dream being made a reality for most owners. Alexa, being an assistant, does a great job of helping you stay up to date about your day. The Echo Show 8 is the perfect device that you can get and connect to the Alexa app enabling video calling and messaging family and friends who have the Alexa App or own an Echo device with a screen. You can do a lot more with it. 

Echo Show 8 Review image 1

Features of Echo Show 8

There are several features to check out-

  • It has an 8.0” HD screen with a 1280 x 800p resolution. 

  • The stereo sound system that is 2 x 2.0” @ 10W per channel is an amazing sound system with no buzz and bad sound. 

  • The smart speaker enables you to send messages and connect with other people with Skype, the Alexa App, or any Echo devices with a screen.

  • You can call people by asking Alexa.

  • For entertainment, you can enable Amazon Prime Video, Apple Music, Hulu, NBC, Spotify, Amazon Music to watch tv shows, music videos, movies, and listen to music. It also has audible, pandora, and food network for quick and great recipes.

  • You can ensure security in your household by getting a glimpse of all security cameras located all-around your house.

  • The 1MP camera does a pretty wonderful job.

What Are The Perks Or Benefits Of Owning An Echo Show 8?

  • It comes at a very low price of $99.

  • The device has a 1-year warranty period.

  • You get a privacy shutter that can but put over the camera manually to maintain the privacy, a great way to enable safety.

  • It disconnects all microphones and cameras with a press of a button too.

  • You can also set up your Amazon Photos album of pictures from the recent trip and customize the home screen.

  • The Food Network Kitchen comes for free with a stepwise guide to cook along with instructions on the go. 

  • All lights, thermostats, and security cameras that are compatible with your device can help you adjust and see what you want.

  • Most importantly, you can video call people, watch movies, and listen to music and all you have to do is ask Alexa.

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Pros and Cons of the Echo Show 8

The Pros weigh more than the cons-

  • The quality of the stereo sound that Echo Show 8 has is cutting-edge powerful and fills the room.

  • The screen resolution is really good. 

  • It has a physical camera shutter for privacy also so that you can enable your house to have a safer environment.

  • The smart display it offers is best compared to other devices in the market.

However, the cons are-

  • If you want to watch youtube videos, they cannot be called directly by voice. 

  • Netflix is not at all accessible for obvious reasons.

  • The interface of Echo Show 8 is not that smooth.

Pricing of the Echo Show 8 

The device comes at a fair price of $129.99. But on Amazon, you get it for $79.99, saving you nearly $40.

How to Install the Echo Show 8?

It is pretty easy to install the device. 

  • You have to plug the device into a power supply.

  • You will get initial prompts to select a language.

  • Connect it to Wi-Fi/internet by going to settings

  • You will then log in to your Amazon account to enable the Alexa app and select ‘Communicate’ once you log in.

  • Ask Alexa for news, music, etc. 

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Who Can Use the Echo Show 8?

Everyone can easily use the device. With Alexa specifically for kids, children can use Alexa to listen to rhymes or watch a favorite cartoon program on Prime Video or other platforms. Adults can get a sneak-peek to the front door, the pool, or maybe a baby sleeping in a separate room through the security set up synced with Alexa. Older adults can easily use the device with simple commands being made to Alexa and get entertained to have a fun time. 

How to Order?

The device can be ordered from Amazon. Here is the link.


Customer support

1-877-375-9365 to de-register from Alexa Communication for the US

Outside USA- (206) 922-0197


Or, check out this link to see if your problem can be solved-


1. What voltage and Hz required?

The AC adapter takes in 100-240 volts, 50/60 Hz

2. Does the Echo Show 8 have to remain plugged in?

Yes. You also need the Wi-Fi for it to work.

3. Is it possible to watch youtube?

There is no inbuilt Youtube application, but you can watch youtube through a browser. It is not a tablet. 

Echo Show 8 Review image 4


Thus, this new version of Alexa with a smart HD display fairly matches all the requirements that an Alexa device should have. It is doing a lot more than that. The Echo Show 8 is simply the best choice for anybody who wants an easier and smarter touch to their lifestyle coming at a very reasonable price at the moment. Hurry and get yours.

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