DJI Mavic Air 2 Review

Apr 22

Brand overview

DJI is the leading creator of drones cameras or aerial vehicles used for aerial photography. Apart from this, the company is known for its action cameras, camera gimbals, propulsion systems, flight platforms, and flight control systems. The company holds around 70% of the globe's drone market and is a dominant leader.

The products launched by DJI are highly advanced and designed for innovation. The company's unmatchable dedication towards R&D has brought us some of the most high-tech and useful products. The easy-to-use devices created by DJI are designed to produce powerful images and videos and are available at a reasonable price.


After celebrating the success of Mavic Air, DJI is back with the Mavic Air 2 that will be released on 27th of April. The Mavic air 2 will feature 48MP sensor to offer high-resolution pictures and videos compared to the 12MP mavic air's sensor. Another feature that is added to the Mavic Air 2 is its battery life.  This device will have a flight time of approximately 34 minutes, which is 13 minutes more than the previous version. 

Mavic is also to introduce its safety system called AirSense. This technology warns you if any nearby airplanes or helicopters can collide with you while receiving the ADS-B signals from them. To back this system up, the device will also have an obstacle avoidance system.  

Benefits / Reasons to choose

The leaked pictures of Mavic Air 2 shows that the new controller in the device is bigger and more reliable than the previous ones. You can attach your phone above the controls and operate the equipment easily. The critical benefit of the device is its safety features. The device consists of 2 rear sensors on the back, and thus, the device has 360-degree obstacle avoidance and detection system to prevent collisions and accidents. Its AirSense safety feature also ensures that the device will be able to deliver better, high resolution, and smooth pictures. Its smaller size, better battery life, and controller design make it more reliable.

Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of this device:


• It will feature a 3500 mAh battery at 11.5 volts which is 50% larger than original mavic air battery

• The battery life of mavic air 2 will be 34 minutes which is 13 minutes more than the original one

• The maximum speed of the device will be 68.4 km per hour which is a little more than mavic air

• Mavic air 2 camera will capture up to 48 MP pictures and offer 4x zoom option due to its ½ inch CMOS sensor

• The camera will capture 4k video

• Will offer 3-axis image stabilization and intelligent automatic photo modes for better pictures

• It will let the users set an automated flight path

• It features a new and enhanced controller design 


• There are no shots or sideway or upward facing sensors to avoid obstacles

• Not a completely crash-proof drone


The device is yet to launch, and there's no declaration about the price of Mavic air 2 yet. However, looking at the prices of previously launched products, the drone that was launched in early 2018 was priced $900, and this device is its updated version with many advanced features, and thus, the price can be higher. However, as per the filmmaker Osita LV, the price of the product can be approximately $799, which is quite less than its previous version. 

How to Order

Currently, the news state that DJI is low on stock, and thus, the DJI Mavic Air 2 may be hard to get. However, DJI has admitted that the company is facing some changes within the organization and is striving to ship the new product around the world on time. It is unclear how and where the product will be available for purchase as of now.

Others things to know

It has a new controller

The leaked pictures of Mavic Air 2 states that the device has a new controller design. The controller is slightly bigger and features a 3-way toggle for tripod, normal and sport modes. The tripod mode is an intelligent flight mode which controls the speed of the drone and helps capture useful pictures.

 The sports mode turns the device into a racing device that keeps up with speedily moving objects and hits faster top speeds. The controller also has a return-to-home button, battery stats lights, and a function button. The device also may have a handy joystick that can be unscrewed when you are not using it. 

It has an updated design

The device matches the design of the previous Mavic 2 series and has a smaller form factor. The device is a folding drone with 4 arms that can neatly get folded so you can easily fold it and carry it around in your bag. The design is more compact and has a 360 degree obstacle avoiding feature just like the Mavic 2 series. This device will be easy to use for beginners.

On the underside, the drone has DJI's dual vision system, auxiliary LED's and infrared sensors. Also, it has a new sensor at the back to avoid obstacles and find its landing spot effectively.


When will Mavic Air 2 get released?

As per the speculations and an announcement made by DJI, the Air Mavic 2 will be released on 27th of April 2020 9:30 PM. 

For how long can Mavic Air 2 fly?

Mavic air 2 fly can fly fir straight 34 minutes as per the leaked information about the device. 


There are many questions regarding the battery, price, design, functions, its availability, and other features. Still, as per the information we have mentioned above, Mavic Air 2 is better and an upgraded version of Mavic Air. Its 48MP high-resolution sensors and the new controller design make it more advanced. Its improved battery life and compact design are also one of the benefits. Plus, the device is also easy-to-use and perfect for beginners and travel friendly.

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