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May 25

Dreame is a sub-brand of Xiaomi, founded to produce convenient and intelligent technologies for household activities. The Dreame V10 is one of the latest products launched, with premium quality and high functionality which is expected from a brand like Xiaomi.





Dreame V10 Review

The Dreame V10 is a wireless vacuum cleaner in the mid-range category. It is a slight upgrade from the previous V9 with more power and some intelligent features. The looks and the performance in this price range makes it a very good deal.

Battery Life and Power Consumption

The V10 has the battery upgraded to 25000mAh, which takes 3.5 hours to charge. It can last an hour on standard mode after fully charged. Turning up the mode will cost more battery. The powerful mode will only last for 30 minutes, and the super mode will take only 10 minutes to kill the battery.

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The power output is significantly higher than the old V9 model, with 450W of operating power under 25.2V. The new Space 3.0 turbo booster motor will provide 140AW of suction power, or 22,000pa. The motor performance has been increased 40% from the previous one for a better cleansing experience.

Basic Structure

The V10 has various attachments for different types of usage. The whole body is painted in combination of white and silver, which looks simple and premium, and is made of ABS material which is durable. Metals are also used on the case for more durability. The dust chamber capacity is 0.5 liters which is sufficient.

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Tons of Features

The Dreame V10 is packed with a lot of features to compete with its successful predecessors. The Space 3.0 turbo engine provides more than enough suction force. The overall performance of the V10 is increased 25% from the previous one, which is very impressive.

The Smartcool air cooling system self regulates and maintains an optimal environment for the motor at a constant rate by channeling the suction air after filtration through the motor in real time. The brushless motor can generate up to 100,000 rounds per minute, still keeping a very low noise.

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There are 6 layers of noise reduction system containing Gadebao composite cotton which is placed behind the noise opening, to suppress the noise sufficiently. The less weight and flexibility make the V10 very easy to use in vertical surfaces without much efforts. All these systems ensure very high-quality cleaning with more comfort than most other vacuum cleaners in the market.

Operating the Dreame V10

The V10 is surprisingly simple to operate. For different scenarios, different brushes and heads can be used. There are 3 modes, the standard mode with the most battery saving, the powerful mode and the super mode with the most battery consumption. For everyday use, the standard mode is used. But for deep cleaning, the super mode is the best choice.

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The V10 is suitable for many cleaning environments. It uses dry vacuum cleaning and best performs for dry dusts and other objects. It can be used to clean smooth floors, gaps between objects, or cleaning narrow spaces. Mites are removed with one head, and the other head can be used to clean textile materials. It comes very handy and performs quite well for all the conditions as a result of using different parts for cleansing.

Hygiene Factor of the Dreame V10

The biggest concern while using a vacuum cleaner is the level of cleaning it provides. Many cleaners fall back when it comes to sealing the cylinder or preventing leakage, which ruins the cleanliness. To encounter that, the V10 is specially designed.

It has a 5-stage filter which separates different kinds of impurities before entering the dust chamber. It contains a brushless motor and comes with an extension hose best suited for areas that are hard to reach. The cleaner has a 99ficiency of filtration separation, which is very impressing.

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To ensure better hygiene, the cleaner comes with H12 grade HEPA filtration which has a tolerance of particles down to 0.3 micrometer. To remove finer dirt, it contains a high-density sponge filtration. To separate the dust, another filtration system called multi clone cyclone is engaged. Lastly, the metal mesh filtration comes in handy for blocking larger particles. All these processes and systems ensure the best quality cleaning achievable.

Dimensions and Packaging

The Dreame V10 is adjustable and all the external parts can be opened at will. This reduces the packaging size considerably. The product weighs only 1.5kg with a dimension of 60.00 x 22.00 x 23.00cm, which is compact. The package has a dimension of 65.00 x 27.00 x 28.00cm and weighs 2.5kg in total.

Inside the package, all the necessary parts and extensions are given. It contains a vacuum cleaner, 2 heads, one for soft roller cleaner, and the other for cleaning the electric mites, a stick for connecting, 2 in 1 dusting brush and crevice tool is provided. All these can be attached to the cleaner. Also, a CN plug, a wall mounted charging dock and a user manual is given inside the package.

Downsides of the Dreame V10

The V10 comes with various user-friendly features but still lacks in a few steps. The biggest of them is the battery life. The 2500mAh battery is still low for a cleaner like this. The 60-minute standard time and only 10 minutes of super mode time is very low, and needs an upgrade. Also, the battery takes 3.5 hours to charge properly, which is a very long time. The V10 cannot be used frequently just because of the battery.

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The Chinese user manual can bring difficulties for average people because the V10 contains a lot of parts to be used for different occasions. Setting those up can be difficult without proper guidance. The price is moderate but not very low.


The Dreame V10 is a great deal if the minor drawbacks can be ignored. It looks and feels premium, has more power than the predecessors, comes with lots of features and ensures an overall better cleaning experience, which makes it a very good vacuum cleaner. It will be perfect for users searching for the best cleaning experience within medium budget.

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