Does Coronavirus pandemic have to do with the 5G cell phone network?

Apr 13

The new reality in the telecommunication industry will be the 5G networks that come to replace the older 4G and 3G ones. This new technology requires some special antenna architecture and enables the fastest receiving and transmittance of data over a certain geographical region. Not to mention, that it will resolve once and for all the issues with bad signal and poor wireless internet speed since the radiation can pass through concrete walls and bricks. 

Some people correlate the coronavirus pandemic outburst with the movement of disapproval of the 5G network antennas. However, coronavirus, as an RNA virus, is strongly affected by radiation, and certain studies support that under special circumstances there is a chance to increase its reproduction should it find itself under special radiation conditions. 

The modern 5G networks, usually make these conditions more feasible and that is why many people wonder why this deadly RNA virus has happened to emerge now, that the innovation in technology has been finally implemented in the smartphone's network.

What are the special features of 5G networks?

All new 5G networks share a common technology oh hyper waves. These waves are electromagnetic pulses that travel back and forth from the antenna to the smartphones that happen to be in the covered region. The new thing is that 5G networks operate in more than 3000Ghz frequency which is way more dangerous for the human body than the previous 4G and 4G ones.

Certain studies have shown that the immune system cells cannot easily reproduce themselves leaving the door open to coronavirus to enter and increase its population in the human body. Furthermore, the new 5G networks may disrupt the daily life cycle of humans, causing insomnia that may affect their defenses against the coronavirus threat.

How can coronavirus spread in the body be affected by 5G networks?

When your body is exposed to the radiation from the 5G networks it may not function the way you want it to. The system that acts by secreting neutralizing antibodies to the coronavirus infection collapses and as a result, we see that the coronavirus rapidly colonizes the respiratory system and lungs.

Soon enough, the coronavirus is detected in all body fluids and if you have an underlying condition like diabetes or COPD you may be vulnerable to death. All these conditions are new and there is no sign that you can reverse them in case you disengage yourself from the smartphone. The 5G network radiation keeps on being active in your place even when you have no smartphone there.


For many people, 5G network technology remains the best possible step for the technological revolution of the 21st century. However, the simultaneous coronavirus outbreak has a psychological effect on many people, who see it as the government attempt to control people through the pandemic. That is why further knowledge about the correlation of 5G and coronavirus is required and will be the debate issue for many years to come.

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