Deerma HX20 Intelligent Multi-Function Retractable Shoe Dryer Review: The ultimate solution for shoe care during wet conditions

May 25

Xiaomi is meticulous regarding product presentations for its global customers. Today, we will talk about the ultimate shoe caretaker under Deerma branding. We have the brand-new Deerma HX20 intelligent multi-functional shoe dryer on our review desk. Make sure to follow the text guide until the end for a full overview of the device.



The Chinese brand Xiaomi is a renowned electronic developer with a cumbersome fan-base throughout the globe. It manages a vast list of subsidiaries, which are dedicated to design and assemble products under different categories.

Starting its campaign from smartphone devices, today, Xiaomi has gained a prestigious place in numerous market segments. Be it robot cleaner, electric toothbrush, electric scooter, handheld vacuum cleaner, stationery items, kitchen appliances, household electronic products, and lots of others to name.

Additionally, the company serves its international community with a smart shoe dryer as well. For the purpose, it has assigned a respected responsibility to Deerma. Earlier, Deerma also has provided us with the HX10 multi-functional shoe dryer. It was also well-packed with lots of advanced protocols to look after your shoes in all seasons.

Deerma HX20 Intelligent Multi-Function Retractable Shoe Dryer Review: The ultimate solution for shoe care during wet conditions image 1

When it comes to caring for shoes, it also needs curious attention and time. It becomes even more indispensable during raining seasons that may lead to bacteria germination etc. Therefore, one should be astute and vigilant concerning shoe protection like other wearables. With a little but dedicated care, our costlier shoes can serve us for an even longer duration.

We are here to mull over the Deerma’s latest HX20 intelligent shoe dryer. It helps in caring for your shoes by dispelling moisture and ensuring a hygienic shoe environment. Through the following sections, we will discover more details about the product. So, let’s jump in without any further conflict.

Deerma HX20 Multi-Functional Shoe Dryer Review: What are the Features and Specifications?

Design and Construction

First of all, let’s have a quick discussion on the physical appearance and aesthetics. Well, Deerma uses a high-grade plastic material to assemble the HX20 shoe dryer. It offers long-lasting effects and a durable approach to let you enjoy an adorable service span.

Further, the Deerma HX20 is a compact and lightweight machine. It needs a little space in the corner of your bedroom to store. The full white-coloured body is designed ergonomically in the rectangular shape with rounded corners. The front side hosts three physical buttons for different functions.

Deerma HX20 Intelligent Multi-Function Retractable Shoe Dryer Review: The ultimate solution for shoe care during wet conditions image 2

On the top, the shoe dryer features two stretchable air outlet pipes. These are flexible enough to assist each type of shoes effectively. Further, the telescopic design of hoses allows them to go deeper into the interior of the footwear for a comprehensive drying effect.

At the same time, the footwear dryer can also tilt the body when it comes to drying heavy shoes. On the back, it has a lid stand to help the machine adopt a curved posture. It is to dry high shoes.

The most astounding prospect of the HX20 footwear dryer is that it can dry two pairs of shoes concurrently. Thanks to the U-shaped air outlet design that allows you to dry two pairs at a time.

Inside, Deerma’s latest electronic dryer equips a powerful motor that runs brutally. It generates and throws the hot air out powerfully. Moreover, the company also prioritizes the user’s safety a lot. The chassis is well-crafted to be fire and water-resistant to avoid any mishap in the house.

As far as the physical statistical is concerned, the Deerma HX20 shoe dryer measures 21.10 x 11.70 x 28.00 cm (LxWxH). It weighs only 1.2kg.

Multi-Functional Approach

As we have learned above, the Deerma HX20 machine is designed intentionally to perform multiple operations. Let’s understand the concept in the context of footwear first.

Deerma’s new dryer can be used in multiple schemes for different sorts of shoes. Basically, it can serve you in four different modes – the standard mode for chunky shoes, weak wind mode for thin boots, boot mode for leather shoes and ozone mode for smelly socks and shoes.

Hence, the device is competent to take care of different shoes of all of your family members.

Apart from drying your footwears, the dryer can also help you keep your home interiors warm and dry. With the gradual rise in temperature, the air moisture will be vaporized. Thus, you will get dry indoors.

Deerma HX20 Intelligent Multi-Function Retractable Shoe Dryer Review: The ultimate solution for shoe care during wet conditions image 3

Deerma HX20 Intelligent Multi-Function Retractable Shoe Dryer Review: The ultimate solution for shoe care during wet conditions image 4

Additionally, you are free to warm your clothing as well, using the same product. When the hot air continuously penetrates fibrous layers of clothes, you will enjoy drying effects for comfortable wearing.

Eventually, the Deerma HX20 intelligent footwear dryer is a multi-talented device to be an adorable companion, especially during the rainy season.

Other Technical Specifications

In addition to that, the latest Deerma HX20 multi-functional shoe dryer integrates various inbuilt technicalities.

First, the electronic equipment ensures triple security measures to make you a confident user. Double temperature control protection brings a sense of safety all the time.

Further, it provides a constant supply of up to 640 C temperature to take away the moisture quickly and make the shoes dry. It also creates a healthy shoe atmosphere with a consistent (100 mg/h) ozone care system.

In another function, the dryer is also capable of killing germs, bacteria, and other hidden infectious livings in shoes and clothes. The ozone mode assures overall protection against these germs throughout your home.




Well, the Deerma HX20 intelligent retractable shoe dryer is available on the famous online store, AliExpress, against 36.99 US dollars. It is after a 47cline in the original price.


Summing up the Deerma HX20 shoe dryer review, the machine is likely to be really helpful in daily use. Due to the multi-functional tendency, the dryer eliminates moisture not only from your footwears but also from your clothes, socks and corners of your home.

Similarly, the simple yet inducing and compact design adds bonus pleasure. The lightweight structure is easy to lift and place anywhere in the house. Given a broad scope of productive fronts, it is must-try equipment.

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