Deerma TB500 Water Spray 360 Mopping Rod Review: A Convenient Mopping Weapon with Carbon Fiber Material Cloth

May 11

Home-cleaning is a tiring deal for many of us. Despite, we all need to sweep and mop our house to avoid multiple allergens to excel. Today, we have a surprising mopping tool to tell you about. The Deerma TB500 Water Spray Mopping Rod is likely to be a noteworthy tool to regulate your mopping chores. This is the detailed review to find out the nitty-gritty of the mopping panel. Read on to discover more.

Innumerable manufacturers are out there to develop household items for a better life. Deerma is one of them to keep the domain up with a well-enriched product portfolio under custody. Previously, the company also has fortified its product lineup with scads of sweeping and mopping products under its ownership.

When it comes to cleaning homes, it is always a scary task, especially for office-going persons. They would never wish to spoil their weekends, sanitizing their homes using different cleaning tools. The robot cleaners carry another perspective. But what if you haven’t an automatic mopping machine?

Thanks to Deerma for bringing an exceptional spate of innovative cleaning products at reasonable rates. The Deerma TB500 mopping rod is designed intentionally to cover a maximum area without putting many efforts on the task. It is convenient with 360-degree rotatable mopping head to remove even the most stubborn dust and dirt.

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Furthermore, Deerma assigns a 350ML water tank to the device to facilitate mopping operations. The spray system helps to save water, labor and time simultaneously. Because of the lightweight physique, the mopping rod can be applied thoroughly up and down the stairs.

The following passage will let you know inbuilt features, configurations, strengths or shortcomings of the Deerma TB500 rotatable mopping rod. So, let’s jump in.

Deerma TB500 Water Spray Rotatable Mopping Rod Review: Features and Specifications

Design and Build

If you are our hardcore followers, you must be aware of our ritual of monitoring physical construction at first. So is the case with today’s review. Concerning the physical aesthetics of the Deerma TB500 mopping device, it adopts a straight-forward and simple structure. The stick-like vertical design is ergonomically crafted to obtain a reasonable approach for all genders.

Further, the mopping machine has a comfortable handle at the beginning with a clutch to manage the operations. The ABS material offers a gentle feel to hands. The steel-pipe mop rod remains new and stain-free even after falling many times.

Deerma TB500 Water Spray 360 Mopping Rod Review: A Convenient Mopping Weapon with Carbon Fiber Material Cloth image 2

The Deerma TB500 is a 1.2 meters long mop rod to assist you with free cleaning throughout your home. A little girl can lift and mop the tiled walls of the bathroom, whereas tall boys don’t need to bend to execute the machine.

At the lower panel, the equipment houses a carbon fiber dust mop. It is woven with carbon and fine fibers to work incredibly through the gaps. Moreover, the hooked fiber filament can restrain tiny dust particles and intrudes deep into gaps for meticulous cleaning.

The carbon fiber cloth comes with 10mm thickness for effective water absorption. Additionally, the mopping equipment hosts a 350ML portable water tank to cover up to 100 m2 area with one fill.

In terms of physical attributions, the Deerma TB500 water mop has a maximum length of 120cm and weighs only 1KG. The physical dimensions scale at 4.72 x 3.74 x 25.9 in and the colour is white.

In the box, you will find the Deerma TB500 water spray machine along with a mop, a water tank and a user manual.

3600 Mopping Service

The steel rod of the Deerma TB500 mopping machine is not intact to at the fixed position. It can rotate 360-degree clockwise and anti-clockwise to cover the maximum area around.

The most promising prospect of the rotating design is that it helps to meet hard-to-clean corners. Users can easily reach to the legs of the chair, and high wall corners by turning around smoothly.

Furthermore, the device has only 0.1cm mop head as well as 3cm connection structure. It makes it flexible in treating sofa, the bottom of the bed, coffee table and other hard-to-reach furniture units.

Water Tank Capacity

Mopping units always entail water storage box to perform the assigned duty. The Deerma TB500 spray mopping machine also features a well-spaced water container to overcome the job in a single full.

The company has arranged for a 350ML water tank for the home-cleaning product. It is a portable tank tagged near the fiber mop to cultivate the water sprays for effective sanitation outputs. Once you filled the tank with water, you are now free to drag it over 100 m2 of area.

Fascinatingly, Deerma’s TB500 mopping tool is also capable of spraying broader areas to save time. You no longer need to apply water in front of the mopping unit. It sprays water automatically to cover a wider range of mopping areas.

Deerma TB500 Water Spray 360 Mopping Rod Review: A Convenient Mopping Weapon with Carbon Fiber Material Cloth image 3

Moreover, it can reach 95cm far once you adjust the mop rod. It forms a wide and fan-shaped spray to be time-saving when you mop the floor. Tuning in the water tank is not rocket science. It is just a one-second effort to load and unload the tank.

Other Specifications

Now is the time to dwell on some other useful and productive aspects of the Deerma TB500 water spray rotating mop.

First, it is common when we finished floor-mopping, we always wait for the wet device to get dry. But in the case of Deerma’s latest mopping unit, it is quick to dry and takes less time to soothe the things. There is no need to wait for long before you could walk down after finishing the task.

Furthermore, the polymer spray pump body in brilliantly atomized for 0.1 seconds. Hence, it offers the right degree of dampness each time you control the outlet water at 1.7ML to 2ML.

The Deerma TB500 also allows you to add detergents, essential oils and disinfectants to the water tank. Therefore, you will assume a multipurpose cleaning and maintenance, whether it is wet dust or dry footprints left by the rain. You will love the cleaning job.

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